Celebrities in trouble

They get into a lot of trouble.

Winehouse Really Doesnt Want to go to Rehab

Amy Winehouse doesn't want any help.

Britneys Five Finger Discount

Britney bad at driving now shes a thief?

Eva and Mario out on the Town, where’s Tony?

Eva and Mario seen together… How close are they really?

Don’t play Dominoes with Penelope!

Apparently the big thing to do over at Penelope Cruz’s place is to play some good old fashion dominoes. It seems to be the new hot spot for a bunch of celebrities. Reports say that you may just see the likes of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Daya Fernandez, and Salma Hayek, as they all reportedly stop by for a round of the rousing game. Although is you can’t stand the competition you might not be [...]

Britney Wont Need a Soccer Van After All

Does Britney care about the driving laws?

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