Extremely promising party hotspot

The government's decision to diversify from a trade-based but oil-reliant economy to one that is service- and tourism-oriented has made Dubai the place to be to enjoy life's riches.

Daring to be different

Even though Dubai is located in the Middle East it is nothing like its more conservative neighbours. Cocktails are mixed using real ingredients and golden bikinis are proudly being displayed by attractive trophy wives.

Dubai's most famous 7 star hotel

Sophistication and class

Dubai is a fairly expensive place to both stay and live. The many luxury developments add a touch of sophistication to the place. Compared to more traditional resorts like Ibiza, Malaga, and Ayia Napa, it maintains an heir of class. It is a cut above the rest.

Due to the price level ut also attracts an older crowd than the Mediterreanean resorts. This means that as a 30 year old you will not feel too old if you decide to go clubbing in Dubai.

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