Rich Men

Many party girls try to hook up with rich men in order to get a glimpse of the "high life" or to get help financing their party lifestyle. Here´s some articles about this phenomenon.

    Lucy Tasker shares her top 5 destinations for a luxury yacht holiday in the Mediterreanean.

    "Gold Digger" was written by Kanye West and co-produced by West and Jon Brion. The song was partly inspired after Kanye West met a girl called Katherine Stanfield and was so impressed by her gold digging skill that he decided to write a song about it. It's a a song that highlights the dangers your everyday rich man has to be aware of.

    Video from's glamorous St. Tropez party.

    This is all about finding a male model on the site and how to get his attention.

    So, you're on the prowl for the neat guy in a nice suit, who's knowledgeable when it comes to money and potentially has a lot of money?

    The cold hard reasons why you should hook up with the former and ditch the later.

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