10 reasons to date a fat guy

Elaine’s article about why she is not dating overweight men has received a lot of attention. Curt submitted a comment that was too good to be just added to the long list of replies. I hereby present, 10 reasons to date a fat guy:

1. You’ll never go hungry cause they are mostly good cooks (and if you think you’ll be fat for dating him then you are the one with a self control problem).

2. More shade in the hot sun, keep you dry in the rain etc.

3. Fat guys are jolly (that means no stuck up attitude).

4. More places to put cold feet at night or keep warm in general (if you feel crowed in bed with him, buy a bigger bed).

5. Less likely to fight with other guys simply because of size factor.

6. You can outrun them if they try to be abusive (but usually aren’t).

7. Fat guys are content with themselves and do not try to live up to social stigmas (therefore less inner mess than skinny people).

8. People do not look at fat people and run like they’ve seen a monster no matter how you might feel personally.

9. Fat guys are less likely to drown and hence will be natural life savers for you if on a sinking ship.

10. The harder you bounce the deeper it goes. (should be self explanatory for those women who like it on top).


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  • Kaycee
    9 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    NUmber 6 – NOT TRUE. I dated a fat a** perhaps due to a case of temporary blindness. I was extremely loving and loyal and his insecurities killed out relationship – as he became controlling and insanely abusive. Not all fat men are bad but now i just prefer to stay away.

  • girlwhoknowsbetter
    27 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    #10. Not true. Men can have FAT bodies and SMALL members. Small is small. And small doesn’t go deep, no matter how high you bounce.

  • Alana Clark
    24 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I date a fat guy because he makes me look better!

  • GettingMarriedToHim
    10 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    this is terrible…
    all these 10 reasons to date, not date, and why people will never date a big man are horrid. when you meet that ONE man that you absolutely love…weight will be the last thing on your mind… I love my boyfriend… and hes a big guy… why can’t people just realize love has no boundaries?

  • big johnson
    17 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am fat, and I have a freakishly large penis. Call me for a good bounce ;)

  • jon
    24 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you for your comment. You have restored my faith in women getting married to him!

  • Julie
    27 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m fit but I really love fat guys and I hate morons like Curt (not to mention the webmaster of this sizeist site.)

  • carolina
    1 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    thats is truely F*&( up!!!

  • carolina
    1 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    honestly i agree with u like 100% and its exactly wat i dont understand about people eather

  • carolina
    1 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    you guys want 10 reason to date a big guy alrite den

    * more than 60% will treat u better than what a skinny muscular guy will.

    *yes there is bad people and good people but doesnt meant they are all the same.

    *If your skinny they will treat you as queens specialy if he loves you and you love him you want to know why because they do have problems with there self esteme many of em so they will do what ever to keep you by their side and not loose you to some selfish, skinny guy.

    *Many are caring, sweet, super romantic, a person who you can trust, some one who u can have a blast with and much more.

    *i like about them that they actualy have a heart and that show their feelings not like many guys say “guys dont cry” that stupid every1 crys and its awsome one you can help em cheer up and be happy just like they will to you.

    *they have very big hearts and if they like u love u they will do anything for you, treat you guys like queens, and even give there life for you.

    *They will keep you warm and thats not bad or mean in any way at all.

    *You’ll know forture you will always have food and never starve, but dont mean u’ll gain wait only because your with a big guy if you gain wait its your fault no one else.

    *they are many big guys who are handsome really they might be big but they are handsome and cute.

    all these stuff i said its true my high school sweet heart is 269lb and he is awsome such an amazing person. I am 110lb tall and slim and happy with my big man couldn’t wish for anyone better.

  • Clair
    1 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    lol WOW

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