10 Reasons Why Rich Men are Better than Poor Ones

1. If you are with a rich man, you’re entitled to a VIP pass

Being on the arm of a rich guy will land you on the best seats on a restaurant or a bar. A poor dude won’t have access on those. You may just be stuck on the smoker’s area or on the table nearest the restroom.

2. Dating a rich guy is a self-esteem booster

Going out with a rich man is indeed a self-esteem booster. You’d feel lucky that even though he can choose any other girl he wants to, given his status, he had chosen you. So, there must be really something in you. Let this be your mantra, “a beautiful girl deserves a good catch”.

3. Your chance for a dream vacation would be possible

Have you been wishing to go on the Bahamas or go on a European cruise? You may coyly tell your rich boyfriend that you want to unwind with him without the hassle and bustle of the city life. If he asks you where could it possibly be? Here’s you chance! Suggest a place you’ve been dying to see. With a poor dude, it will all be just a fantasy.

4. Generally, rich men have less “drama” than poor ones

A rich man may have an enormous ego so he would be afraid to pour out his dramas on you. Besides, he may be contented enough with his life because he’s already where he wanted to be. In a poor man’s case, you will probably be listening to a list of bills he has to pay (he may even borrow money from you).

5. It’s about the ride, baby

A rich man will bring you to a party on his Porsche or Cadillac while a poor guy may just tell you to meet him there or take the cab with you going to your date. Hailing for a cab may ruin the looks you had spent hours to fix.

6. As a rich man’s main squeeze, you gain popularity

From Miss Nobody, you’d be known as Mr. Rich Man’s girl. Admit it, the attention you will get from other people will be flattering. Some poor girls may be envious of your newly acquired status, but surely, they will trade anything to be in the spotlight. On the contrary, will anybody give you a second look if you’re some poor dude’s date?

7. Expensive gifts will surely come your way

It will be such a shame for a rich guy to scrimp on the presents he will give you. A rich man can afford extravagant gifts. Let him (accidentally) see you browsing over a magazine, salivating over a Cartier watch or the latest Louis Vuitton bag. Before you know it, the presents will be coming your way. When you’re dating a poor guy, everything will be budgeted, and probably you’ll just get a fluffy card on special occasions.

8. Your parents will most likely approve of the rich guy

I am not saying that parents are materialistic but they would rather see their beautiful daughter going out with a cultured rich guy. At least, you won’t have to waste your time and your breath explaining to them why you are dating your man right now. If you’re with some poor dude, Mom would be bugging you every chance she gets, asking you over and over again what you saw in that man… and your answer will never be right.

9. You’d have a nice feel on how it is to be in the elite circle

You’d gain socialite girlfriends, thanks to him. But be warned, you should know how to play your cards with the rich femme fatales. Some of them (maybe 99%) can be hypocritical brats. Just in case you need to ditch your rich boyfriend, you’d easily get another rich one since you’re already moving in the so-called upper echelon.

10. Rich men can afford to pamper you

Who would not like a good amount of comfort, right? You’d be booked in the finest five-star hotels. You’d be able to taste the expensive hobby of the rich and famous, you’d be wined and dined in the best places. This may be in a Material Girl’s point of view, but in reality, women would rather be with a rich guy, not only for his money, but because of the power that comes with it. I don’t have any explanation in regard to the poor man’s case. Just ask him yourself. Oh nevermind, he may just feel darn insecure.


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  • ginger!
    8 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    So true, I can totally relate ;)

  • Amateur6
    8 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Oh. My. God.

    This is why the world is getting stupider; you're all reproducing. And encouraging each other.

    Reason why it's better to date a poor man: your back won't be against the wall when the revolution comes.

  • yarleybrown
    8 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    he gets what he paid for, your snizz and hopefully your silence

  • parteeeeh!
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    admit it, but what she said is true to some extent. Honestly you have a low self-esteem if you'd choose a poor loser over a rich has-some man.

  • Anonymous
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    you are really like the female of the dog.

