Meat market

Whether you are partying just to have fun or you are looking for the right one(either for tonight or for the rest of your life), it is no doubt about it - The nightlife of a sunny and sinny resort resembles a meat market.

    I love women but I think I am a little biased. I like skinny women, especially those in bikinis and no-show tan lines

    Do you find female fitness models attractive? Here are a selection of tips that'll help you get one.

    Are you visiting Copenhagen and need some tips on where to meet local girls and boys?

    Here are some helpful tips to the meat market in Barcelona.

    The first prize in the Istanbul nightlife is a European looking girl.

    Excuse the obvious Trainspotting reference. Your smell attracts the opposite sex. That's a fact. The multi billion dollar fragrance industry knows this very well, because before the weekend we are desparate to choose the accessories that'll help us succeed in the meat market.

    It's 2 AM in the morning and you're feeling fine, so why not approach the most attractive woman in the bar and deliver one of these lines?
    A New York call-girl company was taken down yesterday, but for any frequent reader of men's magazines it should be fairly easy to reveal the identity of the models who worked for Wicked Models NYC.

    Are you having problems understanding the clubbing world?

    Oral fixation

    Two bad stories of oral loving.
    Going to the meat market tonight? Here's some lines that will work.

    From shopping to clothing or from festivals to parades, Bondi Beach is full of fun-loads for people of all interests and children of all ages. 
    Video from the world class parties at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.
    This is a funny instructional video that show you all the basic moves from the clubbing dancefloor.

    Men love looking admirable to the ladies, especially to young babes. Older men have even higher mental compulsion to be ‘the dream playboy of younger girls’. This article shows 10 tips that turns a dad into a DILF.  

    You pay entry fee, get a wristband slapped on your wrist and then you are off to drink as much as you can? Simple right? But, watch out..

    Do you have a nagger wife who just cannot shut up when you break her Do’s and Dont’s inside the house? With an escort you can watch sport without interruption and other fun things!

    I am not discouraging you but celebrities are known to date their own high profile kind. However, here are few things which could help you.

    It’s not a secret that female fitness models are the hottest girls you can parade in town. Who can’t help but lust over their toned physique and tight booties? You surely want to date one of them but how do you spot them?

    Remember those times that the bedroom used to be the sanctuary of romance and kinkiness for you and your partner?

    I have friends who are "Singles Moms" and I asked them to let me in to a little secret on what makes them give in to a man whom they happen to meet while on a vacation getaway. has a list for you.
    An English woman have made a instructional video on how to be the perfect girlfriend.

    “Hello Kate, It’s Joe - we met at Andrew’s party. I hope you don’t mind me getting your e-mail address from the e-mail that Andy sent to us all; it is a bit sneaky of me.

    “It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday, and I wonder if you would consider meeting me for coffee sometime; maybe at the Tate Modern? OK. This is where my common sense is telling me to stop? keep it simple and positive Joe.

    “And the probability of me listening to that voice? Experience has taught me that it is not worth putting up a fight; I will end up giving in to the part of me that never wants to find itself shaking its head and muttering ‘if only?’

    Having a party in a non-English speaking country? Impress your new drinking buddies.
    A quick story which tells a lot.
    Oh shut up you stupid woman you.

    Foam party photos

    Here's a website with thousands of photos from foam parties from around the world.
    Foam parties where the club use cheap soap to generate the foam can result in eye irritation.
    Here's something to think about from Craigslist:

    One night stand boy,

    Thank you for buying me all those fancy, lime-flavored drinks, and thank you for listening to me as I got tipsy and rambled on. Thank you for taking me home and fucking my brains out, thank you! Thanks for being a good guy and having condoms with you, and for wanting to use them, and being a responsible person. Thank you for needing to use more than one, and for having a huge dick. All in all, a wonderful one-night-stand experience.

     Where are gay people heading to have their fun this summer? There are plenty of cities that accommodate gay people and make them feel at home.

    Some tips on how to offend women in night clubs.
    Men can sometimes be hopeless in bed. Here´s 10 very common and very irritating mistakes.

    Myspace is ideal for meeting some women to hang out with during your party vacation.

    When clubs get crowded, there’s only one way to bypass the line and get to the action. You’ve got to make friends with the bouncer.

    Dressing like a Pussycat Doll you can not help but to get noticed on the dance floor. Here´s how to pull it off.

    Enjoy your night out with these safety tips.

    A holiday fling that can not last? Be a man and tell her the truth.
    Obsessed with Paris and lucky enough to be in the same club as her? Do not admire her from a distance. Try one of these creepy pick up lines.
    Pick up lines are cheesy and best avoided. A simple hello is sufficient to break the ice. Nevertheless, many men still prefer to make a fool of themselves with a carefully selected "line." Here's a collection of the most hopeless ones.

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