South Beach, Miami – Life in South Beach is centred around the beach by day and the fashionable clubs by night.

South Beach is found in the Dance capital of Miami, Florida. Miami is well known for it’s beautiful people and infamous DJ events that take place almost all year round.

The area is trendy, as are the nightclubs, and the beaches exotic. South Beach isn’t the most appropriate place for young families who tend to gather on Sunny Isles Beach instead.

Currency is US Dollars.

Who Comes To South Beach?

Life in South Beach is centred around the beach by day and the fashionable clubs by night. You will find celebrities, musicians and models here, as well as tourists from America, Britain and Europe who want to sample the delights of this wonderful Art Deco style resort.

Lots of holidaymakers that come here are here for a bit of sun worshipping, people watching and to go to a big club DJ event – loads of famed British and American DJ’s play sets here throughout the year. With clubs closing around 5am its a party not to be missed.

When does the Season Begin in South Beach?
Blue skies and white soft sandy beaches – it all tells you South Beach enjoys a very comfortably warm climate with lowest temperatures around 22degrees and high summer temperatures reaching 31degrees. The breeze that blows from the Gulf of Mexico ensures that the resort isn’t humid.

Airport Information
The closest airport to South Beach is Miami International Airport, however it can be expensive to fly there. Its around 18kms / 11m away from South Beach and will cost approximately $32 / €24 / £16 for a taxi transfer. An alternative option is Fort Lauderdale Airport which is around a half hour journey.

South Beach Nightlife
If it’s VIP you’re looking for then you could try ‘Mansion’ or ‘Pearl’ (which has a champagne bar), they both have VIP rooms and play various types of music like house and hip-hop. It can cost up to $30 / €22 / £15 for entry to the majority of clubs and drinks can be costly at around $8 (£4) for a beer, although this can be more so be aware of what club you’re going to and the general word on prices there.

If you want dinner on Washington Avenue before you head to ‘Mansion’ then you could try the averagely priced ‘Macerena Tavern and Restaurant’.

Local Drinks
Beers like Bud are readily available here for around $2 / €1.50 / £1 on draft and you can find a glass of wine costs around $6 / €4 / £3, however the clubs hike prices up and expect cocktails in a club to range around $14 / €10 / £7.

Local Cuisine
You can easily find moderately priced eateries in South Beach. If you don’t want to go somewhere like ‘Fifty Restaurant and Lounge’, on Ocean drive, where the dress is business casual, you could try a place like the ‘Outback Steak House’ where you can get, erm, steaks and lots of other meaty delights. Perfect if you want to try the low carb South Beach Diet while you’re there.

Expect the price of a seafood meal in an averagely priced restaurant to be around $21 / €15.50 / £11.50 for one plus drinks.

Boy/Girl Ratio
Around a 50:50 match of males to females. Don’t forget, every one of those people are there to do one main thing – get a tan, show off, do some sports and have a great holiday. This is a fairly safe area although as usual you have to keep your wits about you and don’t carry too much cash on the beach, or leave your valuable lying around near your sun bed.

South Beach Beaches
Tipped as the worlds best beaches, South Beach has a great beach with a fabulous party atmosphere.

Students visit the beach by day and it can get quite drunken and rowdy, however there are lots of areas of the beach that are quiet and great for children and the beaches are gorgeous.

Just west of South Beach is Laguna beach, currently famous for the Laguna City series shown on MTV and South Beach has lovely pale soft sand and loads of activities to take part in.

Haulover Beach is a nudist beach if you want to have your first naturist experience, however I’ve seen reports that it’s a bit quiet and most people that visit are over 40.


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  • mysobe
    1 Sep 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Great place to stay the Setai
    A 40 story aquamarine glass tower looks directly onto the beach. Symbol of South Beach Luxury Hotels, the exterior is noted
    for its art deco style, inside dark shades and black granite prevail,
    illuminated only by light teak which creates a kind of Indonesian
    look. It also has junior suites which was famous in the “Dolce Vita”

  • Miami Resident
    14 Nov 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Correction: Laguna Beach, especially the one one MTV, is in California. There is no Laguna Beach in Miami.

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