10 reasons I would never date a fat man

I bet some may oppose my opinion on this, but I hope that there are girls out there who are not hypocrites to admit that all things being equal, they would rather choose the athletic type over the big fat guy. I’m slender, but not the Nicole Richie anorexic type, and never in my wildest dream will I date a fat man. Here’s why:

1. If I am with a fat man, I may be tempted to eat like him

If I am with a fat guy and he’s the type who eats every chance he gets, what am I suppose to do? Watch him eat? That’s so pathetic. I mean, I may be tempted to join him especially if he’s munching on my favorite desert and that would really ruin my diet. I would rather be with a health buff who knows how to watch his calories.

2. I can’t imagine having sex with a fat dude!

A fat dude naked in front of me? Sorry, if it’s cold and heartless of me, but it’s not a nice sight. Plus what positions can we do with his fat ass? I’m the type of girl who’d rather keep the lights on to see the masculine aura of my guy. A muscle is hot, fat is not!

Actually there are a lot of things I would like to point out in this section. A fat guy would easily be out of breath. I wonder if he has the energy to keep up with me. Athletic guys have the stamina when it comes to intimacy in between the sheets but a fat man will doze to sleep, snoring loud after the first round. That’s actually based on experience and some common sense. Come on ladies, agree with me.

3. Being fat may possible be a reflection of his inner mess

Okay, not-the-typical-me, but let’s get intellectual here. In a psychological point of view, some people tend to overeat as a way to divert themselves from their frustrations. They turn to compulsive over-eating which makes them obese. They don’t overeat just because the food is sumptuous but there’s something deeper than that. Honestly, I don’t want to date a guy who has a lot of psychological troubles.

4. The physical attribute of a person shows how disciplined he is

Again, intellectually speaking (duh!), an obese body is just a reflection of their lack of self-control. We all can look trim and sexy if we want to and the crucial part is, if we exert effort. But what do these so-called-big guys do? They choose to eat and be a loser. Okay you may have naturally good-looking genes, so why let it go to waste? Hit the gym before you ask me out!

5. I don’t want to be asked this question: “What did you see in that fat bf of yours?”

To some extent we all consider the looks, right? I’m not a fat loser, I’m gorgeous and I can prove that. If I date a fat guy, I would expect that I would be bombarded with a lot of questions why I am dating him. The last thing I want is to defend my choice to every individual out there. So I see to it, that I am proud of my taste when it comes to guys. Please, don’t be a plastic, I know you’d be more proud if the guy towering beside you have six-pack abs than a flabby stomach.

6. I don’t want to get attention for the wrong uncool reasons

This may be related to the reason I just stated above. A big fat guy is so “visible” wherever we go. Those very honest kids at the groceries may be pointing at us asking their mom’s why he is such a fat guy. Well, you know, kids ask a lot of why’s. If you are at a party, an athletic guy is a hotter accessory than a fat guy. I may look classy and sophisticated, but it may ruin my chances of being the star of the night because of my preference.

7. Because it’s a small world

If he’s too big, he may take up all the space in bed. I may not even feel comfortable with him in the car (just in case we have a small one). We may not fit together if we enter the door at the same time. The shower may feel too crowded, considering that it’s just the two of us. I told you, it’s a small world (lol).

8. In case of emergency, a fat guy can’t run fast

Well, I am just trying to be hilarious but it’s true. What I would really like to emphasize here is that, I am the outdoor type who digs fun activities and sports.

Since he’s fat, I think it’s reasonable for me to assume that he’d rather watch it than engage in the real action. How can I convince him to go hiking, swimming, or skiing with me when he’s a certified couch potato? Maybe I won’t really invite him, he won’t look good in those fitted sportswear anyway. What an eyesore!

9. His fart may really stink!

I know what I said is gross, so I’ll keep it sweet and short. He’s fat, eats anything he fancies and does not even exercise. So what do you expect? A really stinky fart will destroy the romance when he accidentally release the gas in the bedroom. It’s not even funny!

10. Last but not the least, because I am shallow (I bet that’s what you’re thinking)

I am not afraid to admit to myself and to people here that I care about what the society thinks about me. Again, all things being equal (except for the weight, of course), would you choose a fat guy over an athletic guy? Don’t get me wrong, I do have a big heart. Maybe if he really loves me, he’d go to the gym and remove his excess baggage. I guess a better reason for him to do this is if he really loves himself. Enough said.


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  • Prinsesa
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Funny and witty! :) But I love big teddy bears too!

  • Anonymous
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • Lovestosploodge
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    This world is going to Hell in a handbasket

  • IwasFat
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    You are right fat people slack at taking care of themselves. it's true you could exercise or just eat less / more healthy. All is choice in the life.

  • Andy
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    11. – They wheeze when going up stairs.

    The flight of stairs is the fatty's natural predator.

  • copy paste
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    You're right, you are very shallow. If a potential date is fat, then he's the type of guy who's confident in his own skin; some of the best people I know are overweight, fatness doesn't reflect inner mess. Their farts won't necessarily stink either, some people are fat because of how their body works, so that's a stupid point. Some day you'll wake up and realize you have thighs the size tsunamis, and you won't be able to get with any guy, while these fat guys will probably be dating younger, better looking, skinnier girls. That's just how your superficial world works unfortunately. Then you wont have a choice but to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Make some sense woman.

  • batatis
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    a333 batmanna akol

  • just copy!
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    "copy and paste", I bet you are a fat woman or man, I dunno but you sound kinda defensive! She's right, being fat is a choice! so go hit the gym!

  • Anonymous
    9 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    How about 10 reasons I'd never date a shallow, vain woman…

  • Anonymous
    10 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    you're just being honest! :)

  • Anonymous
    10 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • xteex
    11 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Lookin' 4ward to more juicy articles from you!

  • Anonymous
    11 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply
  • figueroa
    16 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I wonder how Elaine looks like!?

  • lolz0r
    16 Aug 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I totally aggree with this whole post, now, being honest, iv never been a 'fat guy' but i have been overweight, which makes my face look pudgy, and therfore ugly, i had a long date free school experience, i was never superficial, i had a few larger girlfriends, who were really awesome i must say, tons of personallity, lots of fun, (im not talking about morbid obesity here, just overweight girls) my eyes were opened to how unsatisfactory this was, when talking with a friend of mine about his skinny beautiful girlfriend, he was no better looking than i, but slightly slimmer, he told me that his life was 100% better since he started working out, a catalyst for this thought process was.. well we went to a lap dancing club, and just having all those beautiful skinny shallow as fcuk women around me really made me realise what i was missing out on.. to be honest im about 1/3 of the way to achieving my goal.. but this story is so true, we all have the ability to change ourselves, those who dont aggree with the article or this comment, are like i used to be, they have not realised WHY they need to change, and are not motivated… you know i should just go the whole 9 yards and write my own huge article

  • spot3282
    19 Sep 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    I understand the point of the story but at the same time I can't tell you how depressed I am after reading this.

    I'm a 'fat guy' but it's not because I eat junk food and don't exercise. I eat better and work out way more then most people I know but because of bad genetics and a severe thyroid disorder my doctor has said that me being 'athletic' was virtually impossible. I've always hoped that my personality was enough to get together with someone special but I see now why at 27 I've never really dated.
    So sad…

    Oh, and by the way, I eat so well (whole fruits, vegetable, etc.) that I don't have problems with bad gas, just so you know.

  • Joe
    25 Sep 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    A good read, all those fatties need to get their lard asses to the gym or have to settle for fat girls to date.

  • Joanna
    1 Oct 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    Hmmm Joe…. I agree with you!

  • carl
    27 Jan 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    your a bitch damn, i mean ive never heard a bigger load of bullshit. i mean damn ur a bitch. you need to go to hell or something. everyones gets fat its a fact of life. all women look the same at 40 so y the hell is it so important that you date a hot guy. and remember most of you smarter people in this world are fat people. stupid ass cunt bitch. i hope you rot in hell.

  • Joe Average
    6 Mar 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I'm a fat guy, and I absolutely agree with Elaine.

    I would never try to go out with an attractive skinny woman like her. It doesn't make sense, and her explanation is the best I can point to.

    That's why I stick with fat chicks 'cause fat chicks will date fat guys for some reason.

  • Anonymous
    20 Apr 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    blunt and very honest, I like it.
    (I am a guy)

    16 Jul 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    There are a lot of undisciplined
    thin people as well so dont fall for that myth.I have seen lots of thin people that cant stop drinking or put down the drugs or get off their ass and go to work etc…I bet that
    i could find some undisciplined behavior in your life. If we all can be thin and sexy that easily then no one ever would be fat! You clearly are very ignorant when it comes to food addiction so zip your lip you pseudo intellectual

  • Casey
    21 Jul 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I think there's some truth to what was said there, however I dated a fat man for 4 years and there was never a problem "keeping up" so to speak, in any realm… and although people tend to attribute FAT with lazy and STUPID… well there just isn't always a correlation. I think for the purpose of this whole list or ten reasons not to date a fat man… I think it should be "ten reasons I won't date a fat man" mostly because the claims made are not completely factual, but they seem more like personal preference. The way I figure it, don't date someone you're not attracted to, that's just stupid… but just becuase you're not attracted to someone doesn't mean another person can't be. If that were the case, I'd have a excerpt to say 10 reasons not to date bald men, short men, or men over 30… its all preference! We should ALL be happy with the ones we chose to be with.

  • John Smith
    29 Jul 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I don't see why everyones making a fuss about this. You're not nearly as annoying as the girl who claims she just doesn't like ethnic men. Fat is a partial choice. If all you lardos complaining got sent to a concentrarion camp, within 6-8 weeks you'd be qualified to date this so called whore.

  • James
    28 Aug 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    This whole article just pisses me off. I’m 19 years old and overweight. Fat if you wanna be an asshole about it. It has nothing to do with my inner-being. I grew up out of a hotel for 6 years growing up. We didn’t have a kitchen and not enough money to get a house or apartment, therefore we ended up eating out almost everyday. Fast food was a good one as we lived around the corner from every fast food chain out there. To add on to that situation, I had asthma so exercise wasn’t the easiest thing. In short, Because I couldn’t be independent at that age I ended up packing on the pounds. Maxing out at 320lb. I have never had a problem getting with a skinny, attractive girl in my life. The funny part about you saying we can’t keep up in bed is that you couldn’t be more wrong. In truth she can’t keep up with me. We have done every position under the sun and in almost setting.
    You also mention we can’t run fast in an emergency. That, too, is untrue. I’m faster than half of my skinny friends.
    You are shallow.. and that’s why you deserve the skinny assholes that will abuse you. Everything you say is wrong with fat guys is not necessarily a direct result from their weight. It’s possible to be overweight and healthy.

  • Maxwell
    6 Sep 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    #’s 2 and 10 are reasonable. You don’t find large men attractive. ATTRACTION ISN’T A CHOICE. That’s fine.

    #1 is pretty stupid. By this logic, is it a fair assumption on my part that you have no overweight friends or family members? Don’t blame other people and their bad habits if you don’t have the will power to stick to your personal goals.

    #5-6 can’t be helped. They’re really insecurities on your part. If you love someone, you’ll stand up for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fat boyfriend or your mother.

    #7 is a pretty stupid reason too. You could use those reasons to justify never dating a tall man.

    Beyond that, I strongly disagree with you. I’m a fat guy. I’m also an engineering student. I have no psychological problems. I’m not suffering from depression or any other disorder. The only thing I would change about myself is my weight. Don’t lecture overweight people on self-discipline. It’s pretty damn easy to gain weight (especially, like in my case, where it occurred when I was a young child). It’s the hardest thing a human being would ever have to do in their life (I’m not talking about trimming off 10 pounds, I’m talking about losing half your body weight). As I said before, I’m an engineering student also balancing an active social life… I have better than average self discipline.

    Fat guys can’t run fast? Really? You ever watch football? LOL… it doesn’t matter how large someone is if they have muscles and a healthy cardiovascular system to compensate. Maybe you should change your thesis to “10 reasons I would never date an out of shape man” (which ironically, would include many thin people).

    Number 9 is probably the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen a person come up with. The stinkiest farts I’ve ever smelled in my life came from guys half my size. You shouldn’t believe such stupid stereotypes.

  • Wonderboy
    14 Sep 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    If only there were a place for artificial, superficial, stuck up, narcissistic, ego maniacal, cunt rag like you…..oh wait, there is! dating websites! Thats right bitch, I bet you have several dating profiles don’t you? Do most of them start off with “Why can’t I find a good guy?” and end with “must have the body of Adonis, cock like Mandingo, and Loaded like Bill Gates”. Your whats wrong with America’s body image problem. You think slender is sexy and muscle means health….NOT! More of these so called “healthy” people, keel over and die everyday, than more fat guys do. As far as sex with your bulimic ass goes….the only reason I’d keep the lights on while pumpin your dumper, is to make sure your not ransacking my nightstand.

    Please do the world a favor and hang yourself in your closet with piano wire, and make sure its dipped in some really pretty smelling perfume, that way your rotting corpse doesn’t smell like a fat guy’s fart.

    Get a life bitch.

  • Jeff
    3 Oct 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    This woman is a dumbass. I am and have always been a fat guy, and people flock to me, including some beautiful women. I’m not saying that overeating is a good decision, but I am saying that everyone has their victories and failures – one of my failures might be overeating, while yours might include being a social dumbass. I am very far from a lazy couch potato:

    As a matter of fact, the reason I came across this article was because I have some time left before a late date with an absolutely beautiful woman who ironically was a model for years – I was hoping to find an article to give me some confidence that maybe I’d have a chance with her, because sometimes I think that despite my hours of weekly workouts I’m not fit enough to be with her. But this article made me feel like shit because of a problem any human could have. Thanks for making me feel like I can’t be with this girl who I think I’m falling in love with.

    And as for weight being a sign of other problems: I have a 148 IQ (clinically tested, with the average person’s IQ being 100), I’m a published writer, I’m more active than most men, I have played the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano expertly for cash for years, and I still have friends from a decade ago, which is saying alot for someone who’s 21 years old. I may not get to be with the beautiful girls the first time I see them, but when I am it’s because they look around and realize how great of a guy I am after all the prettyboys make them cry. You act as if you’re God’s gift to Men, and you need to grow up and realize that different people have different problems and triumphs. I may weigh more than I should, but I also treat people – especially women – like kings and queens, and the beautiful, get-any-guy-she-wants woman who I’m seeing in half an hour, said yes when I asked her out.

