France party beaches

The French riviera is steaming hot during the summer months.

Holiday report from Cap dand’Agde

Here’s an entertaining and informative report from the non-textile vacation paradise Cap d’Agde on the French riviera.

Prices in Antibes: Food, drinks, nightlife

It is expensive to party on the French Riviera.

Video clip from Nikki Beach and VIP room in St Tropez

St. Tropez is the place where the rich and famous (and some wannabees) go to party during their summer vacation. Here are some footage from 2 amazing Carré Partiez at Saint Tropez hosted by DiMaro at Nikki Beach and Vip Room. This is a 1 minute video clip with some highlights. Expect a lot of waste of champagne as well as a few beautiful girls and boys.

Nikki Beach in St Tropez: Where the rich, famous and beautiful go to party

St Tropez on the French Riviera is the playground of the rich and famous of this world. The Nikki Beach Club is a popular place to spend your days and early nights in St Tropez. Here are some photos from the club.

Nice – Capital of the French riviera

There are many dance bars, pubs, and cafés lighting the streets of Nice at night.

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