Health and Body

Staying fit and healthy is vital to live a long and happy life – and to succeed in superficial party destinations.

Fit and tanned for the summer

Fit and tan woman in monokini

Summer is nearly here, and many young men and women are heading to the gyms and fitness clubs throughout the country to tone up that body. The tan is the easy part, a few sessions in a tanning bed should get that sorted out. To get a toned or/and muscular body requires a lot of additional work. It’s just life – The best looking bodies get the most attention The people with the best looking [...]

Get fit for spring break – 16 fitness motivation posters

How to get fit for spring break?

Fit for spring break

Time to shed those pounds and get in shape for spring break? Read on for some useful tips. Please note that these are tips for those of you who only have a few pounds too much and need to the last few adjustments to get beach ready. In the weeks leading up to spring break, here are some things you can do to look leaner. Keep in mind that these don’t result in any significant [...]

Going on a Diet before Spring Break 2012

Time to go on a diet?

With spring break still some months away, now is the perfect time to get in tip top shape. The key to getting in shape and staying in shape is to plan ahead and get started with your diet now. Also, the “cleaner” you eat, the better for you. Keep in mind that the shape your body is in, the way that it looks, and the amount of fat you store or burn depends in large [...]

How Beta Carotene pills made me go from pale to bronzed

Oh, what we do for bronzed skin. Read about my experience with Betacarotene pills.

10 reasons for not dating fat men – deconstructed

This is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I’ve read in my whole
life. It’s quite obvious that the author has an I.Q. below 80. The
amount of logical fallacies and claims that are groundless in this set
of ten reasons is obese at best.. no pun intended.

10 reasons to date a fat guy

10 reasons why every girl should go for the fat one instead of his skinny friend.

The hacker’s diet – How to lose weight before the summer season

Want to look ripped before the summer starts? It’s always nice to look good in your Speedo. What? Speedos’s are not cool anymore? Sorry, I’ve not been updated, but, here’s a way to lose your pounds.

Be sensible! Here’s how to stay safe in a night club

Be sensible when going out and you’ll avoid the cracked skull and the fines that tend to accumulate during spring break season.

5 simple ways to get a beach body

Enough with the complications. Here are some no-nonsense tips.

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