Partying in the sun can be hard both for your body and your pockets. Be smart and make the money stretch longer.
Weddings are about the celebration of love, rather than the celebration of money.

Want an all-inclusive cruise holiday where also alcohol is included? Read our definitive guide.

Here's a list of prices of drinks on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' ships.

Here's an updated guide to the prices of drinks on Carnival Cruises.

Times are tough and your wallet is empty. How on earth are you going to manage to save up for your next party holiday?

Still got a safe job in this recession? Cheer up and party more.

A little low on cash this summer? Here are some tips on how to scrape together some cash for your vacation.

The American Express Black card shows the nightclub staff and your fellow clubbers that you are a real player.

A little sacrifice now can go a long way later.

Maybe tuition is due next week or maybe you just need to put four gallons of gas in your car. Regardless, partying must still go on. It just has to cost a little less.

Thinking of booking a cheap hotel for your spring break trip? Here are some words of warning.
No rich parents? Then you probably need some extra income to get by in your college life. In attempt to earn extra cash, some students undergoes a babelicious transformation so she can serve wings to fat guys at Hooters.

Partying and being a professional has long been regarded as two areas in opposite directions. But critics of this millennium say that there are reasons to believe that partying hard can help the career as well.

Everybody loves spring break and like you, I am waiting for the next one. Remember that vacations like this rarely comes for free except if Daddy can afford it for you.
Want to party hard but got no cash to do it? Become a blood donator to get some hard cash in your hand for your blood. Bonus: You get faster drunk!

Going on vacation with a discount carrier like RyanAir? Then you better watch out because the penalties for excess luggage are harsh.

A new series of articles will focus on ways to make money to finance your party vacation. All the jobs outlined should be fairly easy to get for a young and healthy person with no formal education.

Beer is probably one of your biggest expenses right? Here are some money saving tips.

Many try to do it, many fail. Read these tips first.

Why Use the Hotel Safe?

Is it worth the bother? Yes, thieves can be kids from the street climbing up to your room or even the concierge!

How much does it cost to be "The man?" A guide to the lifestyle of the high roller who may not really be able to afford it.
In the party resort of Faliraki there is demand for workers. You earn 20-40 euros a night and are paid in cash. Many visitors come for a week of vacation and stay the whole summer. 

Richie Richs travel one place and Poor Peters have to travel somewhere else.

If you’ve ever been in college, then you know that sometimes, partying has to be done with a budget.

Money is tight, but you want some sun and sin.

There are tons of simple ways to stash away some cash for your next blowout vacation

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