Bulgaria party beaches

Over the last decade there has been a tremendous growth in the Bulgarian tourist industry. Most beach tourists are from United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. The resorts are popular for the cheap prices and the nice climate in the summer months.

5 inexpensive Bulgarian seaside resorts

Bikini vacation
Here’s an overview of some cheap Bulgarian seaside resorts.

Cheap party and beers in the summer? Book a trip to Bulgaria

Keep up your party lifestyle by travelling to a place where the beers are cheaper. Switch that Moet for a Bulgarian draft beer!

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny beach offers a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, restaurants and café.

Golden Sands – Classic Black Sea destination

While most tourists are families, party travellers can have a good time at the various night clubs, discotheques, and earn some real money playing the night out at casino and roulette tables in various hotels.

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