  • krish
    10 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    crazy girl, but at least you are true to yourself…

  • Anonymous
    10 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • bitcha
    11 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Material Bitch's Guide!

  • Anonymous
    11 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • Anonymous
    15 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • figueroa
    16 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    hey Elaine, pls write sumtin about gettin' the attention of those pretty girls at parties?

  • doesnt matter
    19 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    think this author is a blood sucker…the leech types who wld do anything to be happy…

    why dont u tell us wht u r…u dont seem to be of intellectual type either…what a shame-bitch

  • Anonymous
    20 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    why dont u write articles yourself DOENT MATTER and see how people will rate u… lol

  • RichGuy
    25 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Lol this is hilarious. WHO wouldn't want to be with a rich man? That's why half of these women fresh out of high school end up with 40 year old rich guys. You sound like one of those women who would also sleep with his friends but don't worry most of you gold digging blood suckers get dropped after the first day because we know you think like this. Women don't want chivalry anymore, they just want money. Good thing though if you look good you would be useful for a good amount of time until we find a better looking girl. And guys, THIS is exactly why if your rich YOU DON'T MARRY, unless she proves how financially stable she can be. Yeah I want a pretty girl but not a dumb ass bitch who can't do anything on her own. Ho.

  • Brian
    23 Sep 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Another quality article from a blood sucking lowlife cunt.

    I agree with Rich Guy. Ho.

  • Anonymous
    23 Sep 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    At least its a quality article lol

  • Stargazer69sg
    4 Oct 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    True to speak, but what about the level of different status? Poor girl like us may not carry ourselve well into the rich group PARTY?Wer may end up upsetting him for being ignoramus……

  • A guy
    16 Oct 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I could consider myself to be a "future rich guy" due to my parents' businesses. I have a good car, a good bank account, etc. I'm 26 y/o and because of this way of thinking of some girls, I am beggining to feel distrustful of women because many of them I know are behind my "gold". I have taken advantage of my position, I have to confess, by being with them for a short time and then letting them go, due to my lack of trust in them. After a while of dating, gold diggers change radically and begin to take for granted what we offer them, so at that moment, any romanticism is gone. I agree with a comment somebody made "YOU DONT MARRY" if you are a rich man.

    Wait till you are 40 or 45, have kids so that when you die, pass your fortune to them. In the meantime, enjoy.

  • Skank_Slapper
    2 Nov 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    And once you get fat, wrinkles, fake teeth, cottage cheese butts…you'll be dumped like the rest of the rich mans toys that he loses interest in. Rich guys don't marry, its a bad investment. Your worth as a gold digging whore drops every tick of the clock. Once your in your early 30s you'll be ditched for an early twentys woman with better breasts and legs. As for us poor guys we'll be here waiting……to reject you later for your obvious lack of decency and true life skills like empathy, curtesy, and emotional strength. Better buy a toy dog and keep it close, its all your gonna have when you die alone.

    I may not be rich but I have real qualities that money cannot purchase. And if you think that their is a direct link to rich people and intelligence your dead wrong….take a look at the list of the top most paid athlets and celebritys and tell me their smart…I dare you.

    This article serves as a direct embarrasment to any female with a brain in her head, but after reading this article I doubt there are many around anymore. Goodluck whores, time is unrelenting and your worst enemy. Let me know what you think about this 20 years from now.

  • Terri
    18 Nov 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I date well of men, because they are more cultured and also enjoy the same things I do. Why would I settle for anything else. I just have anything in common with poor men

  • Annie
    20 Nov 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    quite true to certain extent.. but.. have u ever considered that.. mostly rich guys can be unloyal and promiscuous.. given that any (gold-digger) women can fall easily into his laps?

  • jg
    18 Feb 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I guess it's ok that mom and dad are not materialistic so long as YOU are.

  • Raul
    18 Jul 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    that will be why a rich man date whores.

