Micro bikini company: -Micro Bikinis are the trend for this summer

is an Australian company. No underpaid hungry kids are involved in production. They produce their sweat shop free garments within Australia. The main source for inspirations for their designs is from the scintillating Australian beach scenes.

They have won several awards, in 2003 the Micro bikini company won Queensland Micro Business of the Year. I sent some questions their way and Courtney from LustyThreads were happy to answer.

Micro bikinis are hot this summer
What are the micro bikini trends for this summer?

Micro bikinis ARE the trend for this summer and the brighter the better! We have found that although our feature fabrics have been super popular, it is the plain colours that have proven to be our best sellers in our micro bikini range.

Not expensive
The bikinis are fairly expensive compared to “standard ones”, for example, a bikini may cost AUD 79 / USD 65 / EUR 50. Are most of the customers affluent?

We don’t really pry into our customer’s private lives, but feel that our bikinis are competitively priced (in Australian $) for the micro bikini market. To compare our product to “Standard” bikinis is not really doing it justice.

Stand out at the beach
Which beaches do you recommend to visit if you have just bought a Lusty Thread bikini and would like to “blend in” and not cause too much attention?

Our customers buy Lustythreads bikinis because they don’t want to blend in and be a part of the crowd – they want to stand out on any beach. Not all of our swimwear is micro in nature catering to customers worldwide, with varying comfort levels while still offering a unique and sexy style.


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  • Anon
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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Why is #1 a perv? Because he/she likes attractive women? My body is crap compared to hers, but I still like myself enough to not knock down others. We all shine in different ways. Girls who can wear bikinis like that, great for them. I can't. But there are things I can do that others can't. Why is enjoying the naked body wrong?

  • Anonymous
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I agree with #3. I think a more European outlook on the whole nudity thing would do a lot of Americans good. It wont happen, but I don't care… I'll just move to France.

  • Dispan
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    The same goes for men, as can be seen at Koala swimwear: http://www.koalaswim.com/

  • Not American
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Americans are prudes – purge your dogmatic minds of all that 'nudity' shame' crap, and join the new world.

    Falwell is finally dead, so nothing left to worry about! See him waving at you from hell?

  • Anonymous
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Since some seem to think death comes in threes, may we hope for Fred Phelps next?!?

  • David
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    @ Dispan

    Well that's just nuts…literally.

  • Fred Smith
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    These stiles have been popular in Brazil for about 20 years. About time they caught on here in the USA.

  • Guy
    15 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Fashion-wise, I'd call this minimalist approach very alluring. From the straight male perspective I'd say this is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. I'm totally buying one for my girlfriend.

  • Anonymous
    16 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I think it's fine for behind closed doors but as for out in public it's pretty sad that women have to go to such lengths to feel attractive, they need men staring at them to feel good about themselves. When you respect yourself you don't want to give it all away for everyone to see.

  • Jimmy
    26 May 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Uh, comment 11… You sound like you need a workout. Stop ripping on how people like to dress and stare in the mirror for a while.

  • dony
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • Rebekah
    5 Nov 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    #11 must have some self esteem issues. Just because they wouldn't wear it doesn't make it slutty. "When you respect yourself you don't want to give it all away for everyone to see." More like when you don't respect yourself you give it away to everyone. The girls I know who behave the way #11 implies don't respect themselves. Women who do are not ashamed to put on ANYTHING, and wear it ANYWHERE, no matter what ANYONE says, that is true self esteem. #10 for example wants it for his wife, and i doubt she'll be marching around
    "giving it all away for free" (Which is the saying used for nudity, not bathing suits btw) Me for example I live in the woods, and would wear it in my pool wether there was people around or not, wear it as a top on a HOT HOT summer day like this year, and wear it for my modeling which I do WITHOUT a perfect preppy body, and even though I have the worlds smallest boobs, and my flesh is covered in scars. THIS IS SELF ESTEEM, try it out #11, it's a good feeling to believe in and respect yourself not matter who/what/why/when/where,.

