Bikini contests

Thinking of participating in a bikini contest during your spring break or party vacation? Read the tips and tricks to help you win here.Just enjoying bikini contests as a spectator? Enjoy the photos and videos here.

How to win a bikini competition: 10 tips

Are you entering a bikini competition or beauty pageant this summer? Here are some tips that can help you win.

You need to look good in both bikini and a formal dress

More and more bikini and beauty competitions add the “formal dress thing” to their competition. It’s glamorous and a nice little break from focusing solely on the body of the contestants.

The NOPI nationals bikini contest

This is a huge event on the bikini contest circuit with thousands of dollars in prizes.

Spring break bikini contests are all about having fun

If you are having a good time while participating it is a good chance you’ll end up winning it.

How to win a skimpy bikini contest (pics)

How to grab that prize? Tips & hints.

How to win a bikini contest

Some helpful hints for everyone who considers entering a bikini contest this summer.

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