  • AK-47
    25 Nov 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Preference in what it is you find attractive for yourself is fine and what you are willing to date is great for you personally, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk bad about, make generalizations about, and use stereotypes in trying to sway people from not dating someone simply because they are fat. That is very shallow and makes people that think that way ugly and unattractive. What is the difference in that and not dating someone b/c they are black, or Asian, or tall ect… I am overweight, fat, chubby, husky, or whatever else you want to call me. I am athletic, strong, trained, and tough. I wrestled, played football, played rugby, and trained with MMA fighters in grappling and Thai boxing for a short time (1 year). I am a healthy, active, smart college student, a paramedic, and a great friend to my family and friends. Everyone I come in contact with likes me for who I am as a person and has dated me because I am an awesome human being. I am not judgmental of others based on ridiculous things like how they look. I stimulate people in more than one aspect, and take people for who they are as a person as long as they are good, kind, and caring human beings. I am not ugly, and carry my weight well. Treat others as you want to be treated and what goes around comes around are all very true statements. If everyone treated, or at least most people treated others the way they would want to be treated the world would be a much nicer place. Before I became a medic and pre-med student I worked in a bar/club from the age of 18-25. I bartended for the remaining few years that I worked there dealing with people from all walks of life from the neighborhood drunk old creepy man, career driven professionals, college students, hot sexy people, fat people, ugly people ect. ect. ect. What I found from observing everything around me and dealing with the masses of people was interesting. Many of the hot, sexy, good looking men and women had the worst relationship problems and were actually the defective ones emotionally/mentally despite the sexy, toned, and fit outer shell. Many of them were completely stupid not having an ounce of brain in their head and honestly that is the biggest turn off to many people I have talked to regardless if they are sexy looking or not. I still can remember talking to the sexiest girl one night, getting her number and talking to her only to realize that she was uninteresting, shallow, and way to materialistic, she was also an emotional wreck. When I told her I wasn’t interested in dating her she flipped out and didn’t understand because she was so hot and guys dump her all the time. I have met and talked to some of the sexiest and really realized that beauty is only skin deep. Sure, I can be guilty of checking out the hotties and wondering what nailing her would be like, but it only goes that far if she has an ugly personality. Why do you think many shallow and sexy chicks always get dumped on and are emotional wrecks worrying about and putting so much into looks? It is b/c you are really insecure and care about what other ppl think so much you let it rule your life. Guys don’t want to end up with you, they want to use you and toss you to the curb. Wow, that sounds like fun. Many men I talk to always say, yeah I’d hit it but when asked would you rather have a hot, sexy, shallow women to marry or a physically average woman with a great personality and kind heart, they almost 99.9% of the time choose #2. The truth is many years from now, toward the end of your life, when you are with a person just based on looks or how toned they are, you will be a very unhappy person. Looks eventually go out the window with the six pack abs, and eventually the body slows. You or your partner, if not divorced by then, are a wrinkled mess of your former youthful bodies, and you will hopefully realize that it doesn’t matter how you look, but what kind of personality you have and what kind of person you are. You will no doubt be haunted, while sitting waiting for death, by the memories of all the bad, hurt, and pain, you caused others in your lifetime regardless of what it was for. Most of the time the single, sexy people end up in nursing homes starring at a wall, pooping themselves because they don’t have anyone that want to take care of them b/c they were ugly people on the inside despite being sexy at one time. Never judge a book by its cover, and if you do you will be the one missing out. I have dated sexy people and overweight people, in both types personalities rule out over looks after a few months anyway. Before I go I would also like to say, every girl I have been with has had an orgasm and even the hot, fit ones couldn’t keep up with me but for some reason they kept coming back for more. I have also seen many fit, toned, athletic people with health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Even thin and sexy ppl that worked out all the time were unmotivated, lazy, losers that have nothing else going for them despite being hot and fit. I can understand not being attracted to someone, sure there are many people that I have turned down, and have turned me down but as least I did it because I didn’t feel a click with them and based it hardly on looks. Just to make something else clear, while you think you are so much better b/c of how you look, remember that everyone else around you probably thinks you are an asshole, or a slut, and are talking about you… not good things either. Trust me I have heard it all. As Biggie Smalls once said “ I’m fat, ugly, and have a crooked eye and a speech impediment, and I get more pussy than anyone else around me “

  • gaga
    26 Nov 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    I laugh every time you typed “intellectually speaking” or “let’s get intellectual here.”

  • Jess
    22 Dec 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    #6 and #9 made me laugh. Not because you were funny, but because you sound like such a shallow, stuck up, self-absorbed dumb bitch. It’s shallow whores like you who give us girls a bad rep. How could you not think a woman was stupid for thinking this?

    You have a big heart? Unlikely. If you did have a big heart (or a heart at all, for that matter) you’d know that overweight people have feelings. This kind of article doesn’t prove anything other than how completely heartless you are.

    Fat or skinny, short or tall, black or white, we are all human and all deserved to be treated with respect. I utterly despise disrespectful people like you. What a sad excuse for a life is this is the attitude you have towards certain types of people.

  • sorry but bleh
    24 Dec 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    Sorry I am not going to be PC about it. Personally my only problem with fat men is the way they look – I think they look ugly. I feel nauseous when a fat person stand in front of me fully dressed, and I usually focus on their eyes to avoid looking at the rest of their bodies. If a fat person got naked in front of me I would throw up. I am sure their personalities are just as good as anyone’s and I don’t think they are lazy people or different in anyway from skinny people other than being fat. My only problem with fat people is the way they look, so I wouldn’t date a fat man because I want to enjoy seeing my man naked.

    Once I thought “don’t be shallow, personality is enough” and I went on two dates with this guy, he went as if to kiss me and I threw up in my mouth, I turned my face head a little and gave him a huge hug while swallowing the vomit. It turned out he had a bad personality too because when I told him I “wasn’t ready for a relationship” and maybe we could just be friends, he started insulting me and I hung up the phone, but there are slim guys with bad personalities too and I don’t date them, so even if this guy had been slim his personality would likely have come out and things wouldn’t have worked out, but it takes longer for personality to come through, his fatness however, grossed me off right off the bat. I spent an hour trying to philosophize about how he might be a great guy and I should stick with it, we had a good conversation, but when he went to kiss me, the puke just came out, and there is nothing more gross than having to swallow puke.

  • Tony from sweden
    26 Dec 2008 | Permalink | Reply

    The article sure was amusing but its nothing compared to the all the responses from morons that trying to prove differently in this blog forum or what ever this is, this seriously made my day and i laughed so much that, for a few seconds there i thought i was going to suffocate, seriously thanks! good article that should give women the confidence to date someone in their league.

  • Me me me me
    15 Jan 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Have you ever thought of taking him to the over weight guy to the gym and exercise with him. Also have you ever dated a musculine gym addicted guy?..well ill tell you, they are so full of themselve and think that all girls love them…they dont even care if they hurt you cause they can always meet another girl who drools at them. Another thing to consider is THAT THE OVERWEIGHT GUY WONT DUMP YOU IF YOU PACK IN THE WEIGHT IF YOU GET KIDS…

  • slim and kind
    15 Jan 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    not all slim pple are idots like you…Am sexy and hit the gym all time and I dont look down on pple, so when you decide to pick on overweight dont use slim pple in general.

  • Phunnie Bunnie
    1 Feb 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Look, for the first time in my life I really tried not to be like how you are talking. Because, I felt everyone needs love, and I didn’t want descriminate either. I always go for the jock the 6-pack dude, the professional bodybuilder winner, the MMA 15/1 fighter, the black belt kick your ass with one finger, the nerdy buff computer programmer, and I thought OMG I am really getting around! What’s wrong, we’d break up because of another really hott girl would get his eye and I couldn’t deal. SOOoooo….I met this guy pretty cute face, nice smile beautiful eyes, gentle 300lb giant, an ex–hockey player who never went to the gym since high school. But continued to eat 3 $6 burgers from carls’ and then wash it down with a liter of coke a cola!!! holy shit, watching him eat and only chew for three rounds made me sick to my stomach, his nose would run like crazy when he would have this eating sessions everyday sometimes I witnessed it 2 a day. I started to think about the Austin Powers movies, with agent shag a lot and when she goes undercover with FatBastard!!! I would imagine in my mind that I could see x-ray and that a 6-pack was there and I started to see him as an anatonomy book pictures of muscles just covered up by layers of invisible see through skin. UGHHH!!! We went to the movies we had to sit the very back of the theater in the handicap because he couldn’t fit in any of the other places. I just kept it up because he had recently had a knee surgery and I thought well this could happen to anyone. I kept on dating him…until I gave him “get shredded” pill supplements, then I was obessed with getting him to the gym. I go for atleast 10hrs a week, yoga, weight lifting, and cardio. He would just say all these things. “I’m not going to go to the gym, I have had a membership for 12 years and its a meat market to pick up on people. I hate working out. It’s pointless, it’s dumb and hell no I won’t go.” I got really sad because I thought he was saying I was dumb because I go all the time, and it’s pointless to work out more than 20min a day. It actually pissed me off. He made a comment, ” You’ll never be fat, just stand next to me and you’ll always be skinny.” I honestly, I seems like he was getting bigger by the day. and MY view of him was becoming very scary. I imagined him, in bed and we’d be old and one day he would croak because of a cardiac arrest, and we would have to cut the wall into opening for them to crane his but out. Then he actually said that thing that I was thinking. spooky.

    Then, I told him I am getting ready for the NPC figure event, that’s when he let me know what was on his mind about the whole thing.

    Anyhow, this was very difficult and he did have alot of anger issues, and he felt that he was a loser, this I felt bad and tried to be friends but he was like ,”go to hell”

    Trust me, I tried in the most approachable ways of discussing health and eating in healthy portions, but our live styles are so different it was a shot in hell.

    To this day I feel bad for him, yet I’m not a professional psychologist, but he didn’t get very suicidal and I couldn’t date him just cause I felt sorry for him. That to me is shallow, and maybe it’s pretty sick, but I don’t think I would ever go out with someone again that has 50% body fat again. I get chills every time I see biggest loser, because of flashbacks.

    He is a good looking guy underneath all that low selfesteem, obesity & sadness. I just couldn’t go through it with him. He self hatred and hatred to other’s became very apparent and abusive at times.

    I guess, it’s true…what you say…but I do agree with the other guy that everybody’s farts STINK…not just fat guys!!

    I failed to motivate him into fitness, that is my shortfailings. His problems are deeper than I can ever imagine.

  • Shelley
    6 Feb 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    I can admit, I am slim and good looking – this does not make us vain nor in love with ourselves.
    Its some thing most have lost, true confidence.
    I refuse to be called a snob because I love me, what is so god darn wrong with that!?

    NONE of you can deny that if you had to choose between a sweet fat guy & a sweet slim guy you would take the second choice. I do think weight is a reflection on your health/life choices, sorry but i truly do. I have seen people that have been overweight their whole lives but then lost all the weight when they really wanted to do so, and put their whole heart in it.

    I like good looking men, always will.
    Besides, some of the most arrogant men I have met are overweight.
    All who say don’t judge by looks are hypocrites, you sit there saying all of US are vain and shallow.

  • Caper
    19 Feb 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Lighten up people. The gal expressed her opinion of why SHE wouldnt date a fat guy! And for that shes called every swear word in the dictionary??? Who cares? I dont date fat women because thats not the type of gal im attracted to! Doesnt mean i dont have any larger women as friends though! You all need to get a life!

  • fatman
    7 Mar 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    1 reason why your a bitch: because you took the time to write this whole article about how much you hate fat people.

  • Justin
    7 Mar 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    No shit, i totally agree with you, im not fat or pleasantly plump, infact im trying to gain weight (im 5’10 and weight 120 lbs) but, my best friend is fat, and not only does he have a really good looking girlfriend, but he plays guard on the highschool team, and demolishes most everybody he meets. Elain, your a cunt.

  • bunny
    17 Mar 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    dumb bitch,
    okay i understand where youre coming from but com’on! youre seriously shallow as hell.
    i, in fact, like big boys :)
    im 19, 5’8″ and 100lbs. no, im not anorexic, i eat like insane but i have an extremely fast metabolism and i guess the weight just drops to my boobs :)
    in high school i dated this guy who was 5’5″ and a little over 200lbs. of course people asked me why i was with him, but seriously, he was the most sweetest guy ever!
    we dated for almost three years.
    his farts weren’t any different than an ordinary fart.
    he smelt oh so delicious
    he was extremely active in bed. in fact, he was like an energizer bunny…it was sooo cute!
    i absolutely LOVE seeing him naked
    i NEVER was embarrassed to be seen with him
    i eat wayyy more than him
    his mother raised him to be the perfect gentleman and he grew up with an extremely loving family, so he grew up being a very happy person :)
    AND he does not take up the whole bed. im thin and guess what? i take up the bed. i always smush him everywhere lol

    so take that into consideration.
    another thing,
    muscular men are very:
    arrogant, cocky, overly confindent, cheating bastards.

    after my sweet pea, i dated a six foot 240, now 210, steriod using twenty year old.
    since he was “rich and handsome” he took advantage of all the girls he could get and played me.
    he and i dated for about five months.
    although i felt like we ‘clicked’, since we could spend hours and hours of alone time and have soo much fun, i dont want to put up with him anymore.
    i hated to come over and keep finding girl items in his bedroom.
    not a good way to start my day…

    ok, well i got things to do, so think about it!

  • biggun
    23 Apr 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    oh I am vain and I am shallow…. I am also bigger than most women like to date. However, when they either date or hook up with me most if not all are very satisfied. The bigger problem for Ellaine is that she would not be on my radar… she is that super hot broad with no, I mean no remorse for any actions, and I’m willing to bet hasn’t been able to tell a man (other than a fat guy) no…. She isn’t the girl drinking a beer or a mixed drink with a group of friends. She is probably the girl sitting with two other extremely shallow and lonely women at the bar hoping fat guy’s will come along and buy her drinks so she can tell them she’s not interested after she has had her fill of martinis.