  • Melanie
    3 Aug 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow— reading this is like visiting the circus! lol
    I have to say its shameful how we size people up for money and appearance and judge each other's values by social "status". These are the evils of our society that take us away from whats really important in human relationships…. the "inner" soul.. the wealth of a person's insides.
    I tried dating a successful man for 7 years off and on.. he NEVER wanted a commitment.. he was always about himself and his money and his work. I was smart enough to date around on him and keep him for company but in the end I got nothing but a few trips and some expensive knick-knacks… he never loved me enough to ask for marriage.
    Anyway… I am looking for someone more humble and not so full of himself. I am tired … and being overweight will not likely catch a rich man now anyway.. and dont want one!
    Happy Fishin' out there … remember what really matters …
    yes this is a world dominated by cash flow and survivalistic thinking… but we have the power as as species to change the world and our perceptions.. when will we do this?
    Looking for love!

  • seven
    9 Aug 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    too bad.. you let you future control by some rich guy.. like are you really happy with what you have if you marry a rich guy? tsk tsk.. money isn't everything i cant buy true happiness and peace.. pathetic white people..

  • Spunkalunk
    11 Aug 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I know a (rich) guy, who shuns women who think this way. Why would a man whose intelligent enough to be self-"made", be dumb enough to fall for a scandalous needy woman. Think about it. These chicks are looking to be Cinderella, yet are merely the step-sisters.

  • Lorna
    17 Sep 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Rich or Poor its the person that counts and all those self centered out 4 all they can get kind of ppl are just so rapped up in themselves that they cant see straight its fukin rediculous alls i want is to meet someone whos nice and treats me how i deserve to be treated and from past experiences rich men can be lovely on the surface but once you get to no them ther just as hollow and brain dead money hungry as tha majority of the women who go after ‘rich men’ please just point out a nice man anyone does anyone no one do they actully exisist and if so where the fuk can i find one plzzzzzzz

  • SouthernGentleman
    18 Sep 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Maybe it’s different where I’m from, but I find it slightly disturbing that the writer of this article is trying to inspire women to embrace these ideas, and live this lifestyle. There are many important facts that are left of the article above, for starters this lifestyle may be temporarily rewarding for those women who are both beautiful and have a wealthy background, but for the majority of women beautiful or not who do not fall within the ranges of the highest socio-economic class this lifestyle would likely lead them to become a miserable and depressed person. Honestly to the women reading this think about it, the gifts may be great, the status may be great, but you will be traded whether you see that way or not between wealthy, powerful men like a piece of meat between a pack of wolves, all the while striving to impress a group of socialites, who have no concern for you, because you were brought up from what they consider trash, you never were and never will be truly accepted as one of them. When they are done with you, you may or may not be able to readjust to a normal lifestyle, but life will never be the same for you, the best you could hope for would be to marry an honest man who earns a comfortable living, but you will probably never be satisfied with him, you will probably ruin his life because you’ve been living in dreamland where his comfortable income makes him “trash”. The moral of the story is go with what YOU want, if you come from a simple middle class family, and you find yourself drawn to a simple wholesome lifestyle go for it, there’s nothing against finding a man who makes a comfortable living, security is a big deal for both men and women, but don’t ruin yourself chasing money either. A wise person once said money isn’t everything, keep that in mind.

  • Cat
    24 Dec 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    The poor guys are throwing hissy fits, what a bunch of losers, you’re right, poor guys sure are whiny.
    Women preferring men with money is all about nature and continuing the species, it’s from many many years and many many generations of evolution.
    A woman will prefer to have a partner who is a good hunter so that the children are provided for and they can survive. A woman will also prefer a man who has the skills to provide and can teach them to her children. Today money is the measure of the hunt. It’s just that the amount of money that makes for a good hunt for one woman is different from the amount of money that makes for a good hunt for another woman. Notice, however, that even women who don’t require a wealthy man for themselves will become envious if one of her friends marries a very wealthy man.

