Koala Swimwear is one of very few companies focusing on selling micro thongs and swimwear for men. The owner of the company is "Mr. Koala" who tells me he started the "men's micro bikini" company in the early 1990s: - Our market niche is definitely micro size suits, g-strings, bikinis, thongs, Brazilian style suits and of course our famous fetish style Lycra designs.

Girlfriends getting their boyfriends something sexy to wear

Who are your customers?

- Looking at our product line many would assume our target customers are gay men. The truth is we have a large base of gay customers throughout the world but we sell too many straight guys and we receive many orders from wife’s and girlfriends getting their men something sexy to wear.

The swimwear is the most risque I have ever seen for men - there can not be anyone else than male strippers
that use it? 
- As men are working harder on their bodies to make them look great they are more willing to try a swimsuit design that shows more and why not? why should the girls have all the fun?

Men deserve the same quality swimsuits as women

How did you get started?

- We have been in business for 16 years and the story is simple. I wanted to get a full body tan and you can’t nude sunbathe at our beaches here in Los Angeles. When I went out looking for small Bikini/Thong style suits there was a very minimal selection and the quality was not up to par compared to the quality of better women’s swimwear.

At first I had my suits custom made which was very expensive and I never got exactly what I wanted so I started Koala Swimwear.

Have you considered producing bikinis for women?
- Initially we offered both men’s and women’s suits but quickly phased out the women’s line, to many other companies doing it and concentrated on the men’s suits.