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Your smell attracts the opposite sex. That’s a fact. The multi billion dollar fragrance industry knows this very well, because before the weekend we are desparate to choose the accessories that’ll help us succeed in the meat market. So, how do you go about to choose the right perfume? Read on.

It might seem silly “How to choose a perfume that suits you”, but like shoes, make up, hairstyles and clothes some things compliment us, and others don’t. How often have you smelled a friends perfume and commented how gorgeous it is, but when you apply the same perfume to your own skin the scent is somewhat different and you dislike it. That’s because we’ve all got different skin, and our skin allows a fragrance to come to life. Sometimes when blended with your own chemistry a perfume smells sensational, and at other times hideous… however it means that whichever perfume you choose it will be unique!

Depending upon your personality and preference, perfume tones range from deep, dark, and mysterious (vanillas, sandalwood, and patchoulli), to light, outgoing, airy, and romantic (citrus, rose, gardenia and jasmine). What part of your personality do you want to express and accentuate? What would you like to bring out that isn’t apparent to others most of the time?

It may be that brunettes choose deeper, darker fragrances and most blondes and redheads choose the lighter and fresher tones. But, you may be a person who just loves the deepness of sandalwood with musk and happen to be a blonde! Fragrances are fun to experiment with this way.

Learn the basics here:
How to choose a perfume – detailed tips at Perfume Juice.


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