    And women, the pretend rich guys on here are talking about women who get used by rich men, but poor guys will use you the same exact way, except there are fewer benefits because they are poor. Don’t think because a guy is poor therefore he will be “genuine”, there are lots of evil poor guys just as there are lots of evil rich guys, except the poor guys also come with an inferiority complex and your kids won’t have money for college. Finding a good guy is tough whether you are looking among rich guys or among poor guys.

  • jmc
    29 Dec 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I would prefer a poor guy over a rich guy. Rich guys have to much pride and who knows the rich guy might end up ditching you for another girl and money isnt everything it cannot buy love and above else rich guys only care about themselves because they know any girl would die to have them so in the long run your not gaining any relationship. A poor guy knows how to love a lady without the use of money. A poor guy knows that hard work pays off in the long run and is not always greedy and selfish about themselves.

  • Gisele
    1 Aug 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Women are vain. Men are vain. The women look for the wealthy. The men look for appearance. Simple as that. Both sides are vain. Me want a rich penis. lol

  • jenny
    3 Aug 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Very well said. The extremely angry and winy poor guys, sorry no smart and hot girls will date a loser.

  • Brian
    12 Nov 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    None of these things are true in my case. I am a synthetic chemist and own a consulting firm, which including my other investments gives me a total income of around $300k per year. I am happily married with a wife that loves me and isn’t a gold digger bitch like you.

    I have never once gotten special treatment at a restaurant or bar just for being rich. My wife and I live in a modest 5,000 square foot steel building on the outskirts of tucson. For cars, my wife drives a 2004 jetta and I have a 2003 F350. Not exactly fancy. As far as her parents approving of our marriage? Good joke. No way did those fundie Mormon assholes approve of her marrying an atheist like me. They still won’t talk to me and we’ve been married for 5 years. As far as being in the “in crowd” or the “circle”, here in tucson there isn’t much of anything except scorpions, rattlesnakes, mexicans, and queers. My wife married me because she likes me for who I am, not how much money I have. I have enough to pay the bills every month, save for an early retirement, and still have enough left over to send our two kids to whatever universities want to go to for anything they want to study.

  • Christopher
    19 Dec 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    To the author of this post; so your mum has married a rich man then, out of love? Women are constantly talking about emancipation and equality of sex everywhere, but yet they want more than equality sometimes! You dream of Cinderella and a rich prince coming to save you. But men are always the losers because NEVER will a rich girl wants to date a poor or modest one.
    So a girl has better to choose a rich boy? …in fact, most, if not, every girls, poor or rich has to choose a rich boy?… but then, when can a poor boy choose a rich girl?… they cannot obviously, according to ur post, because the rich girl will have to choose the rich man. the poor or modest boy will then have to live the rest of his life alone.

    ALL girls MUST choose Rich men.
    Poor, modest, rich girls=> choose rich boy
    Poor,modest boys=> live alone for the rest of their lives as “most” of the girl, like the author, chose a rich man.

    It all relates to survival : choosing the best mate to reproduce to ensure your species. but yet, would you choose a life of comfort with no love rather than hard work but having a good family and love life?
    Survival: how many rich man (e.g. Tigerwoods) have cheated on their wives?

    So it is better to be a material girl : selling your body to get money. A new material sophisticated new “BITCH” sucking on the rich man’s sex and money… Sell your life, your soul and your p*ussy all for money. So we can start calling you “b*tch” therefore.

    Ok the poor guys are poor and are losers. But what about the modest guy v/s the rich guy? better to opt for the rich one isn’t it?…

    ” I bet you’ll post on here a month from now about how men are such assholes because he moved on to the next hot piece of ass that came his way”
    Very well said! these girls will then complain and generalize about how all men are losers, dumping or cheating on them.

    Moreover, the rich man, became rich by miracles?.. stupid girl!!! Was bill gate always rich before? Was Donald Trump always rich before? … they was modest or poor BEFORE!…

  • PapaHet
    21 Dec 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Where do these women get off calling men who are poor this and men that are poor that? Does anyone see the obvious double standard here? It’s okay for the woman to be poor and land a rich guy, but WHAT DID SHE BRING TO THE TABLE??

