Funny stuff

Selection of funny clips and pics.

The top 10 drinking quotes

5 ways to spot an American tourist in Europe?

Some signs that give you away.

What does PMS stand for?

Some important information for men.

Donand’t get too drunk at your christmas party

Here’s a woman who really gets in trouble with her boss.

Funny stories from travel agents

Travel agents experience a lot in their line of work.

Bikini Car Wash Prank (video)

Getting fooled by bikini clad girls.

How to irritate your friends?

Do you enjoy being hated? Here are 30 things you can do that will irritate your friends and co-workers.

Pick up lines that deserve to die (video)

A collection of pick up lines that obviously do not work.

East European party music – very chic

Check out this catchy tune.

Terry Tate takes a vacation

The office linebacker takes a deserved vacation.

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