Caribbean party resorts

Exotic people, beaches and fine fine sand makes the various destinations in the Caribbean a popular place to chill and take the wild party all the way over the hill. Take your pick please:

The Hedonism resorts in Jamaica

The Hedonism II and Hedonism III are two clothes optional resorts in Jamaica where you can enjoy some hedonistic pleasures. It is usually couples only and no kids are allowed.

Negril – All inclusive resorts and smoking pot

The ages of people to visit Negril ranges between 20 to early 40′s and some enjoy the fact that it isn’t illegal to smoke marijuana here. Negril has been popular ever since the 1970′s when hippies travelled over to taste this relaxing ‘unhurried’ town and the inviting locals.

Nassau – So exclusive and expensive you need to have stolen your fortune to enjoy it

Nassau has a wonderful history of Pirates, slavery and smuggling. These days the main offering is the amazing beaches to kick back and chill on and a sophisticated night life. 

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