  • jon
    14 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Ahhh materialism in America. This is why American men have started looking overseas for women.

  • Karim
    23 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply


  • Richard
    31 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I am a rich man myself and I agree with the others here who say that a rich man must NEVER EVER get married. Too risky.

  • SkinnierNow
    27 Feb 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    No offense, because I’m in a similar boat as you, but I don’t get the impression she was considering $300k/year “rich”, (I know we have politicians who think $80k/year is rich, but that’s nonsense). Being that she was talking about going on European cruises, traveling in Porches for the hell of it, and having a guy with influence, I think she was taking the more traditional view of ‘rich’, being in the multi-mil range and up. ie:The Harrison Ford character in “Sabrina” types. I mean, I’m a married guy, and I’d love to just have a friend in that category just for the once-in-a-while tagging-along aspect. Admit it, it would be kinda fun. ;)

  • Liz
    29 Mar 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    If the rich men just sit at home waiting for the right moment to have kids and give them their money, then they will just be old dudes. If you go out on a date, don’t tell her how much you have. Fall in love and if you think it is right then tell her. If she changes and takes advantage then drop her like a fly. There are still some women out there that don’t think about money, just finding the right person.

  • wow!!!
    6 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I hear that!!! I am with a por man who is selfish and mean and i am leaving him soon but i would never look for a rich man to take care of me. I am my owen person and can get my self where i need to go in life!!! Rich or poor who cares its all how the person treats you and makes you feel. I know when i am treated good by a man i feel like a million bucks!! I have to need for money as long as i am in love and being treated with respect, well i do need money to take care of my bills but who dont and come on women get a life and start working for things if thats what you want is money!!!!

  • wow!!!
    6 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I am there with you. I am tired of gold diggers and i am tired of ass hole men who treat women like shit. I would like to know where there are good men also thats all that really matters. People you cant take money with you when you are in heaven and status !!! i highly dought that exsists in heaven. We are hear on earth to do good and make a diffrence and when we reach eternal life no money will make us happier or give us self ritiousness.

  • wow!!!
    6 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Thats what i am screaming!!! I am not rich and i am looking for a man who will be my partner and share our strugles in life and when you have a good relationship whats it matter about money. We cant chang the world or views of people who are gold diggers. I focus on me and if i want to be rich i will make that money or status for my self!!!!

  • luke
    20 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    a lot of people have good genes my grandfather lived to be 91 or 92 years old just. just remmember that special needs children require a lot patience like diabtes , autism, downsyndrome etc. go for a person rich, poor or middle class who won’t cheat on you the health dangers of stds hiv is real. Jesus said do unto others as you would have them do unto you in other words rich girls that don’t do the golden rule is a turnoff to some decent or christian men. Any way good luck ladies you will need it when dating if you don’t use jesus christ saying about the Golden rule. watch out for floozies when married to a rich man

  • luke
    20 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    my grandfather lived to be 92 years old on my dads side this was becuase he had good genes and was active. good luck if you have a special needs child like autism, down syndrome or diabtes. this jesus christ saying in the bible do unto others as you would have them do unto you this includes all people poor, middle class, and rich

  • seth
    14 May 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    ahhh good reasoning …really got hurt cause am a poor guy ..ne how keep it up girls

  • Lynn
    13 Jul 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I”m sorry you accomplished guys had to hear this bull shit…I swear these women make all women look bad. I’m embarassed for this chick. And these ignorant statements couldn’t be further from the dam truth. I am a woman and i disagree 100% w/ low life no good women who use men. How about you get an education or a dam job. I have met rich guys and refuse to date them based on their money and status alone. Don’t you have any class?…..Why don’t u do what i did and become rich your dam self …..since you love money so much……MARRY IT…..just leave innocent rich guys out of it…unless u are genuine. Last time I checked a rich man wants and needs an accomplished women…..not some low life gold-digging whore!