  • Sophie
    27 Apr 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    u know wat mate…ur righ they may get sent to hell for talkin about people like this…ive always felt better round fat people than skinny and thats a fact, soz if theyve offended u dude but i do like fatties… :)

  • stephan
    1 May 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    she is being honest and its true a lazy inactive person who over eats will be fat if he trained and lost weight like others have including oprah he will get more respect from society

  • c3RlcGhhbg==
    1 May 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    they will justify anything to make an excuse to do work discipline, inner qualities show up in physical pride of ones health. Its easy not to lose weight and stayunfit and sit on the couch watching tv and making excuses for your unhealthy lazy lifestyle..

  • Michelle
    20 May 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow you’re an idiot.
    My boyfriend is big. He runs faster than his fit and buff friends. Yes that’s true. they’re all like wtf, how do you run so fast. He’s stronger than them. Has a lot more stamina and energy than I do. He eats less than I do.
    Maybe you should consider sometimes it is genetics. My boyfriend takes care of himself. He does his own laundry, cleans his house, takes care of his sister, does whatever his mom is supposed to do around the house.
    He loves hiking with me, is not lazy at all.
    Maybe that’s just how some people are.
    I “act” more like a fat person than he does, and I’m 10lbs underweight. and pretty.
    And when you say “intellectually speak” how is it intelligent of you when everything you said has been repeated in news articles over and over again..
    fat people, sometimes they’re alot better than that pretty skinny people…
    and you’re evidence of that.

  • rodriguez
    27 May 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    right on brotha!!! i’m considered very attractive but i’d never date this dumb bitch!!

  • Tom
    31 May 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    A fat guy’s farts smell worse than anyone elses? Why are you so stupid?

  • Belle
    2 Jun 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    I completely agree with the author. Anyone who’s left negative feedback is either a fat loser or a girl who can’t get anything but a fat loser.

    At first, I was nice to fat men, but they are some of the biggest hypocrites ever. How many fat men do you know want to date fat women? Most fat men want a THIN BEAUTIFUL woman, yet if any woman voices her preference for an athletic attractive man, fat men will insult her using the most degrading and sexist terms, just like the fat men who have posted above.

    As for having unhappy relationships, a few of my friends who have had the misfortune of dating fat men have said that overweight men are emotional wrecks. Out of insecurities and fears, they are possessive, depressed, paranoid, and carry much more baggage than their thinner, more attractive counterparts.

    Listen fat men, you’re not entitled to thin beautiful women. Face the reality that we would never pick you over the athletic attractive men, date someone in your own league, and leave us alone.

  • Happy fat guy
    30 Jun 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    I am a 6 foot tall 280 pound happy fat man my farts do stink, but I could out run you any day up stairs or not. It is really stupid to generalize about any of this such as the inner problems being the root cause that may be the case most of the time but that does not mean that every fat guy has emotional problems and half of them that do are caused by people like you who are discouraging and judgemental.

  • jesus
    30 Jun 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    100% true, sadly but still true. Stop pointing fingers at others and hit the gym :-)

  • J Sisko
    31 Jul 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Why would someone write this article in this first place? If that’s how you feel keep it to yourself. No one is asking you to date a fat man or anyone else you would prefer not to date.

  • asdf
    4 Aug 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Fact 1. I am not “overweight” or “fat”

    Fact 2. My brother is pretty fat, close to obese…and I can’t stand the look of him, esp when he wears t-shirts that are to small and you can see his bottom gut and man boobs. I obviously don’t say this out-loud, it’s just in my head..due to this I cannot date overly fat women, it has nothing to do with them it’s just the mental image of my brother I keep seeing so it puts me off (lol I know)

    Fact 3. What you have to realise is you’re only going to have a nice body from 20 years old to 30 at most.

    Final fact directed at the original poster and anyone else reading this comment, mainly the ladies…

    If you continue to live this way, you will end up being 40-50+ years old and alone.

  • Jazzie Wonder
    12 Aug 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    I found this article while doing research for a possible book on Fat Man Game.
    This is article is funny. I think a big part of it is most most big men have low self esteem. Especially if they let things like this article bring them down.
    I was one of those guys at one time.

    Notorious B.I.G. had Faith Evans. If a fat guy like him with a lazy eye can marry like that and have top notch women fighting over him, yeah, I can to.
    I know Tony Soprano was a fictional character but there are a lot like him in real life.
    You have to believe your the shit if you expect anyone else believe it.
    I am a connoisseur. I’ve had the best food, best drink, best women. I have been known to indulge a little those things.
    Ive hooked up with chicks who have said some of the same things in this articles and had them chasing me later.
    You just haven’t met the right fat man.

  • Guy who knows more than Elaine Jacelle ever will.
    14 Aug 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    You know what I don’t understand? Why some people don’t get that there are a lot of ‘fat’ guys that could easily beat the shit out of ‘fit’ guys. In any way too. Think about that for a bit. What’s even funnier is the fact that ‘fat’ guys are generally nicer people.

  • Juan C
    20 Aug 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    hahahaha!!! the part about the fat ppl can’t run is not true….I am overweight I have to say it but not 260 lbs!! I weight 200 lbs and I’m able to run a 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds!! so this thing about the running is false!! U are so damn shallow!! and thats not good at all…..

  • daveman
    11 Sep 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    lol u mad fatty?

  • kane
    11 Sep 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    u mad brah?

  • lulu
    21 Sep 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    im with a ‘fat’ guy :d best thing i ever done, my god he can really work it in the sack!

  • Jill
    1 Oct 2009 | Permalink | Reply


  • amanda
    1 Oct 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    So, when you say munching on your favorite desert…do you mean the Sahara or the Syrian? Perhaps the Great Victoria tantalizes your tastebuds more? So, I bet when your boyfriends hang out with you, they lose all sense of grammar, huh? Next time you’re going to be an asshole on the internet, maybe you should proofread first.

  • smarterthanyou
    1 Oct 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Is this a joke? Does the person who wrote this think she DOES NOT have psycological issues?? My gosh, I cant wait until you mindless idiots grow the hell up. I cant wait until you come across someone whose appetite has nothing to do with the way they look – are you really so stupid to believe that every fat person in the world is that way solely because of what they eat? Seriously are you that dumb, or that young? I cant wait until youre all alone and rejected one day, someone as immature and shallow as you could never have a real relationship…right? When youre all alone with nothing but your assinine thoughts – you remember this crap you wrote. Perhaps it will keep you company.

  • /b/rothar
    13 Oct 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Being tempted to eat when a fat guy is eating just goes to show your own lack of self-control.
    You see someone eating something so you have to cram a load of food down your own throat?

    Maybe you should fix your own self-control issues before you start complaining about other people’s.

    /b/ye /b/itch

  • gymfit
    23 Oct 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    So James I didn’t realise that it was possible to be “Overweight and Healthy”. Where did you get your medical degree from?? Every doctor will tell you that being overweight (especially 320lb) significantly impacts your health. Stop justifying it, you’re 19. Theres nothing more shameful then seeing a young person who is fat, old people are lazy, what’s your excuse at only 19 years of age?

  • Natasha
    10 Dec 2009 | Permalink | Reply

    Nah, you’re not shallow, those are the same reasons why men reject fat women, and they don’t feel any shame about it, nor they get called shallow! So it is only fair we want and get the same.

  • picky*******
    12 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    XD LMAO with that attitude you’ll grow old and lonely babe

  • Lane
    29 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply


  • Anne
    31 Jan 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Also the fat guy, if he’s older, is probably impotent!

  • SumoTrucker
    1 Feb 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I like Turtles!

  • SumoTrucker
    1 Feb 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I Like Turtles!

  • CurvyLauren18
    2 Feb 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    This is such a great post. After reading down the list of comments, I was so frustrated at the world for having such critical and unjust people in it. I’m sorry, I’m not naturally a mean person, but I have to let my feelings out about this.

    Not to be conceited, but I think of myself as an attractive girl. I’m 5’5, curvy, and very skinny. I’m about 110lbs. And I say this article makes me feel like the world is going to shit. I ONLY date fat men. That’s right ONLY, “Mr./Ms. Writer of that stupid article.” I am attracted to men from 210-290lbs. If we are only talking about physical aspects and not emotional, I am not in any way attracted to skinny/fit men. Just because men like to eat, you criticize them? It’s masculine.

    For number 1 in the article, I like when a man eats. Because most likely, a chubby man will not give a shit about your diet, your social standing weight, or the fact that you eat a lot. It may even make him feel better if you DO eat. Why does it matter if he is hungry or not? Maybe you’ve been frightened into thinking that skinny is the only way or something, but why starve yourself or eat something you don’t want?

    As for number 2, you are so unintelligible here, I have to say. Caribbean Beach Bum has got it all right. Go buy a book, Sex For Dummies, might cover it for you. Also, when I’m done having sex, I like to cuddle with a cuddly, chunky male. I do not like/would not like laying my head against a hard rock of a body. Just me personally there though.

    3 and 4: I assure you that no self respecting fit guy would date you after reading this article of yours. You know, not all men or women are fat by choice. Peoples’ bodies are different. Some people are able to retain calories better than others. Some people actually have medical problems that keep them fat, such as my friend Erika. You know, just because someone is bigger than you, doesn’t mean they have more problems than you. After reading your ridiculous article, I assure you that you may have more problems than any bigger person might.

    5: Once again, I’m aroused by feeling petite, super petite. I don’t like a guy more fit than myself. I find it strange, but that is my choice. I’m not going to give out all my reason for not dating fit men. That’s insulting. And statistics show that people that are bigger have more self-esteem problems than those of fitter people. So why would you dedicate a post to make people feel horrible?

    Caribbean Beach Bum, your number 6 post is my favorite. In the article, I was truly shocked whilst I read it. Why do you care if people look? If you are so self-obsessed, it may actually help you be noticed! However, CBB is correct, because your image of the perfect guy may certainly dump you for someone hotter as soon as she comes along.

    7: Do you really only think about yourself? Really? Never about the comfort or care of others. Especially the man you’re dating. Think about him!

    8: You are so stereotypical. If he loves you, he would totally do what you want. That’s what happens when someone legitimently cares for you. Which obviously you have never experienced.

    9: You are SO frustrating. It’s obscene. I’m so annoyed by this whole thing that I’m actually going to print it out a show people what our world has come to thanks to people like yourself.

    10: Maybe if you weren’t so shallow (it’s a bad thing) then you wouldn’t care how he looked. When you love someone, you want to be with them. It doesn’t matter if people look, or if he isn’t your normal type. If you have the capability to love, this shit won’t matter.

    I don’t know you Caribbean Beach Bum, but based on your post, I like you a lot. I enjoy the company of those that aren’t set to insult and don’t derive intelligence only on social standing.

    Kudos to you.

    As for the writer of that post, you are a dipshit.

  • gashbasher
    3 Feb 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    whomever wrote this article is by far the most superficial person i have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    This is probably the same girl that lives off a trust fund from her rich dead grandmother, or the handouts of her rich parents, and runs the clubs allowing any gweedo with a popped collar take a tour of her gland canyon.

  • SkinnierNow
    27 Feb 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I have to admit that having experienced it, people treat you differently when you’re athletic than they do when you’re overweight.

    I’m a guy who went through my 20′s overweight, and once I hit 30 I thought, “to hell with this,” and started working on my diet and exercise, started doing “boot camp” fitness classes, etc. I’m now back down to the 160′s, and in the best shape of my life. Strangely though, socially it’s a night/day difference when interacting with people. I’d highly recommend it. Is this girl being shallow? Maybe, but like it or not, people judge us on the first impression, perhaps even subconsciously. Why not work to make that impression positive, because at least with me, it’s all downhill from there. ;)

    Anyway, I know it’s not easy, and you might end up going months without a burger or anything fried, but I’m telling you it’s so worth it. Here’s the diet that ended up working for me before I started going back to the gym; http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/e4 it’s kinda written to engineers, and it worked for me, but anything that drops your calories will do it. Good luck, and best wishes..

  • Victoria
    14 Mar 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    This has got to be the most shallow, heartless, judgemental thing I’ve ever read. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. My best friend has modeled for swimsuit calendars and her finace is a defensive lineman for a D1 college and will probably go pro. And he is not small or not even “athletic”. He’s a truck and he could beat the **** out of some pathetic, lean, small muscled guy. People can’t always help their weight. Genetics, Diseases, and environmental factors play a huige role in people’s overall health. You need to do some serious sould searching. A guy with a brain in his head wouldn’t date a shallow, critical piece of crap like you.

  • Your Pimp
    17 Mar 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    a few words i would like to say…

    Someone really hates fat guys, and yes it’s a problem but it’s really not their fault they where brought up like this. Oh an another thing.

    Nice fail, cuz you epically failed slut. I prolly tapped yer ass when you was on vacation as well slut. wheres mah money hoe?

  • curt puszykowski
    20 Mar 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    10 reasons to date a fat guy

    1. you’ll never go hungry cause they are mostly good cooks (and if you think you’ll be fat for dating him then you are the one with a self control problem)

    2. more shade in the hot sun, keep you dry in the rain etc.

    3. fat guys are jolly (that means no stuck up attitude)

    4. more places to put cold feet at night or keep warm in general (if
    you feel crowed in bed with him,buy a bigger bed)

    5. less likely to fight with other guys simply because of size factor

    6. you can outrun them if they try to be abusive (but usually aren’t)

    7. fat guys are content with themselves and do not try to live up
    to social stigmas (therefore less inner mess than skinny people)

    8. people do not look at fat people and run like they’ve seen a monster no matter how you might feel personally

    9. fat guys are less likely to drown and hence will be natural life savers for you if on a sinking ship

    10. the harder you bounce the deeper it goes. (should be self explanatory for those women who like it on top)

  • Lindz
    21 Mar 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Gosh, some of these posts are shocking! It’s quite clear that there are some VERY ignorant persons out there, that have automatically bought into the stereotypical portrayals of the fat person gorging themselves on cakes and hiding food under their beds. If that’s the case, then you’d better believe that you as a skinny person, must be binging and sticking your finger down your throat every minute too! There is more to it, than a person simply being fat because they eat too much. That is a load of hogwash, and may only apply to a few. If you did a survey, you would probably find that most overweight persons are genetically inclined, have medical conditions that have exacerbated the weight increase, (and for women specifically) have gained significant weight after having children.

