3 reasons why I prefer skinny women

I love women but I think I am a little biased. I like skinny women, especially those in bikinis and no-show tan lines. I like those women who look as though they have stepped out onto St. Tropez or the Riviera. You know the types; the you-can’t-be-too-rich-or-too-thin attitude. Perfect nails, long sultry hair, and of course, a stand-out shape. I admire the ones that look as though they have worked all winter long to get that ready for the beach look. I might have a few ideas about how to get there.

1. Skinny women take a lot of time for hygiene and beauty.
They are hopelessly self-absorbed and they want to look attractive. Though some might overdo it, I have an appreciation for the over-kill. I am attracted to women who are forever obsessing about how they look in clothing, and better still, how they look without clothes. Skinny women are diligent about the image they want to project and I am all for it.

2. Skinny women are easier to date.
They are much more confident and they have a lot more fun. They are not your wallflowers and social outcasts. I like women who are outgoing, and want to be attractive and attract guys. It makes me work harder. And I do for the right girl.

3. Skinny women just know it.
Skinny women have a real scope on what is the latest in fashion trends, and what is working for them in terms of personal style. They are not hiding in muu-muus, and oversized clothes. I love the body-conscious clothing style and I look for women who have the slinky dresses and the stiletto heels. I pant like a coon hound when I see them. Again, I step up to the woman who has it under control and knows it. Sexy lingerie is not optional.

Can’t wait for summer. I really can’t.


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  • werty
    15 Aug 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it makes them seem like a shallow prick

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