  • Ray
    19 Jul 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    How often do you find a rich person, man or woman who because of their financial situation are not a little more proud, more confident, more selfish. and all because of money.
    If you’re a young woman looking for the right man, and you desire to do things the right way so that you don’t get hurt, remember to care about you before you make any rash decisions entering any relationship.
    All such relationships are very costly to you when you make the wrong decisions.
    Each time you get invoved with someone sexually and it does’nt work out, you lose.
    You fragment your own heart making it more difficult each time you
    get involved with someone.
    You will say it in your life time, If only I knew then what I know now.
    If only I did’nt do that wrong thing whatever it was.
    Every decision you make has consequences that either work in your favor or against you. Which one will you choose?
    I’ve made many bad decisions in my life-time and it has taken years of painful experience to learn to know the difference when making these important decisions.
    How you value yourself will ultimately determine how you treat yourself in terms of your decision making.
    Something you need to know when making any decision: GOD says,
    in Jeremiah 17:10. I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.
    To make sure there is no confusion in this verse, it clearly also applies to women. Women are of mankind. They are womb- men.
    Understand that this was said by GOD before you were born.
    GOD’s world, GOD’s rules.
    Live by them and you will be blessed! Its not all about money!
    Money is a tool like a hammer that hits a nail, it has its usefulness.
    Money does’nt build character in a person.
    Right decisions build a right life.

    All the best to you!

  • ken
    30 Jul 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    this is the reasons my dad never married my mother he will pay for almost anything she wants but he does not want to get married because some of his friends married then there wife just divorced them to get half of what they own. i am personally the same way as my dad.

  • michael
    10 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    the biggest misconception is that rich guys are just rich and are not like the rest of the guys. the thing why girls like rich guys is becaus emost of them are actually even better than the average, due to determination and being sure of them selves.
    another one is taht they are weak or something, actually rich guys can protec the women better cause of the natural financial advantages, and most of them are in gyms a ot guys cause thaty care for their health.
    and it does not mean that the girl is bad or cheap or anything. IT IS NATURAL.
    But i do believe that being rich one shud not marry before 40 at least. and if he does they shud make some type of marital contract that she gets nothing of his finance if they divorce. me being rich i take this rule to my heart.
    and the thing that kind of kills me is that when i do meet a girl and u have a long relationship and she wants to get married and shit i know taht i just go to a club o some other city there are better looking girls or fresher shall i say, and i will forget about the previous one.

  • ambitious
    19 Nov 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Actually, Both bill gates and Donald trump had influential parents- trust funds- sure they were not rich for they were too young but they sure had an easy start up. The examples I give are the Real guys who didn’t have mommy or daddy to help and did it all on their own financially: Oprah, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg

    All of you who are insulting this woman by calling her foul classless names are no better than she is and if you are a woman doing this- shame on you for making the use of the word “bitch” acceptable.
    Furthermore, while it may sound shallow from her part it makes sense that a good-looking intelligent woman would rather marry a rich man than a poor one. Her offspring will be better off and in case of financial turmoil she would have a safety net. There is some true in the old proverb” ” it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich than a poor, so why not marry a rich” Grandma knew what she was talking about. It is not gold digging when the woman is capable of making it on her own; it is her life choice to be the spouse girlfriend of a rich man. Your feminist views have been taken too far and are imposing on the private lives of people. In the old days it was regarded prestigious to marry into a rich family, it was not gold digging but ensuring a legacy of financial security. You little wimpy man that cannot keep up with the alpha male and that ask your girl friend to half and half on a dinner bill and constantly fight over money because you decided you wanted it a 9-5 job-, my advice to you: work harder, or find someone who appreciates to live paycheck to paycheck, or just shut up and let people live their private lives.
    To the writer: It is fine that you appreciate the finer things in life but make sure you have your own hobby or interest on the side, a part time job or something and don’t ever let it go even if he asks you to do so because whether rich or poor men (not all of course) have a tendency to be enchanted by the next best thing and you should be prepared. Good luck to you and hope you meet a rich man that loves you and you love back and may you live happily ever after.

