Why is a woman covered in baby oil so sexy?

If you’re going on a spring break party week you are most definately going to be introduced to some sort of contest that use women as its main attraction.

Baby oil wrestling, wet t-shirt contents and other types of events are mainly arranged to get men into the bar/club, hence, the bar makes money on drinks while the boys are entertained. I guess it just wakes the animal in us all to see oily/sweaty/wet flesh?

These types of events hope to get “regular everyday girls” to participate in their contests by offering prizes. But early in the night before the girls are in the mood, the bars have often paid some local models to “get the party started.”

For strictly illustrative purposes, here’s a photo of a “sweaty” model covered in oil:


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  • Anonymous
    26 Dec 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    That chick is DISGUSTING. The only thing I hate more than the homoerotic brutality of football is oily fake tits.

  • Anonymous
    26 Dec 2007 | Permalink | Reply


  • dood
    26 Dec 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Big fake titties with a huge chasm between them is NOT SEXY. At least not to any guy over the age of, oh, TWELVE.

  • dude
    1 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    yeah, fake oily boobs are disgusting, especially when the oil from them is rubbing all over my face…I HATE THAT!!! But, just to make sure, I'd better check again, and again, and again!

  • cool guy
    12 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I dont no, its not THAT gross, right?

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