    It’s actually quite sad that people will stereotype a person that is fat, to a point of saying they’d make you sick. Being overweight is not healthy at all, but some cannot help this, and ‘hitting the gym’ as many have said, will not do the trick.

    Instead of being so superficial, shallow and judgmental, try having some empathy and research the problem before buying into silly comments someone has to offer. You just never know when it might be your turn to toss away the skinny jeans and opt for a bigger size….and when that happens, think back to this article and what you said in particular. The best way to learn, is by experience, and perhaps then, some of you may be singing another tune.

  • Jimbo
    1 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I don’t care if there fat, slim, tall, short. I don’t care what colour they are what religion they are. All that matters to me is do they respect other people, don’t lie, don’t cheat and if we get along OK and that there not A holes! It sure feels good being better then all you judgemental, superficial people out there!

  • Francisco
    4 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    As a fat guy I am not shocked at your article. You have your opinion. I would like to point out a few things. Even though us big men might be flawed, some of those flaws increase other qualities. Most people that have fat friends or have gone on a date with a fat guy usually notice that we are really nice. Most are easy going people that love to have fun and joke around. I myself am this way. I may not have all the ladies at my feet but I am comfortable with myself enough to go out there and have fun with a few friends. Lets face it, a lot of muscular or even slender guys are a-holes because they have likely not been insecure about their body. Now one thing I must say is that just because a person is overweight does not mean they do not posses self control. As a fat guy I just love food, it is not a problem of that I see food and half to eat. Its just I enjoy it. Surprisingly some overweight people are picky(From Experience). I will end this by saying “I am big and cuddly, I love woman that can accept me for me (which shows a great quality in them) and I think us big men are amazing people in our own right”.

    Hit me up sometime ([email protected])< < :D

  • mark
    5 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    100% correct!I love this this reply!I had the same experience. I fell in love with this girl.I’m a overweight person.Then another friend of mine courted her as well and she answered him just like that and after a month my friend dumped her just like that.Now she wants me.But I know better. I still have feelings for her but not gonna be stupid again!

  • anon
    11 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Actualy you could. That kind of weather drops weight like no tommorow. He’d be as fit as you and more in probably a week. 8) seriously. I visit family and hot erid environments like that. When I do I drop weight like it’s nothing adn feel better with virtualy no work. but I can’t at home. Your guys running hte military haven’t done enough research(or maybe too much and no personal experience) on whether does to poeople when it come to weight gain and loss.

  • whogivesafrank
    17 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    3 years later and I bet this bitch is 40 pounds heavier and been used up by many dickheads more times than she breathes oxygen in a single day.

  • Ohh buddy
    30 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    As a funny side-note, a recent study showed that women in countries with good health care are more likely go for more feminine men and countires without good health care are more likely to go with more masculine men. Seeing as in most 3rd word countries without healthcare being fat reflects affluence and is considered attractive, you feminine musclehead douchebags can consider your testicles gone.

  • HIV+ Spreader
    4 May 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Hey baby. I’m just what the doctor ordered. 6’4″ ex marine, built 245#, 8.5c & thick. LMK and I’ll try to fit you into my schedule.

  • Davy
    17 May 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Everybody is entitled to their own preferences, so lets stop dissing Elaine because she is honest about her choices and requirements. I have dated fat girls before, but none ever became serious. Because, well, I can’t verbalize it as well as Elaine did, but obesity definitely relates to low self esteem and my not wanting a long-term relationship with that type of person.

    My brother, a small businessman, is very open about refusing to hire any fat person. I would not do that, but he is entitled to his opinions and preferences.

  • koy
    2 Jun 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Try yoga… it is easy on the joints, you can go at your own pace and it will help your metabolism. I don’t believe a doctor that says physical activity is impossible. You sound like a nice guy though. But like she said if you aren’t active what-so-ever then you won’t be able to do physical activities together and she’ll be missing out. Don’t be discouraged though, you could meet a woman that is a little heavy too, and motivate each other being your personal best, or you could meet a skinny bookish girl who doesn’t care about athletic ability as much and wants to do more “intellectual” activities. I don’t find it’s shallow to know your needs, if you date someone your not attracted to to be “fair” then you’ll only grow to resent each other. For then most part I prefer guys that are in reasonable shape, I personally don’t care if he’s got a six pack or not. Being a sharp dresser and smelling fresh goes a long way. I’d date a fresh sharp dressed chubby guy before I’d date a fit guy with bad hygiene. PS.. (I’ve smelled bad farts from all shapes and sizes, men and women) People with smelly farts can take pro biotic supplements which sometimes helps balance things out. Also I used to have bad gas, and I’m fit, but it turned out that I react badly to artificial sweeteners. Now that I use less sugar but cut out the sweeteners I’m better off.

  • Lance
    3 Jun 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I came upon this link while looking for tanning tips and read a little because I am overweight, bordering on fat. Know why? I’m in Maui, a CEO of a public company, work damn hard, harder than anyone I know and have a networth of over $10mil in addition to two homes. Believe me, these prissy bitches will do anything to get a rich man’s attention, fat or not. So guys with a bit of fat heed my words: don’t be bitter, don’t get down, use your mind, work hard and get rich. Then you don’t need to get even.

  • kyle
    9 Jun 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    You’re just a major douchebag, and I’m an in shape, successful, attractive, vain and shallow guy.

  • josh from america
    13 Jun 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Alot of you people are saying #1 is a non-issue, or it has to do with the self control of the person watching another eat. Please take psy 101, and study peer influences, and the behavioral proliferation of organisms. Then it will become apparent why it is a valid concern.

    Also, it is only fair to want to mate with someone who has taken similar efforts to eat healthy and exercise.

  • Gorian
    8 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow, you are quite shallow, and most likely very lonely.

  • Soon-to-be Wife of a Big Guy
    9 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Hehehe. Thanks for that! After reading that horribly obnoxious article, your comment really made me smile! :)

  • Chris
    11 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    amen brother. i am 20 yrs old weigh 310 now. yes im fat and ill admit it but you know what? Every woman who i have dated steadily bigger or petite has told me i have treated them beyond what they expect from any guy. Im currently hitting the gym to try and get back blow 300 and so my hobbies such as paintball, swimming, and running around with friends doesnt suffer. i may be big but i can move and i dont actuall eat that much any more.

    I lead a semi sedentary lifestyle but am always moving somewhere. Yes some ppl dont like big ppl thus is life. Being big can hurt your health (so can starving yourself to fit into that swimsuit you bought a month ago) whatever. ppl will be ppl. i dont really care what you think and fyi i have never had a complaint in the bedroom.

  • wietorg
    12 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I’d have f’ed U! I like big strong men who crack me the f*ck UP!

  • Russell
    12 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m 5′ 11″ and 280 lbs. I have a hot girlfriend that loves me just the way I am and she’s not fat. We met while I was in the Marine Corps and have been together for 11 awesome years. In fact, she wanted me to gain weight, so, Joe, I think you need to get your head out of your ass and quit being a complete douche-bag. Fat guys probably have a better chance than you since we have a better outlook on life and are not as ordinary and superficial like yourself. For the article writer, you should be absolutely ashamed for writing such drivel. I don’t know how old you are, I’m guessing about 10 (and loves Justin Bieber) but didn’t your parents ever tell you, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all? Just a thought.

  • Sotiris
    26 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I am sure that you have no manners or class you slut. you are uglier than a overweight girl from your insides. to go so low to put down overweight people, you must be rotten from the inside. thanks for pissing me off and i hope you when you age and get wrinkles you have nobody to love you, you hag. i’ve never seen a display of such shallowness. i would be glad to piss on you.

  • Llanito
    17 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Stop hating!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion!

    I think she makes GREAT points.

    You guys just dishing her becos you are all FAT yourseleves!!


    FAT people are disgusting!! And they are ALL LIARS like junkies and acoholics!!! Alcys dont drink!! Junkies dont take drugs and FAT ppl DONT EAT. STop making excuses you disgusitng walking talking LARD buckets and STOP EATING SO MUCH!

  • Llanito
    17 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Well Stated!!!

  • Llanito
    17 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    you MUST BE FAT

  • lovethebiggerguys
    21 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    You are entitled to your opinion, and leave the nice teddy bears of the world for the rest of us! Unfortunately, you need to learn to spell. I’ve never seen a guy of any size eat a “desert” and I don’t think you’d be tempted to, either. Grow up and go to school.

  • Hotlips
    21 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I love fat guys. I’ve currently got a massive crush on a guy who weighs about 450 lbs but he’s not really interested in me unfortunately. “D” in London if you’re reading this I love you babe xx

  • Fatman
    24 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I know where you live and who you are. I love you “Elaine”

  • mar
    7 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    why? because she said the truth? are men allowed to diss fat women but not women we’re suposed to look perfect and the men can be anything from fat to ugly? hell no we also expect the same for men not perfection but close lol

  • joe
    8 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    hilarious and I’m a fat guy. I had to laugh as I’ve been with many a beauty in my day. My last gf told how big my rod was again and again and that it was a pleasure to be with such a well edowed man. Keep on keeping on with small slender men Elaine, perhaps you would do better as a lesbian.

  • Jeff M
    11 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow lol i just have to laugh at this, i played football during high school 218 lbs to my name i was in shape, fit and yes i had a six pack my jr and sr years, 25 years old. I joined the usmc out of school had 4 tours to iraq on my last tour in 2004, i suffered an injury during a car bombing turned shootout got pieces of metal, glass and even got 3 bullets in me, I suffered some major nerve lose on my right leg and completely nerve loss on my right foot, 2 bullets on my left shoulder 6 inches apart loss some feeling on that arm aswell, one of the bullets missed my my chest by a mere 2 inches, went through rehab and needless to say i gained some weight most of my muscles were gone, my six pack turned into a belly… And yea you get the point.

    I was surprised how differently the girls treated me back home girls i would talk to wouldnt even look me in the eyes, only gurls that treated me the same were my friends, i got together with my now wife Melanie back then she used to talk to me for hours one of my best female friends, we fell in love even though she was a tiny little girl and i was 245 lb mess. Reading this i thank god not every girl is as shallow as you and some see the good in peoples hearts, but at the same time i feel bad for people like you no matter how shallow you are i hope you do find someone that you can spend the rest of your life with and TRULY love not just find attractive.

  • BeatufulwomanwithCURVES!
    20 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    @ Brian, I LOVE IT!!!!!! that was the best reply yet, i haven’t laughed so hard in all my life and completley agree with everything you just said!!!! Wish i had noticed this thread a few years ago…I can’t believe how some people think that they are better than others because they are thin or athletic, i tell you this Miss Elaine, in 30 years if not before then you will be old and out of shape with a man that leaves you for a younger woman, because shallow minds will attract shallow minded people :) Plastic fades curves are for REAL women!!! get with the program Barbie!!!

  • Reed
    21 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    some people don’t have a choice in being overweight, those that have health issues such as low metabolism(can’t digest sugars so it goes strait to fat), i’ve always eat proper portions, i exercise daily, i take prescriptions to raise my metabolism and to cut my appetite, water pills, i even eat foods that boost metab., foods with low sodium, don’t eat fried foods.. and yet i still gain weight, i’ve been this way since birth, my metabolism is so low my body doesn’t properly digest foods, as i said it all just goes strait to fat, people judge harshly when they look at those that are over weight, it’s truly unfair, if i could i would curse those that look down on others and cause them to recieve the problems those they look down on have.. that would be truly fair, and you say muscles are attractive but that’s not true, muscles are def unattractive, they make people look diseased or something, def unattractive on women, when i want to look at a woman i expect to see a smooth and welcoming body not some overstuffed lumpy gourd.. i only speak the truth

  • MisterClyde
    22 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    A question for the author…….

    what about that subgroup of SLIGHTLY overweight good-looking guys (like myself) who have more than a few good qualities? (Im stylish, caring, funny and I am quite athletic for my size {just to throw it in there I sing and play guitar like jason mraz too})

    Hypothetically, if I were to ask you out, would you say no just because Im 234 pounds?

  • MisterClyde
    22 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Girls like you give chubby guys like me hope. I hope to meet someone like you :]

  • Just Me
    26 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Just because you’re honest, doesn’t mean there’s not something wrong with you. I can tell by your little article that you have a personality disorder, Narcissism, perhaps. And if you think that’s the disorder that pretty, successful, cool people get, think again.

    You are obviously more concerned about your prestige than about interpersonal relationships.

    See, you might be hot, but when you lack intellectualism, you become what is known as a piece of ass. And if that’s the case, beggers can’t be choosers.

    Get some therapy.

    Oh, and if you’re ego is trying to defend itself by saying I must be fat, ugly, or have someone close to me that is, I would say, el oh el.

  • Just Me
    26 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    “not perfection, but close”…see, the likes of you lack the mental capacity to interpret reality. Perfection is a made up concept that is subjectively based. There is also a difference between personal preferences, and just doing what it takes to inflate your ego.

    Also, this “truth” you speak of has little to no evidence to support it.
    So, before you state something as fact, do some homework.
    Otherwise, just keep your pretty little mouth shut, and finish washing the dishes.

  • girlwhoknowsbetter
    27 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Sam. You seem much more arrogant and self-aggrandizing than Elaine. Fat people are no more (or less) real in their conduct and emotions than thin people. Fat people DO FACE serious health issues either genetically or by choice. In most cases, a fat person chooses to stay unhealthy and overweight and refuses to change their lifestyle and exercise habits. I dated a fat man who was very sweet. His lifestyle and nutritional choices were very unhealthy and very dissimilar to mine. I gained 15 (!) pounds dating him. In the end, our lack of similar interests (and the pressure I felt to dine with him and accommodate his unhealthy choices) ended our relationship. I’m back to working out every day and eating healthy. And I’m happier.

  • girlwhoknowsbetter
    27 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Lauren:

    With respect, it sounds like you have body image and self confidence issues. Your self confidence should come from within, not from dating people who you think make you look better or in your words “more petite”. And you think if someone loves they should obey you or in your words “do what you want?” Sadly, you appear just as shallow as the writer of the original blog post. I hope you get help. Life as you describe it seems rather sad.

