Spring Break Video from Miami Sobe and PCB

Spring Break 2011

Wil the photographer has been travelling a lot in 2011. He’s been both at Miami South Beach and Panama City Beach to soak up the spring break atmosphere and to get some footage from the festivities. Check it out in this video that has been viewed over 140 000 times on Youtube:

How to get fit for spring break?

Fit for spring break

Time to shed those pounds and get in shape for spring break? Read on for some useful tips. Please note that these are tips for those of you who only have a few pounds too much and need to the last few adjustments to get beach ready. In the weeks leading up to spring break, here are some things you can do to look leaner. Keep in mind that these don’t result in any significant [...]

Going on a Diet before Spring Break 2012

Time to go on a diet?

With spring break still some months away, now is the perfect time to get in tip top shape. The key to getting in shape and staying in shape is to plan ahead and get started with your diet now. Also, the “cleaner” you eat, the better for you. Keep in mind that the shape your body is in, the way that it looks, and the amount of fat you store or burn depends in large [...]

10 party dresses that are perfect for clubbing

Strawberry sparkling dress

New year, new possibilities as we look at the various clubbing outfits that are available from various UK retailers: 1. Red sizzle dress from Contagious. Contagious clubwear sold a lot of this dress before x-mas, but it may be suitable also this spring.

Best bikini bodies over 40


E! is here with an overview of the best looking bikini bodies in the 40 + category.

New Gran Canaria Travel Guide: The Best Nightlife and The Worst Tourist Traps

A new travel guide to Gran Canaria is launched. It is packed with information about the wild nightlife of Playa del Ingles.

Barbara Zatler gives you her best tips to Copenhagen’s nightlife

Danish model and actress Barbara Zatler tells us about her Red Bull & Vodka habit and shares her best nightlife tips.

What to do during the daytime when youand’re a budget party tourist in Copenhagen?

Three affordable attractions to seek out while being a budget tourist in Copenhagen.

Beirut Travel Made Easy with a New Guide

Beirut has always been a glamorous destination for discerning travellers. Our new travel guide shows you how to enjoy the city on a limited budget.

Cheap Weddings Guide Launched

Weddings are about the celebration of love, rather than the celebration of money.

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