Greek party resorts

Greece is the pleasant home for many islands who turn into world class party destinations during the summer.

Insider tips to Mykonos, the hedonistic mega party isle of the Aegean

Mykonos is much more than white washed houses. It’s the place for hedonistic partying.

The sexiest beaches in Rhodes

Visiting Rhodes and want to show off your toned and tanned body? Here’s 5 sexy beaches to visit.

5 romantic seaside resorts in Crete, Greece

Taking your girlfriend to Crete? Here’s 5 romantic places to stay.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos is a Greece island famous for hedonistic partying. This is the beach to visit for a sexy party day out.

Sexy Spectacular Santorini: Photos

Photos from the island of Santorini.

Prices on Rhodos/Rodos: Food, drinks, nightlife

Want to know the prices before you visit? Read here.

Prices on Kefalonia: Food, drinks, nightlife

Here’s a price list for those considering a trip to Kefalonia.

Mykonos – all night parties,

The clubbing scene in Mykonos is lively, modern and atmospheric with a large presence of gay clubbers

Malia is a busy and inexpensive resort

The Strip in Malia is usually where the young crowds gather.  With bars and clubs that generally don’t charge an entry fee – there are so many that they will try to entice you in with free drinks instead.

Laganas – Preferred by young singles

Crowds usually gather in droves on the main strip in Laganas

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