  • blargh
    3 Nov 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    why would you want to date someone so shallow?

  • Kate
    5 Nov 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I hope u will find your soul-mate who will be happy with u regardless of your weight. This is just so sad to read..

  • candi
    11 Nov 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    hey I loved the honesty in your post it was fun tongue in chic and why not you are fat because you eat toooooo much its not a disability or a minority its just pure lazy and as for the bird whose comment was pure filth hoping you die alone etc..ermmm perhaps its you that is ugly on the insidea s you can spew so much evil!

  • Well
    25 Nov 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    wow you sound bitter and too literal for this post.

    The “reality” is that obesity is real and does carry with it the probability of “real” health risk; yes, which are present in the general healthy weighted population as well but heightened for the overweight individual. (i.e.- Diabetes, Stroke, Fatty Liver Disease, Depression, and specifically in men, Erectile Dysfunction)

    Also, obesity is often a symptom of an internal struggle. Some foods, like drugs, release certain hormones in the body which may comfort/calm or temporarily “restore” an individual’s emotional state so that they may remain emotional stable.

    Finally, a very quick brush up of the history of women as they have been depicted in the all media formats from classical Greek/Roman era to present day will help you understand that men are very much at the center of promoting what is and is not a “beautiful” woman. Though the standard have changed over time, it is still very much so a male perspective. If anything, women are more empowered now in re. to the images in the media, the woman’s voice as a dominant voice in the home, the class room and the work place than ever before.

    So the “truth” which the author’s and poster’s comments indicate may not cite a list of references but some are easily verifiable upon a quick inquiry. The author’s other comments are simply her opinion and her justification for such and being as such the author is the authority.

    It is her preference and quite frankly very honest. An “fat” person should prefer to be with someone who is attracted to them as they are rather than a person is not shallow and is just with them to be nice. That is called pity, which would you prefer?

  • Roger
    1 Dec 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m a mildly fat guy and I liked this article.

    She told it like it is, which just happens to coincide with the opinions of most other women (and gay men) in this world.

    I especially like that she gave important reasons like assessing his potential emotional baggage based on being overweight, or being tempted to eat like him and become unhealthy herself.

    The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s still the truth. If she said all of this right to a fat person’s face then yes, that would be cruel and I’d call her scum. But merely posting one’s opinion in a public forum to optionally be read, is COMPLETELY different.


  • Jenna
    13 Dec 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    You’re fat, aren’t you?

  • Your Name
    19 Dec 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Why are you idiots replying to something from 2007? Well now that I am here all I will say is this woman would be the first one to complain if she wore really skimpy clothing and guys kept staring at her half naked body. Dumbass.

  • Meh
    23 Dec 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Or you can date someone on your connection to them regardless of social image. Everyone is free to have their personal tastes, but what really matters in the long run is relativity. Those sexy pecs you drool over eventually turn into flappy man boobs and their balls sag to their knees anyway, lol. But you know what? You end up loving them and it doesn’t matter anymore. Just like they will hopefully love you in return regardless of the stretch marks and cottage cheese thighs you’ll develop. Fat or no, those looking for an ‘accessory’ are going to get just that … something material and short-lived.

  • Carol
    27 Dec 2010 | Permalink | Reply


    I’m interested in you. Please email me.

  • James
    4 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Ok Im a fat guy…Ill admit this. And Ill also admit that a lot of what she says is true, but at the same time I think she should remember that work out however you will eventually looks fail as you get older…so when you are old all your gonna have is the personality.

  • trevor
    5 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    if your so clever, then WHY WOULD you not sign your stupid attention seeking letter, thats because you are a fat man YOURSELF, do you think you have fooled everyone on here, anyone who post tripe like this is hiding behind themselves, wheres the proof your an attractive goal seeking tramp, guess nowhere here. twat.

  • Jennie
    15 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I don’t know. Some of Elaine’s post is really stupid, but she had some good points. I’ve never met an overweight guy who wasn’t full of psychological problems, such as extreme arrogance/insecurity combination, over-defensiveness, and a lot of hatred and at times extreme anger towards other people, especially women. Of course, a lot of the really fit guys I’ve met have been over-obsessed with being fit and thin and judge just as harshly, so really, the guys in between fit and fat are the safest bets. In between guys have always been the most truly warm, laid back, and nice guys for me. Both the fat and the fit guys I’ve met have often been judgmental and really mean sometimes.

    One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of overweight guys- they act nice when you first start dating, then they get really rude and mean towards other people concerning their appearance. And half the overweight guys I’ve dated have really harsh standards on women’s weights, which is not cool. I am thin, and they constantly made reference to it, and called other women fat. It got rough after a few months. Although the fit guys were more subtly dismissive to a less than perfect girl, which isn’t much better. But both the fat and the fit guys I’ve met have often been judgmental and really mean sometimes. I’m sticking with normal sized, normal muscled, normal activity and eating habit guys from now on.

  • Anthony
    24 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Arrogant, and conceited just a tad eh? Lol, relax everyone, for the poster only represents 1% of so called women who actually feel this way. This is by far the best troll post ever. EPIC!!!!

    Note* I am a skinny, and well built male. This is a perfect example of women I avoid.

  • mr.big heart
    29 Jan 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I usually could care less what other people say shallow or not, but idk i just kinda feel like it this time :P
    Let me start off with im 5’11 265lbs so yea im a little chubby but just my gut my arms and legs practically all muscle.
    So first of all practically everything said in this article was hmm…..just plain stupid and far from true maybe 1 or 2 points were accurate.

    I have dated girls who where skinny average and chubby it don’t matter to me cause im not shallow.

    I also play sports im in a ball hockey league, bowling league and baseball league, also i play football every saturday with a group of friends.

    I also liked the comment from a few people saying fat people won’t gp far in life cause that made me laugh so much cause there are tons and i mean tons of fat people who are 1)famous 2)working in high paying jobs 3)have already got a family with a steady pace of income, sayin shit like that is just as shallow as the author of this article, why are people so stupid these days.

    I’m usually a nice guy unless needed otherwise and funny fact most relationships based on looks tend to fail mostly cause one person cheats or is abusive or just finds someone etter looking.

    Anyway hope everyone enjoys my post even i could care less :P

  • Calli
    25 Feb 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am very petite and have dated a range of body types. The most overweight guy I stopped going out with NOT because of his body type but because he kept moaning about how “ugly” he was and that “I was going to dump him” and picked fights. However, I will stress that this was NOT because of his body type, but because of his insecurity, I didn’t want to have to prop him up emotionally all the time.
    After having been in an on-off relationship with a muscular meathead idiot for 3 years, I have been having a serious “relationship hiatus” and have recently found that the guys I am secretly “crushing” on are chubbier guys – I make a point of being friendly to them and trying to get to know them better because I really find them very attractive and they have qualities or talents that go beyond the immediately visual physical stuff. Whether this is just because I’m mixing with more “normal” and less “shallow” people now, I don’t know.
    I come from a very skinny family where me and my father are skinny through genetics, and my mother was skinny by design (her family are heavier) and anorexic for 30 years. She was the bitchiest, nastiest person ever when it came to people and the way they looked, and guess what? My father left her for a BIGGER woman. I don’t even talk to her now because she has so many personality problems. She to me embodies everything I don’t want to be and everything that is epitomized by the poster of this subject. For example: *what will others think?* Get over yourselves!
    So ultimately it’s about whether the person is a nice, well-rounded (lol!) person – obviously I don’t go for every fat guy the way I don’t go for every skinny guy. But it’s kinda nice to keep an open mind. It might surprise you.

  • Lovely_Lye
    5 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am a woman who is 5’7 104 pounds. There isn’t anything wrong with loving a person who is carrying around a little extra. I look at the personality and they way they present themselves the best way they can (hygene, clothes). There are some skinny people who don’t keep themselves up. But other factors come into play like humor and personailty and the ability to hold and intelligent conversation. I remember in my early 20′s I was crushing on a chunky dude. I would sit behind him everyday cause I thought he had the nicest skin, and mysterious eyes. I just thought he was so beautiful. And if I’d ever had the opportunity to make love to him I wouldn’t know where to begin. Mostly, I look for someone who is gonna treat me with respect and not just gonna be with me for one thing. Assholes come in all shapes and sizes skinny or fat.

  • Nina
    20 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I assume this applies to very owerweight men, not the slightly rounded. Then it’s ok.

  • wicked
    23 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m surprised, in a pleasant way that someone reacted positively with an open mind like you. :)

  • wicked
    23 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I think in all fairness, the article is very honest. I was starting to think why I can’t seem to date an overweight guy which is why I came across this site. Am I being superficial? Perhaps on some level. But what I realized is that your ideal weight for yourself is your choice. I can’t agree more with what she said about overeating as an outlet for a person’s other frustrations. It just seems to be indicative of low self control. I love to eat. I have been called chubby before and I know for a fact that my binge eating was out of control. Realistically, only a hypocrite would also say that being fit is not attractive. You need some semblance of physical attraction to be able to be interested in someone. You don’t take a look at a person at once and say “He must be intelligent.” or “I bet he is kind and trustworthy.” It all starts with a preference and it is a fact that more people want sexy/fit/slim than fat/obese/overweight. It all begins with physical attraction. It is a cruel world that it is a fact that great looking people are treated better. It is no mystery why there is a growing number of people going to the gym. It is a matter of staying healthy. It is a matter of caring about yourself to look presentable. So if you are fat and was insulted by this article, it validates the truth that you are not happy with your weight otherwise, you’d have gladly accepted the realities this brutally honest article pointed out.

  • 25 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    hey Roger.

    I’m a girl, im 5 ft 3, 95 pounds and I used to be ten pounds lighter.

    This outlook she gave is untrue. In fact, I like big guys, it really turns me ons- they shouldn’t be extremely obese- but big enough to make me feel safe. Like a big rugby player- and even if he has more fat than muscle, I’m saitsfied.

    I have a lot of flaws myself, if a man has so many regulations like this chick, I’d be single forever lol

    It’s passion that matters, interest in LIFE and integrity. I don’t like athletic guys- they think too much of themselves and usually they don’t have any of the characteristics I just mentioned.

  • 25 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I want to marry a guy like you.
    And it’s not because I am a loser or unintelligent or whatever. I’m skinny-ish and I’m studying medicine. I want someone like you. You have the perfect characteristics.

  • Robert Crandall
    28 Mar 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    the real truth is that you’re not a happy person.not the kind of happy that you smile alot and are always sincerely cheerful.so sad…ihave alot of money ,look great but wouldn’t touch an arrogant shallow ho like you with as much as a greeting. i’d have a great time with you in the backseat of my BMW or my porsche just to toss you out back to the empty life you clutch on to so tighly. you’ll always be unhappy.oh well..that’s life..yours,not mine.

  • RVanS
    4 Apr 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    This is a very painful article to read, being a fat guy myself however, someone commented earlier that sometimes it’s just the way someone’s body works. I’ve been fat since I was 9. When I was 18 I joined the navy and today, at 21 I can run my mile and a half in 6 minutes, do all my pushups and sit-ups with a couple hundred to spare and I can “defend” myself and anyone I care about better than most other people out there but despite all this “athleticism” on my part, I’m still fat. Granted, I’m not as fat as I might’ve been, but I’m still very fat. Despite how “fit” I may actually be, everything has to do with looks and I’m fully affected by the correlation between fatness and unhealthiness. I have to say though, even though this body is fat, I would’ve wantto trade it for one of those thin ones that look nice but are weak as hell.

  • triet vo
    20 Apr 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    she right cause im a fat too. so lonely

  • too fat to clap
    27 Apr 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    This is one of the most shallow articles I’ve ever read.

    You should be ashamed.

  • anthony
    5 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    um wow, i lost 78 lbs and still am a big guy i do go to the gym and work and school and manage a social life, i think i look good for my weight and others tell me too, but i would love to be with someone who is fit because i want to adopt those habits, i wouldn’t make her fall into the same hole i fell into.

  • blarghman
    9 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    so, what she’s saying is fat people are stupid…..does that mean shes fat?

  • blarghman
    9 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    haha XD thats awsome! ur my personal hero! lol. THOSE are some facts :D

  • blarghman
    9 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    you didnt HAVE to eat the way he did and gain that weight,u could’ve told him you’ve got a diet to stick to, and me personally as a big ol’ fat dude, if my girl had a specific diet i’d have to say “cool eat what you want, i’m having steak and ‘taters but if you want i’ll steam you some broccoli and some carrots , maybe make ya a nice salad.” lol i have said that and proceded do so too. ^_^ communication is key mein freunden :P


  • blarghman
    9 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    weird….if you were anything like ur mom you woulda been screaming EAT MORE!!!! like she did last night.

  • Abdul
    12 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    With all the reasons you cited I noticed a pattern with all of them. I, I, I, I, always I. And that is a reason why not to date gym rats!! :D

  • ExFatty
    15 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    In my work as a clerk in the summer, ALL the fat customers STINK BAD, NO EXCEPTIONS. Its not even about hygeine,fat skin has an odor you cant scrub away, makes me gag. I would have to hold my breath. You’re just jealous, lose the weight fatty-ex fatty, NOW HOT and would never date fat for those reasons and more.

  • ExFatty
    15 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    You are capable of doing some things, but your ‘physics’ do not allow you to do and be better at everything, such as going 10 miles on a mt bike WITHOUT SITTING such as i can do. SO shut your mouth about physics and farts; fat peoples farts do smell worse and they fart MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE. Now that i dont eat so much UNNESSESARY FOOD, i can go all day with nary a toot.(TMI, I know, sorry)

    Another reason i dont like fat men is they tend to be nuerotic and hot-tempered, hmmm…

  • ExFatty
    15 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Truth is most skinny people SMOKE.

  • late2class
    21 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    The funniest thing about what this retard spat out was the fart comment, and it is hilarious to me because one of my best friends is a personal trainer. He’s athletic as hell, has a six pack and all of that shit and gets loads of hot women. He also has the worst smelling farts I’ve ever encountered in my entire life, and it is purely because of the sort of food he eats and supplements he takes in order to look that athletic/muscular in the first place.

