The 5 hottest tiny micro bikini brands

This is an example of a woman that can pull off the most ridiculous bikini outfits. With the curves in the right place and a great silhouette you can choose the most outragous outfits without being the laughing stock of the party. This woman poses in a clubbing outfit. More outfits here: 10 hot clubbing outfits for party girls and part-time models.


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  • j
    3 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    you missed the best one – check out wicked weasel bikinis!

  • Patrick D.
    3 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    What j said. Give it up for Wicked Weasel.

  • Shae
    3 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Wicked Weasel def better than those listed, but A.S.S. A Swiss String has some pretty hot shit too. I don't think this writer knows bikinis…

  • AEsop
    6 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Wicked Weasel and A.S.S. are smaller. So are Wicked Temptations. Alphamoda, and probably Sublime Bikinis. The tiniest of all might be at And there's also Doubletake Microwear. A.S.S.,, and Doubletake Microwear all have "string-only" tops and bottoms. Whoever wrote this um . . . detritus doesn't know anything about minimal bikinis. And all of the models shown would look great in REAL tiny bikinis.

  • yaman
    16 Feb 2008 | Permalink | Reply
  • Manal
    17 Feb 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    It is so nice and sexy, I like it

  • John Painz
    13 May 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    good god.

  • Brenda Sellers
    22 Jul 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Very Hot

  • Kelly
    4 Dec 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    obviously the above comments are from men. Wicked Weasel is garbage. That’s just a porn site claiming to be a bikini site. The “bikinis’ are probably the most unflattering things i’ve ever seen. Anyone can make a ultra micro bikini, but it also has to be sexy and flattering if you want to see a woman in it. I doubt you’ll see women flocking to promote them any time soon.

  • beach800
    3 Jul 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Try looking at the princess bikini web site. The web site is oriental and the models are all oriental, no figure at all.

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