Greek party resorts

Greece is the pleasant home for many islands who turn into world class party destinations during the summer.

Kos – Wild and inexpensive

Kos is extremely popular with young British and European tourists wanting an inexpensive holiday in a hot beach resort.

Kavos – Party resort on Corfu

Bars and Clubs are in abundance on Kavos.

Platanias – resort city in Crete

A busy and exciting nightlife in Platanias makes sures that the excitement never ends.

Faliraki – The Ibiza of Greece

Faliraki nightlife
The Nightlife in Faliraki is amazing there are many options to choose from on the club street and the bar street.

City of Rhodes

Rhodes castles
The city of Rhodes is an all-round destination. Perfect for families, honeymooners, couples and even children and youth.

Chania – Modern city with fairly lively nightlife

Chania beach
Chania is a modern city on the island of Crete who also has a life outside the tourist season.

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