    21 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Will you marry me, Love the honesty! i beleive you have said what a good 90% of the population feel! I am 200lb of muscle ill show you a good time, people who have let them selfs get into such a mess says so much about them! dont waste your time with fat people, they have no drive or self respect!

  • Kristen
    23 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    That’s a little harsh.

  • Bored at 2am
    31 May 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow.. people seriously make me laugh haha. Despite how shallow I think the poster is, it’s her life. She can do whatever she wants. But every time I hear stuff like this, it just makes me laugh. I’m a big guy, 5’9″ 20 years old, about 300 pounds. However, I have good hygene. I don’t smell, I dress how I want, and I dress pretty damn well if I say so myself. I take care of myself. Do I have trouble eating? Sure. Do I eat all the time? No. In fact I really don’t eat much at all. Do I eat food thats bad for me most of the time? Yes. The way I see it, that whole list of reasons why you, and a lot of others wouldn’t date a fat guy, could easily be made into a list of 10 reasons why a fat guy would never date such a shallow woman. Just because I’m big, doesn’t stop me from doing what I want. I can run, I can walk up stairs without weezing (whoever said that is a retard, thats just stupid. You have to be REALLY fat for that to happen) I can do pretty much anything a fit guy can do. Except ride a mountain bike 10 miles without stopping like someone said, but in all honesty? I don’t wanna ride a damn mountain bike for 10 miles, that doesn’t appeal to me. Not my definition of fun. And I really don’t care what people’s opinions are about me, because everyone has there own opinion. It’s impossible to make everyone happy, people are gonna think what they want regardless. And I mean a woman could say she’d never date a fat guy, well then again that fat guy could work his ass off and become fit, and then that same shallow girl would say she wouldnt date him because he’s not wealthy, or he dresses bad. Shallow people will always be shallow. Don’t try to impress them. There not worth it. That being directed towards overweight guys. Not all fat guys are the stereotype ‘FAT guy’, just remember that.

    Also one last thing, if a woman is dead set on dating a fit muscular guy because of what other people say when there together, and being the center of attention at a party, and all that b.s. then more power too them. But god knows I wouldn’t be caught dead next to them if they payed me a million dollars. Any self respecting person wouldn’t go out with someone like that. 10 years from now, there probably still going to be going through this dating thing, where as someone who knows what they want, and has matured OUT of the friggen high school dating mentality, will more than likely have a loving wife/husband and maybe even kids. If people wanna play the ‘look how hot my boy/girlfriend is’ dating game there whole life, be my guest. But to me, and a lot of other people, it just goes to show how immature you still are.

    Oh yeah and… bringing up the whole farting thing? Really? Normally I’d laugh, but seeing as how you were actually serious when you said it, I’m just annoyed. A fat guy with no self respect? Sure, he’d probably rip a fart whenever he wanted and itd probably smell. But ya know what? All farts smell!! If you can smell the fart, chances are it smells. Fat, skinny, doesn’t matter. However a self respecting guy, wether he’s fat or not, can do a simple thing called ‘holding it in’. I mean come on.. just grow up and stop stereotyping people, and for god sakes people need to stop saying things as if there facts, when there really opinions. Once people realize this, they wont make themselves look like such idiots.

    2 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m 6ft 2 and 266lbs, right now i’m a chunk. I’ve been at lots of different weights and builds, once being 220lbs which was very slim for me. I can honestly vouch that my success with the ladies went through the roof when I was that size. Yes confidence is good, so is personality but being overweight just shows a lack of self-care. If you cant look after yourself, you cant look after others. No good crying about it. I’m overweight, merely because I’m complaicent and not really that arsed. But if I was looking for a new job, or girlfriend and I wanted to look presentable, I know that that I’d need to get my arse to the gym!! No excuses… Why should anybody accept people as they are!!! People have standards.

    2 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    AND plus, honest women, giving honest opinions, help give a guy the insentive!!

  • Peter
    3 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Overweight people, with a very small exception, have little in common with thin athletic people. For example: How many times do you see a very large obese woman holding a body builder’s hand walking in the mall? Here’s another example, how many college athletes have a best friend that’s morbidly obese? Also, fat people suffer from things like depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. How many college athletes or body builders can empathize with those issues? Athletic people, for the most part, are happy all the time. They’re physically unable to be depressed for any length of time. So this woman’s post has some real facts. I can relate because I’m 380 lbs and my wife is around 150. I was 60 lbs lighter when we got married but as my weight increased, our relationship decreased. Her interests like going out all the time are different then mine. She prefer the beach and I prefer the restaurant. Two different mentalities.

  • Jack
    9 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    It’s people such as you that aid in making my bouts of misanthropy more frequent. It’s people like you who make me hang my head in shame when considering that I’m a member of the human race. I know that you’re a truly ugly person by the distasteful display exhibited here. Your shallowness knows no bounds and you exhibit not a drop of shame, such is the hateful, superficial nature of the lower quality members of our species I suppose. Please chlorinate yourself from the gene pool.

  • Richard
    10 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I used to be a bigger dude with no muscle, and introducing the discipline of working out into my life has not only given me more self worth and more attention from the opposite sex, but has made me realize what I find attractive in a person. Being fit just takes work, but once you work towards it it reflects a deeper part of who you are; that you are trying to be the best you can be. and that is just straight sexy.

  • Sam
    11 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I think anyone who specifically dates people based on any physical trait deserves to be alone. And that goes for people who like thinness, fatness, blonde/red/brunette/black hair, certain races etc.

    Frankly, if you always go off physical things, you will likely NEVER find the person you are really supposed to be with. I don’t think there’s anything to be proud of when a person says they want to date someone that looks a certain way. It’s one thing to find something we attractive than others, but a whole other thing to exclude people based on the fact that they don’t look the way you want them to.

    And not only that, but a lot of the things you said are WRONG. Fat men or women are no more likely to have emotional baggage than others. Nor does it indicate how disciplined they are or… how smelly their farts are(seriously?). Clearly, you have no idea what you’re actually talking about.

    Honesty may be commendable in itself, but having an opinion like this isn’t. Your relationships will probably always be as shallow as you are.

  • ryan
    12 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am 275 lbs but very fit. After being army infantry for 5 years I was wounded in Iraq and after all the ligaments steroids caused.me to lose my body. Perhaps instead of just assuming every fat person is lazy is the exact same as assuming because your skinny you barf all your food up. I understand why you feel this way, what I don’t understand is you seem pretty intellectual but have a MASSIVELY flawed mindset. Your looks will fade, since women typically don’t age as well as men. So when your trophy hubby is banging a 24 year old manager at the mall. dont complain.

  • Bob
    12 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    O.k. I’m a fat guy. There are things that we are not getting credit for.
    1. We like to eat, that also means you…
    2. Guy’s with a little less testosterone carry more weight, but for the most part, we also have even tempers.
    3. Most of us have been making fun or ourselves for years because we come to grips with being fat and your words don’t really hurt they just make you look selfish and vain.
    4. All fat guy’s are not Ugly. Some are though.
    5. We don’t all stink, and who ever said that our fat cells make us smell different needs to go back to school. If we do stink it would be because we sweat more because our body’s temperature is influenced by less physical stress and causes our sweat glands to produce.

    Here is just a quick response directly to your top 10

    1. If I am with a fat man, I may be tempted to eat like him

    This speaks more to your will power than to that of the fat guy. If you really think that you are all that, why would it matter, obviously you are going to go to the Gym anyway and work off the calories.

    2. I can’t imagine having sex with a fat dude!
    there is a line in the revenge of the nerds that fits well here. jocks think of sport all day, Nerds think of Sex all day. This goes with fat guy’s too. If we are not eating we are thinking about having sex. You really should try it you might just like it.

    3. Being fat may possible be a reflection of his inner mess

    everyone has baggage. From your article above it is very evident that you have some major baggage. There is a fat guy out there that might just accept you as you are.

    4. The physical attribute of a person shows how disciplined he is

    I know tons of well built guys who go out to the gym and work out but don’t have a job, and support their kids. Try again. Oh, and after you get married your guy will probably get fat.

    5. I don’t want to be asked this question: “What did you see in that fat bf of yours?”

    Once again this goes to the inner turmoil of you, not the fat guy. You need to have more self respect. Who cares what other people think about the way your bf looks, if he treats you right should be the main concern.

    6. I don’t want to get attention for the wrong uncool reasons

    Read above

    7. Because it’s a small world

    I’m going to take this one directly from your post.

    If he’s too big, he may take up all the space in bed. {Get a King Size} I may not even feel comfortable with him in the car (just in case we have a small one) {You are not going to be sitting on top of him are you??? btw, most fat guys don’t drive small cars because we know we like space…duh}. We may not fit together if we enter the door at the same time. {Fat guy’s because we are usually overachiever will open the door for you and be a gentleman, maybe you should appreciate a quality like that} The shower may feel too crowded, considering that it’s just the two of us. {how big are you if you think the shower is too crowded???}

    8. In case of emergency, a fat guy can’t run fast
    Have you seen Chris Farley, fat guy’s can hustle and the best part is if we do catch someone we can tackle them and just sit there on top of them.

    9. His fart may really stink!
    Really, yours don’t I bet!

    10. Last but not the least, because I am shallow (I bet that’s what you’re thinking) I know that you are shallow, but there is more going on up there, it might be good to seek therapy.

  • Jenny
    18 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I think this article is funny as hell. I once dated a man that was very overweight. I tried getting passed it with his nice personality, good job, and good morals. I unfortunatley could not get passed how overweight he was. I am very much in shape and workout 4 times a week. It’s funny how men like him want a beautiful, skinny woman!

  • Spanish Buddha
    28 Jun 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Apologies ahead of time to the real ladies that read this if I seem overly rude or insensitive, but I’m mostly directing this comment to the guys that will eventually read this post.

    My.. fat brothers.. here’s the honest truth from someone that’s been in your shoes. I’m fat to most, 5’7″ 267 lbs, and I’ve not once had complaints or issues finding dates.

    Most guys now spend too much time with the idea of “prettying up” instead of the idea of “manning up”.

    Shit we’re men, naturally not so pretty. Beauty is inherently female. From what I’ve read here, this just shows how dry the pool for real women truly is. If you, men of fat, are honestly worried about not being able to bag these shallow girls, then dudes, something is hella wrong here. Seriously, most these pretty girls want pretty boys that stress about they’re physique or spend as much time in the gym as women do putting on makeup and doing their hair.

    To quote the late, Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan – “nigga, please…”

    Don’t worry so much about how fat or skinny you look as much as about who you are as a man. Sure be healthy, but healthy DOES NOT necessarily translate into no fat. Being fat just adds a certain percentage of probability for specific pathologies while at the same time we reduce the chances of:

    Dry, scaly skin
    Hair loss
    Low body weight
    Cold intolerance
    Poor growth
    Lower resistance to infection
    Poor wound healing
    Loss of menstruation – o.0 – frack that

    Be a man first. Find honest productive careers, stand tall, walk with purpose, honor your country, honor your families, honor yourselves, educate yourselves, gain culture, treat the women you find correctly, and do what you’re supposed to do as men.

    “Most”, not all really, but most of these self loving gym guys are nothing more than narcissistic tools. Best use for them is to filter out all the crap “high maintenance” pretty little girls from the shallow end of the pool. Think about it more like they’re filtering out the common worthless glass so you can more easily find the diamonds.

    If you guys are really that hard up for action, head on out to Pahrump, Nevada and hit the ranches… They’re cleaner and cheaper than the ‘sugar daddy’ hunting skanks and it’s legal. You’re after all men, you can do this and be proud of it. To hell with the others that tell you otherwise. Though I highly recommend not visiting these establishments as you really do want to maintain yourselves clean and healthy for the diamonds ‘you will’ find and make happy.

    The real women that will honestly make you happy will not care about how fat you are or you’ve gotten as long as you’re healthy, proud in your skin, and you’re treating them the way they deserve to be treated.

    These girls that author these types of posts are nothing more than immature little girls exercising their freedom of speech and I forever will respect that. But the impression I get is of children trying too hard to play witty adults. If this is the case, one could argue that hooking up with these girls could be a form of statutory rape?

    after all.. honest guy, giving honest opinions… trying to save the species from devolution and extinction.

    I wear fire resistant underwear, feel free to flame. After all, I’m a man, I can take it. lol

  • John
    1 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am a pretty obese guy but not extremely huge, but she is telling the truth in some parts. I dont get dates cause the nice pretty chicks Are too worried about what other people think of them. I like outdoor activities, i dont stink,i dont have emotional problems its in my genes, and im trying to lose weight, but i have good looks. She might have put it out harsh but its true about most things.

  • Dave
    17 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am sorry, but you are a moron. fat skin is simply skin, just as thin people – it’s the SAME skin. For someone whose a exfatty – you certainly come off strongly negative to others – are you saying that you always smelling badly?

    I myself am a big man – and I am proud to be – I never wanted to be like everyone else – and frankly, a toned man looks like every other toned man. I love my size and I have no problem with people who think otherwise – but keep in mind I have no problem defending myself – and if comes to me getting in someones face, they better be as tough with wit as I am :)

    (spoken by a man whose – 6’3 409lbs, hairy, hung, and even EATS RIGHT for the last 12 years – yeah baby! :)

    I own a small farm so I have more endurance and stamina than some gymbunny has… YES you too can be physically active and be BIG – there is no shame in it – it’s the skinny folk who don’t like big folk who have an issue – makes you wonder whose got the more turmoil in their head who hates – the average person or the fat person?

    Oh and I love the attention I get when I walk into a room, good or bad – the fact is being a big man, I possess a power (no not fart power – I’ve met many small folk who have worse farts than I could ever have – its WHAT YOU EAT that gives you nasty gas).

