Do sinny London on the cheap

London is unfortunelately one of the most expensive cities in the world to both live in and visit. Here's some tips on how you can experience the city of London the cheap way.

Cheap accomondation

A decent hotel costs £200 / $400. Yes, it is rude! You got to be smart to get a good value hotel in London:

Tips on how to get cheap accomondation in London

London Eye

Cheap Attractions

2 hours of standing in queu and then having to fork out £25/$50 to gain entry to a London attraction? No way!

Cheap Attractions in London

Good value food

Where to get some decent food at a decent price in this expensive city?

Budget eating in London


There is plenty of shops, many of them ridiculously expensive, so watch out. But, the English are a people who enjoy sexy outfits so there are plenty of opportunities for the sinny traveller to get some bargains.

Bargain hunting in London: Sinny outfits on the cheap

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