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A list of free attractions in Brighton

Fancy experiencing Brighton for free? Read on for our top tips.

The 5 things I love about Spain

Spain is a hugely popular holiday destination in Europe. People from all over Europe and other parts of the world travel just to experience it, whether it be for a week, or a month or more. Let’s look at the 5 things I love about Spain the most!

Free and nearly free attractions in Paris

Do not cry. Visiting the City of Lights on a limited budget? Do not panic, here are some suggestions to free and nearly free things to do and see.

Myth or fact: Why are french people so rude?

If you’ve ever made mention of visiting Paris, Most likely you have been told that the French are very rude. But are they really? Or perhaps is it just a stereotype?

5 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Alcoholic Boyfriend

If you have a continuous trouble with your boyfriend about drinking too much alcohol, greatly consider these 5 reasons to say goodbye to your alcoholic boyfriend. This way it might be easier for you to think if it’s really time for you to say it’s over.

Find out the price of beer, wine, food, rental cars more at various destinations

Do you need to know the price of a restaurant meal in Istanbul, Caracas, Sevilla, Medellin, Miami, Saint Tropez or somewhere else in our beautiful world? Travel Prices & Costs comes to your rescue.

3 Stag Night Activities That are Unsexy, but Guarantee Unforgettable Fun

Are you responsible for arranging a stag night? Here are 3 tips that  doesn’t involve a stripper.

Cutting through the crap: How to understand cruise ads?

What are all the extra charges, and why can I never get an inside cabin? Here’s an introduction to cruise lingo and advertising.

Who wants to have a tattoo in the middle of the night?

24/7 tattoo shop
Ayia Napa, Cyprus: It’s 3 AM and you are absolutely devastated. Your legs are dying out on you and you should have puked a long time ago. Now would be a nice time to get that tattoo you’ve always wanted.

1 euro bar in Vienna – Everything 1 euro!

The 1 euro bar in Vienna offers an inexpensive way to get drunk.

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