    And to the haters – keep on hating – your IN my shadow – so no sun tan for you! LOL

  • Greenbay33
    24 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I love how your answers don’t even mention personality. Also just because I am a “fat guy” doesn’t mean I am not disciplined or have emotional issues. In fact other than being a little big and I eat fairly well. In fact I hate it when I see skinny little batches and douches chowing down on such fatty foods while I try to eat less and exercise more. You are so damn shallow. You’ll probably be alone by the time you’re 30 and the typical skinny douche you date think you aren’t hot anymore

  • jon
    24 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Women who wear excessive makeup are risking their health with all the nasty cancer causing chemicals on their face. Same with all you beauties who go to the hair salon and dye your hair constantly. You can’t hug one of you “good looking girls” without getting nasty greasy face makeup cover up and concealer all over your clothes. Many of you skinny hotties have to wear all the coverup to hide your shitty zitty skin from eating like an idiot cause you have no self control. You are stupid because you read women’s magazines and have no idea about good nutrition and how to keep your bodies healthy. You will starve and then binge in an attempt to remain “hot” at the cost to your health. Some of you make yourselves throw up in a vain attempt to look “hot” Many of you beautiful hot things have breast implants because you “love ” yourselves so much and have such great body images unlike fat people that you feel the need to risk surgery and implant leakage because you love yourself so much. You shop in stores that exploit slave labor and KIDS because your so self centered and unaware and all you care about is getting the status producing right clothes to make your empty self feel better. You have the conversational skills of a chatty Cathy doll because you never bother to crack a book and your only awareness of the world around you is whats reflected in the mirror your looking in. You think you don’t stink? Really? So what is all the overpowering perfume you walk around gaging the world with? Vag cream, body powder, hair spray, douch, perfume body oils and god knows what other noxious smells you are filling the room with in an attempt to think you are taking care of your hygiene unlike a stinky fat person. Try washing with soap and give us all a break ok? I could go on believe me. See i can engage in all kinds of unfair Standards as well. It’s all in the way you look at it. Some of the ugliest people around are supposed to be the hottest. We all have good and bad to deal with. At least fat people are all too aware of their problems. You “hotties do not even have a clue!

  • Melonie
    26 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I agree. I’m a chubby chaser. I’m actualy attracted to bigger men and Im skinny. I was a cheerleader and gymnast. You sound just like my twin sister Elaine. Verry shallow. And when anyone asks about my bf I tell them because he is the sexiest man alive. I major in biology and my boyfriend in computer science. He’s the least lazy guy I know.

  • Melonie
    26 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m a skinny girl and my bf is overweight. So don’t settle, select.

  • Kiosk
    30 Jul 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    They smell bad naturally on the mouth when they snore at night

  • umdn
    1 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    wow… sweet reply :)

  • Richard
    9 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    So what about a far guy that has lost quite a bit of weight, made lifestyle changes, eats well, goes to the gym at least 5 times a week, and is working with a personal trainer? Would you date him?

  • SoB
    12 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    and CRACK at that…lmao

  • DanielR
    12 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    exactly the same reasons I wouldn’t date a fat chick.

    funny to read the reactions of the fatties commenting here — truth hurts.

    a lean body requires strong inner qualities (valid for both sexes) — that is why it is sexy :)

    (an athletic guy)

  • Garrett
    12 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    i think your confusing fat with slob. Some fat guys are clean they just have bad genes. and your reasons aren’t very well thought through.

  • Mr. Smith
    14 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    First I would like to say that weomen the the author of this article are the reason why most women can’t find a “good guy” and keep asking “where all the good guys gone?”.

    I am a 27 year old male and I am fat and I will admit that to anyone. I was always skinny during my childhood and my parent always wundered why since they both could be considered fat by the standards of today’s average “skinny and superficial” population. I played football and basketball growing up and was a very active person. During My footbal year I became stalky and started putting on weight to be turned into muscle, over the years despite being very active I began to gain more fat then then could be turned into muscle. Between the years of 18-26 I maintained a weight of 235 lbs and tried every diet I could to get down to 200 lbs but never could. In those years I was a lead cook for a popular resturant where I’m from and spent hours standing in a extremely hot kitchen and unloading two strucks of inventory each day and never was able to drop below 235 lbs.

    I’m now 27 and weight 295 lbs and have a slightly different job, I’m a part-time dishwasher and full-time websight designer and owner. I goto the gym 4 times a week to make up for the differences in jobs and evironments they keep. I still tried some diets as well and cannot alter my weight from 295 lbs. No matter how active I am I cannot seem to lose any weight but only maintain it. It appears to be a genetic thing that cannot be changed no matter what I do. You cannot change your DNA and quite frankly I wouldn’t want to. I’m happy just being who I am.

    Relationship wise I am currently single but that is by choice only. I am the type of guy looking for “that special someone” and won’t hook up with just anyone just for the sake of pleasure or image issues like the auther of this article most likely does on a nightly basis. I have only a few relationships in my life wich was all with skinny or athletic women that turned out to be just about sex and not for love or a long term relationship. Each releasionship lasted atleast 8 months the longest was 2 years. I never had complaints about my stamina, size, or smell. Actually one of the women I dated had smellier farts then I have. I admit to having some smelly farts sometimes but it all depends on what I eat and sometimes my farts have no smell at all. As for body odor I take care of myself, I shower atleast once daily (twice if I have gone to the gym that day). I always wear deodorant and body spray wether I’m out having fun you just sitting at home alone. I tend to get complimented for smeeling good when I go shopping for some reason. I guess I can thank BOD for that.

    As for being lazy, that has nothing to do with being fat. One of my best friends is the laziest person I have ever met and is also the skinniest as well. He actually eats mor then me sometimes and never gains an ounce. we was once roomates for about 2 years and her never did any cleaning, never cooked unless if was just for himself and no’one else cooked something and it was always ramen noodles… He would only shower about once a week and never brushed his teeth so had very bad breath. even with his nasty and lazy flaws he managed to get a girlfriend (a fat woman) who was divorced and had two children. He found love with this woman ne she in him. The fact that I am fat doesn’t mean I’m as nasty as my friend or another fat person who is. You can’t judge all fat people the same, just as you can’t judge all skinny people the same either.

    I am attracted to skinny and athetic women but that is just one of my prefrences, I am also a huge personality buff. If a womean has a bad personality I am turned off no matter what size she is. I fall in love with personality before looks so there is always a chance I will meet a fat women and possibly fall in love with her. You never know what life will bring you, you must just go with the flow of things and try to be the best person you can be and treat people the same no matter what and that includes yourself.

    Finally for the part about wanting to eat while watching a fat person eat… Normally if someone’s eating habits are so bad that you find it dicusting don’t you think you’d more then likely want to go vomit and eat less rather than eat they them? I honestly think if you have to ask yourself that question then you must have a really nasty and secret fetish that you cannot seem to admit to yourself so you complain about as a way to try and deal without giving in to temptations. Thats just like how when you really like someone when you was younger you’d pick on them and be mean to them and possibly call them names when you truely want to love them and be with them.

    I think the auther of this article should not be taken too seriously for she is nothing more then a wort in the female society.

  • werty
    15 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m pretty sure your farts don’t smell like roses…

    Despicable artice

  • Just read it
    21 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    And 4 years later, this woman is still being called a shallow douche for this article. :)

  • my opinion***
    22 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I couldn’t finish reading the posts, but i’d jus like to say that even though she was wrong on some of her comments and not very specific. its her opinion and she’s entitled to her opinion.

    also i hate when ppl talk about personality, “blah blah blah” when you first meet someone you choose to go out with them based on wether you like their overall appearance. (skinny, fat w.e based on your preference). unless its chatting and you haven’t seen a picture of them and you have a while talking. then you decide to stick with them on wether or not they have a nice personality.

    i’m a slim woman with a fat ass! i eat healthy but i wish i had some time to go to the gym or run, because i know being fit is important for my health. i dont know where doctors draw the line on overweight. but i know some ppl may be consider overweight according to this guideline and to me or others they don’t look fat. i wouldn’t date a fat guy, thats just my preference. chubby is ok if your weight is evenly distributed. but i just dnt like belly fat. its a turnoff. i do like big guys and skinny guys it all depends on your height or your body proportions jus no visible fat on your belly with your clothes on. anyways…

    and also fat, unhealthy ppl, need to stop saying its ok to be the way they are. you can tell the difference between a healthy fat person and a non-healthy fat person: just look at their waistline. skinny ppl with fat bellys too. bottom line is that its not about how big you are but how big is your belly. that means your not eating right therefore the weight is going to your stomach and everywhere else where genetically you would store fat. like i said im skinny, i have a flat stomach, but i dnt have abs and if i sit down you can see that i have fat on my stomach area.( if you pull your skin until u feel ur muscles thats fat. but is ok bc its not bulging and looking disgusting. i feel that evryone has two ideal shapes they can be. if u like being slim you can be slim, without being anorexic. however some ppl like being a little more thick, you can be thick and gain some fat just as long as you look proportional. if you see your starting to get a little bulge on your stomach than that means you’ve reached your ideal size and you should stop trying to gain anymore weight or control it from there on. for example, my cousin has huge hips and thighs and i feel she was in her ideal shape when she was a senior in high school. ever since she started college, she’s been gaining weight and now is showing in her belly. she was voluptuous and beautiful, but now even though she’s still beautiful, her face looks fatter, her arms, and her stomach. everyone has a borderline, based on your body structure.

  • Nick
    25 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    im 18 years old and 380lbs and i never really had a relationship but i love the way i am, also im a caring, loving person and hope to find someone that will love me for the man i am. And to answer most comments i would date a fat woman :)

  • Geoff
    1 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Presumption, assumption, stereotypes and ignorance. Get a real job; stop writing articles about things you know nothing about… this is utter trash.

  • Jason
    2 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I love fat guys if they’re young, cute and clean. But once you start adding excess body hair, wrinkles, and hygiene issues, then it’s like come on man, are you even trying?

  • lila pace
    9 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    uh sorry but i gotta judge here…that is to the person that wrote the article. A fat man is only the outside. just like a fit man. MEN are just what they are…MEN. the opinions expressed here are young and inexperienced. I never judge a man by his “fatness” or “fitness” i judge them on everything i am looking for…for their inside. YOU CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE AN OPEN MIND. thats all it is. because a “fat” man can give you everything a fit man can…YOU just ave to be WORTH IT! regardless of the man. IF a heavy man cant last with you physically… then you must be lazy…which means you are NOT participating like you should. who wants that?

  • lila pace
    9 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    to the person who wrote the article..#1.YES shallow. #2…your are young and inexperienced. #3… GETTIN hit on by guys who dont fit ur criteria because you are ugly…#4..OR too cute and you know it (which is unattractive) so the “fat guys move in…#5…tooo lazy in the bedroon to perform…and so on and so on. my reason for writing these reasons? cause obviously this is your world and you have too much time on ur hands. who cares what you think. not any of us who can appreciate ALL men of ALL sizes. i hate people like you and you deserve to be miserable.

  • Bob
    12 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    the problem is…this article never love fat or big man….love can overcome what she not liked

  • Desultory
    24 Sep 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m a little bit shocked at the way the author has been attacked for this article. It’s not unexpected because we live in a very PC world, but it’s still pretty brutal.

    Let me first say that the article is well written! I appreciate good writing.

    Now, I’m fat. Well, technically I suppose you can classify me as ‘overweight’–I have skinny legs and arms, but I have a thick neck (ish, it’s not too bad) and a gut. I’d say I’m about… oh… well let’s say 8-10 kilos overweight. I have an advantage that I’m not short and the fat seems to have mostly gone to my stomach (which raises alarms for diabetes, so it’s not exactly a great advantage!).

    I’m also fairly ugly. I mean I’m not the Elephant Man, by any means, but I have acne scars, a face that’s too wide in the cheeks (due to weight), my skin is terrible (interestingly enough, not from being overweight but just from acne scars and just generally bad skin–I was slim when I was a teen and the bad skin started around 11/12 years of age). I’m ok enough all dressed up, you wouldn’t scream and run from me, but let’s just say I’ve never had women interested in me face-to-face.

    Now it’s not to say I’m a loser in other aspects of my life–I have a *very* awesome, well-paid and satisfying job, I have a small group of great friends and a wider group of nice people I hang out with (you know what I mean…). I like art and music, I can appreciate fine wine (Merlot for preference!), I’m well-spoken, well-dressed and I have a wicked sense of humour which people seem to like–and I enjoy making people laugh! So–I have a good life, I’m just concentrating here on the fat issue.

    Leaving out the ugly thing, as a fat/overweight guy I don’t see anything wrong with the points made in the article. I’ll go through them:

    1. Absolutely. This is 100% true. I’ve tempted my friends to eat the bad stuff (pizza is my sin). I do appreciate other types of food, I’m not a complete glutton (which is why I’m not obese, as well as enjoying walking a lot)–but pizza I eat. A lot. And it’s definitely a worry that a partner of mine would take after my eating habits.

    2. I’m not good looking to begin with and add fat on top of that–there’s no attractive qualities about me in the physical sense. Sex is a physical as well as an emotional and (possibly!) spiritual thing–it won’t be good if the physical part isn’t there.

    Out of breath, ernergy and stamina… Yeah possibly. I’m amazing with, uh, my tongue and so forth, but the more energetic stuff may be difficult for me. So I’d say exactly right.

    3. Yes. It’s definitely a reflection of inner mess. I eat pizza to feel better. Through being ugly, bullied at school and so on, I have mixed self-esteem at the best of times. When it comes to sex and relationships and so forth, I don’t have very much self esteem, and yeah–inner mess. I’d say that’s very observant of the author.

    4. I’m discplined in every other part of my life, to be fair. I’m working on a PhD after finishing my Masters, as I’ve said I have a fantastic career (which I’m proud of! Darn straight!), I keep hygenic and clean, my apartment is always very well presented… but yes, the exercise thing lacks discipline. I’m not sure what to say about this part, I agree with the author that it’s extremely rare for a fat person not to have a choice in being fat.

    5. Right on all points. An attractive girl with an ugly fat guy will get asked that question and it’ll take a toll. That’s the way people and society are.

    6. Also true. I mean, the author mentioned parties and that probably isn’t a PC example, but everywhere else–perhaps a work function which can be important to your career? Because I’m overweight and ugly, I have had to fight for a lot of things, to get where I am now. If you can avoid that fight, well–excellent! It is uncool attention.

    7. Heh, yeah. Ok, I’m not quite *that* large, granted, and my car is quite spacious, but yes it can be embarrassing, and the bed space thing is important unless you have a king-sized bed. Also think of the fact that if I get on top of you it might leave you breathless for all the wrong reasons, if you’re petite and slim.

