Wicked Weasel is a company from Australia. Founded in 1998 it was probably the first company selling micro bikinis that gained a wider attention in popular culture. A name that is coined for micro bikinis is "microkinis."

Started a trend and made it popular
WW has successfully managed to expand the total market for microkinis due to shrewd marketing practices. Their bikinis are frequently used  for photo shoots in men's magazines
and the company encourgages consumers to send in their beach photos for publishment on the WickedWeasel.com website.

Made in Australia
The microkinis are produced locally in Australia and their products are only sold directly via the web. There is no distribution to clothes retailers in Europe or USA.

Who uses it?
The bikinis can be seen in swingers resort like Hedonism on Jamaica, Cap d'Agde in France and also in trendy places like St. Tropez. A brazilian wax is the minimum requirement before wearing a bikini like this. A fit and tanned body is probably also a very smart idea.

Good luck!