Top 5 eco-friendly swimwear designers

Our planet is in desperate need of all the help it can get and it is up to each of us who cares what tomorrow will bring for those we leave behind, to do something about it.

One small way of contributing to the health of our planet is to support all eco friendly causes including purchasing that type of clothing. The designers that participate in the new green movement may not be all motivated for the same reason, but they are providing eco friendly clothing.

Even big names like Liz Claiborne and Oscar De Larenta are getting into the act. Even if you’re not a big eco nut, these designs look fabulous and are, in the end, doing something good for us all.

This could be your chance to do something good for our planet without going out of your way.

1.) Triumph

The Triumph believes that “the environment should be given the same high level of importance as the company’s economic and social concerns”.

Triumph has been given the Best Environment Management award from Austrian Industry and incorporates eco-friendly ideas and production processes throughout their company.

Swimwear prices range from around $20-$60 depending on where it’s purchased.

Triumph swimwear contains eye catching prints, colors and cuts and can be found at

2.) Kelly B

The Kelly B swimwear line stays eco-friendly by using mostly organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown, processed, and produced without using pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

Ruffles, smocking and beautiful colors make this swimwear beautiful as well as eco-friendly.

The Kelly B suits can be seen at and be purchased at different distributors for around $100.

3.) San Lorenzo

Two new designers at the San Lorenzo company, Jhonatan Figueroa and Megan Spurlock, are adding their own flavor to the Brazilian cut bikini brand.

They have come up with a line of eco-friendly, organic cotton bikinis. The fabric they use is popular with eco friendly designers and is 95 percent cotton with 5 percent spandex for stretch. The suits are turning quite a few heads.

The San Lorenzo bathing suits cost about $60 to $68 for a set and can be found at

4.) Anna Cohen

Anna Cohen designs, as well as the company philosophy, take into consideration every aspect of the designs from raw materials to end-of-life use. The company’s business practices and collection including swimwear follow the practices of being as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.

One bikini design by this company used factory surplus fabric originally intended for Olympic speed skaters

Anna Cohen swimwear can be seen at and sell for over $150 on distributors web sites.

5.) Rawganique

Most swimwear today is made with petroleum-based synthetics, such as Lycra and nylon. So if you want to completely eco friendly, Rawganique has the answer.

Their entire line of clothing is eco friendly and many pieces are made from hemp. In the men’s swimwear line they offer a really nice pair of surf shorts for a little bit more than you would pay for a regular pair.

Find the hemp men’s swim trunks at for about $56.


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    You guys forgot deux fm! We make amazing recycled silk and cotton string bikinis and full suits/bikinis out of bamboo jersey. check us out!


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