    8. Yes, the close-fitting look on me is *horrible*. I dress to hide the stomach. Now, I can sprint quite fast for short distances and I can walk really fast for long distances, but apart from that sports and energetic activities are sadly out of my ability, due to my weight. And think of this–fat people do sweat more. Really want to be covered in sweat exercising with a fat guy? This is why I bought my own equipment to keep in my apartment when I do work out–gyms are for beautiful people!

    9. The author is right, except that I’ve been brought up not to fart. I have an iron constitution when it comes to farting. I’m *paranoid* about smelling bad, so I always smell of good deodorant and colonge. So while I don’t fart (well obviously in the bathroom attending to business, but not in company or even alone), yes she’s right.

    10. It’s not shallow at all–it’s certainly bold to write it on a website! Society frowns upon aesthetics but it’s based around it. Of course you would choose a handsome, athletic guy over some ugly fat guy like me. Fair enough.

    The love thing… I’m 50-50 on. It’s difficult to overcome ingrained issues, but you’re right.

    I used to be really cut up over this back in the day. I’d go to clubs and never get noticed, smiled at or otherwise, while my good looking friends have a completely different experience with girls. Same as in other aspects of life. I reacted by retreating online and had a few bad online relationships. I’ve resorted to some terrible stuff out of loneliness, I can’t even get myself to say them here, anonymously. I think of suicide a lot, even now, although I reassure you that I will not do so, and never intend to–partly because it wouldn’t be fair on my friends, partly because I don’t want to freakin’ *die*. I imagine it’d be painful.

    One memorable occassion in high school, a beautiful (admittedly a bit of a… you know, popular crowd) girl told me that I was so very ugly. I was shocked by her cruel honesty (it’s not something I’d do to anyone), but well… she’s right. It’s tempting to think that she lost her looks and never succeeded at life, but we live in the real world–she probably earns triple what I do, is happily married and has a great family.

    Anyway, after hiding away for a long time, I realised that I need to live the other parts of my life, that I have a lot to give to the world in other ways. So I finished my studies, goy myself a career and I’ve accomplished a lot in life.

    It still hurts being the way I am. Of course, it will never stop hurting–I can lose weight but I’ll still look the same, still be me physically. But time heals the worst of the pain. I’ve given up hoping for what I can’t have–a beautiful girl to be with me, a family, kids. Instead I’ve made a real, positive difference in the lives of the most vulnerable of society through my research, my work. I’ve made friends.

    I’ve stopped being bitter and understood the truth of my situation. I cater for it. I admire the beauty of beautiful people, but I don’t make it obvious that I’m looking, and I don’t stare or look too long. That sounds worse than it is, but think about it… if you’re sitting on a bus and a handsome, attractive man or a beautiful woman is looking at you with interest or admiration, yes it can be annoying but it still feels good to be admired by someone like that. But if an ugly man looks at you, it feels violating, insulting and offensive–how dare *he* look at me like that? etc. So I make sure not to be creepy.

    Things like that makes life a little easier and in the long run, also makes it better. Another example–now when I’m on a night out with my friends I don’t try to attract women, or fool myself into thinking there’s a chance. Now I try to just enjoy the company of my friends, get a little drunk, party hard and dance like an idiot, grinning madly. It gets other people in the mood too! I enjoy myself when I don’t hope for things I can’t have in my life. Going out used to be depressing, a nightmare–now it’s actually fun!

    It annoys me hope always srpings eternal in the human condition–it’s a constant effort not to hope for that side of life. But… well, not hoping allows me to enjoy life and hoping used to rip me apart.

    Anyway that’s my two cents. Thank you to the author for her honesty, it’s really good (in a painful way!) to hear someone say it. Great writing, too.

  • fuk u
    4 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am un-attracted to this writer and i haven’t even seen her.

  • Jack
    14 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Hey, she’s just stating an opinion. Attraction is subjective.

    I’m overweight, but I would never take offense with someone expressing this opinion. Primarily because I’m happily married to a beautiful woman who loves me for who I am.

  • Garth
    19 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Hey, lady I just wanted to tell you, I am what you would probably call a “fat guy” but I like sports and activities, I don’t eat everything in sight and I exercise pretty often (at least once a day), but I just haven’t been able to lose the weight, I also don’t have any emotional problems. I think you should do some research on how genetics work and the real reasons people become overweight. Also I think you should check out the song “Pretty on the Outside” by Bullet for my Valentine, I think it characterizes you perfectly.

  • IvanG Loves BBW
    26 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Good article. And now matter how bad I would like to reject your ideas. You are right on many points. It does come to discipline.
    @ Nick: There is nothing wrong with loving yourself.

    But…..everyone knows that being TOO heavy is not healthy for you. So love yourself by taking care of yourself. Run that extra mile everyday and get back in shape again.

    When you are in shape, you have more energy and enjoy life to a greater extent. Of course…..if you meet a beautiful woman/man who is overweight….that should not be the reason to move on.

    But that person who is overweight should: 1: Have a damn GOOD reason for all the weight 2: Be willing to do something about it.

    I have dated many women in my life. Both supermodels and the BB.
    I can not say which is best, because both types have had their fine details. In general however, women who are in shape tend to be fit and more energetic.

    Just for the record, weight is not always related to fitness:
    Someone can be very lean but non fit and vice verse.

    A short history:
    - I used to be a photographer for a modeling agency. So I had the chance to date many nice ladies. Which was perfect of course.
    - Then about 2 years ago. A friend of mine told me that he was looking for BBW online. Firstly I thought it was stupid, but later realized that there are many beautiful women out there who do not have supermodel bodies. I joined this cliche site: DateFatWomen.com and found some women who I could meet.

    As of this day I have dated plenty of BBW. And even though I still prefer a woman who is in shape. I have learned not to be shallow. Because many big women have things to offer you which no other supermodel has.

    Anyway, just try to stay in shape. Because it is true: The way you look = your lifestyle to some extent.
    Having said this: Do not be afraid to date a bbw. They too can be wonderful women.

  • Julie
    27 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    11) ’cause (when you wrote this article) you were simply tasteless and prone to conformity ;-)

  • rachel
    3 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am dating an older obese man and what she stated in the article is true. I was less than a hundred pounds when I dated him and currently I gained 15 pounds. I just can’t sit and sip water while he eats so of course I join him. We do go to the gym together but when I am with him we only spend an hour compared to working out alone it takes me 3 hours so I can not really burn what I ate. I can relate to how my family and friends ask me why I found him attractive. Frankly it gets frustrating to have to defend him all the time. We get into arguments during grocery shopping or choices of activities to go to. He likes eating out and joining food truck festivals and it ruins my diet. What I absolutely hate the most is his snoring because I can’t sleep and usually I get tired in the morning from lack of sleep. Honestly our relationship is being compromised!

  • Jamie
    8 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m 6’5 280 and as sad as it makes me reading this and thinking this is how people think of me, she’s right. Why would anyone want to be with someone they’re not attracted to?

  • Bison
    10 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    You’re a FAT-ASS yourself. lol

  • Steven
    13 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Thank god nobody cares what you think!

  • Jack
    20 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Honestly, you have a right to your opinion. But what I believe everyone should see is that you are the one with self esteem issues. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a heartless whore if you didn’t post something like this but kept it to yourself. Your style of writing is persuasive, trying to get other women to think like you. And to me that shows you know you are awful, but you think maybe you wouldn’t be if other people felt the way you did. You complain about fat guys having self esteem problems, saying how unattractive it it. Then you write this piece of garbage, and wonder why fatties like me feel the way we do? Honestly, the only problem with being fat are the possible health problems. So to end off, my farts do smell bad, but not because I’m fat, no, but because, just like you, they came out my ass

  • Rocky
    20 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Joe Average-
    That is really short sided. Not all attractive skinny girls are like Elaine. I am a fairly attractive, ridiculously skinny woman and fat dudes make the rocking world go around. Opposites attract.
    It makes me kind of jealous when I see some big handsome man with a fat chick.

  • TurkeyGobbler
    26 Nov 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Was this written by some snobby 17 year old girl or what?

  • Clair
    1 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    My boyfriend is fluffy. I was always one of the “pretty” girls who dated the guys in basketball and football, but it never lasted. I want to marry this man, and I am the luckiest person in the world to be with him. Oh, and FYI, he’s amazing in bed, in fact, it’s nice to be with someone who focuses on love rather than how many times he can flex his biceps in the mirror. I was writing an essay on the difference between the way obese women are treated and the way obese men are treated, but I had to take the time to tell you that you need to do some soul searching honey, because you will be very lonely if you look with your eyes and not your heart. <3

  • Tanner
    2 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m a big guy and I find it hard to find a woman who would date a fat guy. Because of my job I am a fat guy. I am 6′ even and weigh 389lbs. I played football when I was In school.

    Are there not any women out there who would look past my large size and get to know me?

    If you’re out there contact me.

  • Matija
    4 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    ok i just read this and some stuff is true but not for every fat guy, i myself am overweight (some 130 kilograms) but that doesn’t mean i’m bad in bed, that i can’t run ( my average time on 100 meter run is 13 seconds) or do anything that those athletic guys can. some of us are just naturally that way, I was born like that and no diet or exercise i tried helped me so… nothing else to be written.

  • Nick
    7 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Obviosuly what she is saying is this article is out there to be contriversal. For the sake of argument let’s say she is completely serious about all these reasons. I’m a big guy, only 5’10 260 lbs so I aint no small fancy boy. 1: She complains she may be tempted to eat like him, yet later points out dieting discipline as one of her turn ons that my friends i a double standard. 2: She may not find a larger man attractive but this is personal preference and has no standing, some woman like larger men.3: Inner Mess, I have no inner mess, I work hard, love my job and love my life. I have a great family and have not termoural that I can think of. Many other larger men are like me so this is only circumstantial not a wide representative of all larger men. 4: See number 1, if she isn’t disciplined enough to continue her diet with a fat guy why is she holding someone to a standard she cannot keep.5: Really? Your a grown ass woman, with only one life to live and you really give a shit about what others think? Make your own happiness, trust me you don’t get a second shot at life. 6: Is a childs reason. 7: Come on now, you are going to let a bed get between you and true love with a larger man? Get a new bed it’s a couple hundred bucks, jesus. 8: i’m a bigger guy and can run faster then most. Carrying all this weight around has given me huge very toned calf muscles. I love getting out and doing things. 9: everyones ass stinks, girl man, skinny or fat there is no changing this and no coorelation between fat men and smellier gas. 10: That is a personal problem in which you should work out. Not a problem you should try and force on other women.

  • boss
    9 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I’m a big Guy, but I got big after I busted my knee in college… Lets be honest though, I’ve been quite successful, and at 31 I’m in executive leadership at a Fortune 10. Even shallow women care more about my lifestyle than the six pack that the gym rat waiter had at breakfast!
    This article sums it up folks http://www.salon.com%2F1999%2F10%2F15%2Ffat_guys

  • King20823
    12 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    This is most pathetic thing I’ve ever read. You are such a shallow girl! You defently spread your legs for ant athletic guy! And being fat does not mean you can’t be athletic. You can run fast if you have good cardio! Second of all when it comes to sex it is an actual fact believe it or not but overweight men last longer than your buff steroid, muscle asshole guy. Just let you people like you who put down people who have a weight problem make it worse for an individual wouldnt you support someone than discourage them by putting them down. It takes a sick minded person to be like that because just as easy you are its as easy for someone to get in shape than what? How would you respond to someone who lost alot of weight and is than in perfect shape and you said the above^ I would defently tell you to fuck off that’s forsure because you are to rude!

  • Adrian
    29 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am a fat guy (330lb) and while it may hurt to read this article it is I believe a fair assessment of how a lot of people feel and like they say the truth hurts. It has inspired me and believe me I will lose weight as a result of reading this among other things. Thank you..

  • Adrian
    29 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    I am very over weight and agree with all you have to say! It help me realize I have to get off my ass and shed the pounds Thanks..

  • Britt
    31 Dec 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    that’s hilarious though. A ‘lean body’ doesn’t necessarily require strong inner qualities, I’m an athletic shape, I’m 6f 2 and weigh 160 pounds (I’m female) which puts me to the lower end of my BMI, and my brother is 6f 6 and weighs 200, and neither of us do anything particularly special to be this weight.

    I play football, and aside from training 2 times per week and a game on the weekend, I do very little in the way of actual exercise. Though I walk a decent amount as I rely on public transport. My diets ok, but not great, my daily sausage roll morning tea will attest to that.

    So I disagree that it always takes hard work. i also know lots of skinny people who have atrocious diets, but are skinny. I also know of many people who eat really well, much better than me, and exercise regularly, and are still overweight (though usually not obese).

    Moreover, many studies have now proved that being 10 – 13kgs overweight has little to do with extra health related illnesses, and in many cases decreases some illnesses. In particular, Cardiovascular disease is more likely to correlate to your waist size than your weight, so if you are within your BMI, but hold weight around your waist area (which many post-partum women do for example) you are more likely to have Cardiovascular disease, than your heavy but smaller waist sized counterparts.

    FTR, overweight/fat/chubby is very different to obese and morbidly obese.

    I also assume that those ‘strong inner qualities’ that DanielR speaks of, aren’t spelling, grammar or sentence structure.

  • Name*
    3 Jan 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    someday you’ll be fat and lonely too, karma

  • Anna
    6 Jan 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow, you’re a disgusting human being.

  • The fat guy
    6 Jan 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    lol your shallow. Listen, I’m a pretty big guy, and my girlfriend weighs about 100lbs. She’s friggen hot and petite, and I ain’t bullshitting you. Fat people don’t always wheeze going up stairs and get tired fast. Im not fat because I eat, my metabolism is slow, but of corse not as slow as you are shallow. Sex works out fine. In fact I would say it’s average if not exceeding what you’ve had. Something tells me your just afraid of a little bit more man. How about this? Fat guys don’t want stuck up little shallow girlfriends that strike low just to be funny. What compelled u to want to write an article about this? Tradgic breakup with some skinny guy u turned gay by expecting too much? You’ll never find a man that can treat you right with that attitude and if you do he’ll leave you because of how horrible you are on the inside

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