    24 Nov 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow.You make ‘Dating a Rich Guy’ a hobby instead of actually a natural thing to do. This thread should be actually called “10 Signs You’ve Snagged a Golddigger”.

    I have dated rich men. And dating rich men, is actually very much like dating poor men. They all have trust, commitment issues. And at the end of the day no matter how tough they are, they just want to be loved.

    Threads like this is an embarassment to the WOMEN gender. No wonder MEN has such issues trusting WOMEN.

    I hope you don’t blurt out all these or act it in real life. Because if you are, you just made yourself sound like a professional escort who’s willing to use and be used for the sake of money. Your looks and body will fade away, so don’t consider being such all your life. You will end penniless with no self-worth.

  • lol
    15 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    you know what? i never understand why girls need to date a rich guy until i saw this article (i only know that dating financially poor guys will turn your life into chaos).
    anyway thx alot for writing this article . it opened my eyes

  • Stan
    21 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Most women cannot marry a wealthy man, but most can and will marry a man who exceeds their own income.

    I see no difference between an unwealthy woman marrying a rich man and a female teacher marrying a male engineer.

    According to countless census reports, only about 1/4 of married women outearn their husbands. Mind you, these reports don’t show whether or not they outearned their husbands at the time of the wedding. My gut tells me they probably did not.

    Women are natural gold-diggers. I know, I know; women are financially independent these days. However, even with gains in equality, they have been generally unable to shut-off their innate design to desire a provider.

    At least men are starting to see women for their true colors.

  • 23 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Yes, Yes, Yes

    (From a rich guy)

  • Jim S.
    12 Feb 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Yes I would love to meet a rich gay man who will spoil me to death. I once was rich and met a poor girl in college and she took me for a ride. She spent my money foolishly and wanted more. I invested in some bad real-estate and went broke when the housing market crashed. I had to pay alot if government taxes and dissappeared so fast and did not realize what was happening until it was to late. Yes Im still married and have 2 grown sons and still live with my wife but have not had sex in more than 220 years. She did something to me years ago that is unforgiable so we stay so we can survive. I would love to be spoiled by a rich man with lavish clothing jewelery and maybe a new car for myself. I would also love to see a dentist to have my teeth whithened. I grew up deaf and was bullied but went to college at the age of 5 to learn to communicate on tv. I got a fully paid scholarship from Illinois for as long as I stayed in school which was 6 years and decided to go to work for myself since no oe would hire me. I would like to herar from you and I live in Gulf Breeze ,Fl.

  • Rich Girl
    3 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Amazing post! I stumbled it by accident and could not agree more. Dating a rich guy can have a lot of benefits, but you need to be also able to use them all and invest in your own image. Because often these guys don´t last forever, so while you are rich guys girlfriend, you need to act fast and grab as much attention and recognition as possible.

  • David J
    22 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Lovely!!! You are the Hero to many of us not so rich nice guys :)

  • Then...
    17 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    What?! No! Elaine’s an idiot. Actually, I’ve seen her page and the things she writes abut are so ridiculous that I’m beginning to wonder if most of the article is satire. But then again, maybe she’s not that smart

  • Find Rich Men
    24 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    There comes a time in every girl’s life when the future is important. When you start caring that finding a rich man can change your life. Find that rich man today and never look back!

  • Matt
    19 Feb 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    Ya see that’s what we line to call “being a gold digger” Ya my girlfriend is rich and yes I get weirded out. But I’m not going to be a whiny little boy. When we met at homecomingshe had no idea I was poor and I’ve told her about that before we started dating. Next day my friend said how she met this sweet guy at homecoming. Real girls ((aka not little Ms. Cinderella)) want someone you makes them happy genuinely. Ever hear the song “Skater Boy”? Im surprised that hasn’t happened to you. I live I the ghetto, hear gunshots at night while she lives in Suberbia. But I also plan on being a cop and I’m starting a band. I’m also in IB. So don’t I judging people by their social status.

    In the words of Optimus Prime “There’s more than meets the eye.”

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