Going to the beach is an opportunity to pick up some rays, check out some ladies, and make an impressive statement about your fashion sense. Sometimes, people try to do a little too much with this statement and it fails miserably. If you are a guy around the ages of 18-24, wearing a Speedo to the beach is just a little bit ambitious.

Avoid the faux pas
Any man who wears a Speedo to the beach is going to draw attention from intrigued onlookers. It’s not the kind of attention that you want, though. Those people who are looking at you now will probably be talking how bad your Speedo was when they sit down to dinner. Younger men should be especially careful to avoid this fashion faux pas.

Why shouldn’t I wear a Speedo?
The main reason why you shouldn’t wear a Speedo to the beach is because of courtesy to other folks. They came to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, and water. They didn’t come to get an eyeful of your wildly exposed body. American beach goers recognize the stigma associated with the Speedo and most of them will not be shy to make fun of you. It doesn’t even matter what your body looks like, either. Even a man with well sculpted abdominal muscles will have trouble pulling off the Speedo look.

Is it ever acceptable?
The only place where wearing a Speedo might be acceptable is if you are in Europe. European beaches are much different than the beaches in the United States and the people there are much more open to things like Speedo wear. After all, there are beaches in Europe where people don’t have to wear clothes at all. If you are looking to make a statement, do it with your sculpted body or a colorful bathing suit. Keep yourself covered up, though.