Pre-Party Guides

It is common to gather around and have a few before you go out with your friends. Different places have different pre-party cultures. Some places may encourage a pre-party on the beach before you hit the pub and clubs, and in some countries you are arrested for doing the same thing.

Everyone who know the value for money know that a pre-party is an effective way to get more bang for the buck/pound/euro. These guides all include retail prices for drinks and accessories when bought at supermarket prices.

    One of the most expensive countries in the world. Is not cheap to party in Norway. Therefore the locals spend hours and hours at various pre-parties before they dare to hit the pubs and clubs.

    Spain is an advanced party destination and sure knows how to make money doing it. Expensive drinks and cover charges at clubs in the most popular destinations makes it necessary for the smart party traveller to arrange a proper pre-party before going out.

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