Going on a Diet before Spring Break 2012

With spring break still some months away, now is the perfect time to get in tip top shape. The key to getting in shape and staying in shape is to plan ahead and get started with your diet now. Also, the “cleaner” you eat, the better for you. Keep in mind that the shape your body is in, the way that it looks, and the amount of fat you store or burn depends in large part on the food you eat. So it’s important that you eat “clean.”

Time to go on a diet?

Time to go on a diet?

Spring Break Diet Tip: Eat “Clean”

Eating clean is getting to the basics of the food you should be consuming. The best thing for you to consume in the morning is oat meal. This is how you’ll load up on complex carbohydrates to give your body a potent energy boost. Take in some egg whites as well for your protein source.

Up Your Protein Intake

At lunch eat vegetables, more carbs and more protein. A useful rule of thumb is that a serving of protein is roughly equivalent to what fits in the palm of your hand. If you want to lean out and lose fat in time for spring break, you need to eat three servings of protein each day. Then on top of that you put in lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, some complex carbohydrates and some quality fat (drizzling olive oil on your salad, for instance). It may sound contradictory, but to lose fat you need to take in fat — but good quality fat. The fat in olive oil does not “stick” to the body and turn to body fat. Saturated oil, on the other hand, stays in the body and gets transformed into the fat the makes up the wrong bulges in your body.

Avoid Those Pesky Sugars

You definitely want to avoid sugars — candies, juice, white carbs like pasta or white rice, or white bread — you need to stay away from these. They are processed foods that are not good for you and will not help you get the spring break body you want. Instead, take in complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice and dark bread. Your body will respond to these and you will get much healthier, slimmer and toned much more easily. The effort that you put in working out in the gym will be supported by the fuel that complex carbs provide.

Eat All the Vegetables You Want

You can eat all the vegetables you want. They are clean, healthy, nutrient dense and definitely good for you. They’re loaded with fiber that’s great for your digestive tract, and they’re virtually calorie free. The best way to consume fruit is in between meals. Having an apple, for example, between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner, is a great way to enjoy your fruits. Or you can have a piece of fruit for dessert instead of having something with lots of sugar in it.

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