Many enjoy a golden tan.

    Baby oil, which does not contain any sunscreens or sun blocks, heats up under the sun and essentially “cooks” the outer surface of the body, in much the same way as meat is browned in a skillet. 

    Olive oil can be used to speed up your tanning process.

    The FDA does not recommend Melanotan, but people don't seem to care

    Melanotan gives you a golden tan, increases your libido and decreases your appetite. These "benefits" seem to make many ignore the risks. Read more about the hormone here.
    Hitting the beach during your vacation? Watch Sandy Gold's tanning tips first.

    "Wow! You must tan easy" and other quotes very tanned people hear all the time.

    Do you have tanorexia?

    Some people do no feel good about themselves without having a tan. A new term is coined for this: Tanorexia.

    Baby Oil Tanning

    Getting fried in the sun secures a great golden tan but it is dangerous.

    10 sunburn stories from Flickr

    Ah, the classic risk/reward question. Stay in the sun without sunblock to get a golden tan or be smart and pale? Here are some samples of what overexposure of sun can do to you.

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