Are you a Speedo offender?

Speedos have usually been seen on European men on European beaches. But now, these same men are visiting Thailand and they are bringing their Speedos.

Terrence from Planet Bangkok is irritated and has proposed to make them illegal in Thailand : – Are these chaps unaware that speedos aren’t considered casual wear? As a general rule of thumb you should be under 80 or 90 kilos when wearing speedos.

Sick & twisted behaviour
He continues: – If you want to wear speedos, go back to the Mediterranean or to wherever they condone such sick and twisted behavior. Let’s keep Thailand’s beaches clean and speedo-free!

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  • steve
    3 Jun 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Speedos are the same as string bikinis on women-On the right body, they look good. I'm in my mid-twenties , work-out religiously, pay attention to my grooming habits, and try to have at least a decent tan. I wear speedo (or briefer) and I get a very positive response from women. It is just like anything else-some like, some don't

  • liberum
    23 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Oh, yay! The Mediterranean is sick and twisted because men there’re wearing speedos!?!?!? Go, us!
    ::dies laughing::

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