  • Anonymous
    16 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    The wearers do seem to be looking for attention, which is understandable. But IMHO, regular bikinis are much more tantalizing. If you want to show off your vagina, go for it!

  • Randy Andy
    25 Jun 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    If the temperature is 95 degrees or higher, then you can wear the micro-bikini in North America. If you wear that when the temps are around 65, you will chill your nipples.

  • Anonymous
    11 Aug 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I was actually surprised at the degree to which women are accepting these very tiny (and often very transparent) styles. The most extreme ones are so small that the tops do not cover all of the areoli, and the bottoms fail to cover the labia.

    I expected a subsegment of the population to wear them, and a larger group of women to look enviously at those wearing them, wishing they had the guts to do it (while of course saying nasty things about the women who had the guts to do what they honestly want to).

    I think a part of the reason for the rapidly increasing popularity of extremely revealing swimwear is a desire to break away from the amazing amounts of societal conservative extremism, which so many western countries (most expecialy the US) have embraced lately…ideas that are totally at odds with the majority of their populations. With all this nonsense being pushed down peoples throats (with accompanying bible thumping) something was bound to give as a stress reliever, and a way for the majority to distance themselves from a minority that they do not like (and didn't like the last time that they took over the country).

    People are, quite simply, tired of being told which things it is acceptable to do, most especially with their own bodies. I have never understood why people feel it is necessary to have laws against nudity. GO back 1000 years, and the very Christian Holy Roman Empire was full of social nudity. Even the fashions of the 1800s were extreme by our standards (over 300 years of exposed aeroli as the norm in fashion for adult women past courting age).

    In most of the world (including where I live) going topless at a public beach means nothing (and I do not mean a nude beach). These new itly bity suits give people a reason to bother to be in good physical shape. Skeletons don't look good in a bikini and neither do the morbidly obese. We need something to get people to eat real food instead of junk, and treat it as fuel for heir bodies instead of as "comfort".

    I thin these tiny suits are a cute way to get around the laws against nudity, while at the same time adding a bit of extra decoration to the body. If your natural body shape looks at all nice in one (and that does not require anorexia…curves are very nice)…go for it. Remember, clothes were invented for protection from the elements (I like wearing shoes to protect my feet), and also for decorating the body…to enhance its beauty, not to cover it all up from neck to toes, and not as a way of forcing people into conformity.

    Frankly I think another reason for these ultra low and narrow (and see through) designs, is that women are

    1) finally strong in western society enough to be willing to take a chance; celebrating the fact they their bodies are beautiful and that skin is normal (not evil)

    2) I think that women don't want to do through all that waxng without a chance to show it off, and I don't blme them one bit. It hurts like hell to get waxed, so wy not show off as much silk skin as you can?

    A huge percentage of women ih the west now get regular bikini waxes (or have had permanent removal) – more and more going for total pubic, leg and underarm hair removal. Frankly, once a woman has had their period while totally bare they don't want to go back. It is far cleaner, way more sanitary in general…and yes, sex tends to feel a great deal better.

    These days the cost of permanent SIPL hair removal, costs far less than a years worth of equivalent wax jobs (even home wax jobs unless you make your own sugaring candy from scratch). AND – that means no more rapid leg shaving before work (with nasty ingrown hairs), no last minute trimming of stray "bush" hairs so that you can wear that new bikini or that cute low riding micro-mini skirt, and no more funny "fluff pad" bump pushing up the crotch on your tights, leotards, etc.

    Oh yes…and SIPL doesn't make people scream.

    SIPL is available in the nearest city to me for $99 for a xxx. That is the cost of 3 xxx wax jobs without the nasty pain. Two visits for cheep touch ups and you are hair free for up to 10 years.

    Some men (who have no desire to EVER have a beard) are getting it done to their faces, so that they can stop spending so much time shaving.

    a thing normal for mellenia outwide of t(or have permentent hair reduction)…more and more all the time, and a growing number

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