Raphaela is from Austria and has posted lots of photos of herself in Wicked Weasel bikinis at her Flickr account. Most of the photos are taken on the island of Crete in Greece. - The reason for choosing micro bikinis instead of a standard one? Raphalea has obviously found the fountain of youth: - They make me feeling good and much younger.
The first photos were posted on the web by her husband
- Your photos on Flick have received many thousand views, how did you get started there? - The pics were posted first by my hubby, but now I like it too because of the comments.

Try it!
In order to wear Wicked Weasel and other types of micro bikinis to a public beach you better love the attention, and most women are not even considering it.
 - What is your message to women who do not dare to wear outfits like this? - Try it! It´s really the most interesting and exciting way to be nude in public ;-) (and it´s allowed!!)

Official Wicked Weasel contributor
Raphaela is an official Wicked Weasel contributor. That means that she has submitted photos of herself in Wicked Weasel bikinis to their website's user submission contests.

The contests appreciate women who dare to show off their minimal bikinis in public areas like on a crowded beach. Some of Raphaela's photos definately fit this bill.  

- What kind of reward did you get from Wicked Weasel for being an "Official Contributor"? 
-  I was 3 times in the contris of wicked weasel and we always got an voucher.

- Do you use any other micro bikini brands than Wicked Weasel?
- Till now we didn´t use an other label than wicked weasel, but maybe we try some exciting ones like sublime or tangaland.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions Raphaela, and we wish you more youthful happiness on future sunny and sinny vacations.

More photos of Raphaela at her Flickr account.

Here are links to Raphaela's WW entries (Not Safe For Work)