London Hotels

It is possible to find a cheap hotel, even in expensive London!

Staying at hotel in London can be quite expensive, and a lot of the times you`ll pay a lot for bad quality.... But remember: On a sinful trip to a place like London, you hardly spend any time at your room anyway. As long as it`s pretty clean and feels safe it should be OK.

How to find a cheap place to stay?

On the web, you can find a lot of options if you search for "Cheap accomodation London". The website TravelStay has a lot of different options, dependig on the standard that is suitable for you. You can have a bed in a room shared with 12 (!) persons for £10 per person. If you prefer a double room with your own bathroom, this can be yours from £43 per person.

If you use this web site to search for accomodation, you`ll have to plot in the dates you want to go. When the list over available places is ready, go to "Book" for the one you like. At this point you will see the adress. If you want to know exactly where it is, insert the adress in Google map, It`s easier to compare the different offers if you know their exact location, because there are other things to consider than just the price.

London Hotel

2 things to consider when choosing a hotel in London

1. Is it far to walk to/from the undergroundstation? If you spend a lot of money on taxi instead, you could have chosen something more expensive but closer to the city center.

2. Are there any meals included in the price


Easy Hotel can be a good place to find cheap accomodation in the British capital. You can find rooms from £39 per room, it`s in the outskirts of the city but with a underground station nearby.

I`ve used Expedia several times when I`ve visited London, and find this quite useful. At this site, you can also choose to find rooms with air-condition, wi-fi, swimming pool etc. Or just use it to find a plain, cheap hotel room!

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