Meat market

Whether you are partying just to have fun or you are looking for the right one(either for tonight or for the rest of your life), it is no doubt about it – The nightlife of a sunny and sinny resort resembles a meat market.

3 reasons why I prefer skinny women

I love women but I think I am a little biased. I like skinny women, especially those in bikinis and no-show tan lines

How to pull a fitness model

Do you find female fitness models attractive? Here are a selection of tips that’ll help you get one.

A quick guide to the meat market in Copenhagen

Are you visiting Copenhagen and need some tips on where to meet local girls and boys?

The insider’s tips to meeting a woman in Barcelona

Here are some helpful tips to the meat market in Barcelona.

European girls in Istanbul have too many admirers

The first prize in the Istanbul nightlife is a European looking girl.

Choose life. Choose the perfect perfume

Excuse the obvious Trainspotting reference. Your smell attracts the opposite sex. That’s a fact. The multi billion dollar fragrance industry knows this very well, because before the weekend we are desparate to choose the accessories that’ll help us succeed in the meat market.

11 pick up lines thatand’ll help you get lucky with the woman of your dreams

It’s 2 AM in the morning and you’re feeling fine, so why not approach the most attractive woman in the bar and deliver one of these lines?

It’s easy to find out who the Wicked Models really are

A New York call-girl company was taken down yesterday, but for any frequent reader of men’s magazines it should be fairly easy to reveal the identity of the models who worked for Wicked Models NYC.

Beginner’s Guide to Nightclubs

Are you having problems understanding the clubbing world?

Oral fixation

Two bad stories of oral loving.

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