Bikinis and beach wear

What to wear on the beach?

Are you a Speedo offender?

Terrence from Planet Bangkok is depressed, the Speedo is attacking Thailand’s beaches.

Distracting beach babes

Paul is taking a relaxing walk on the beach with his sister. They are spending quality time together.

Anne Cole bathing suits – Expensive and exclusive

If you want to reveal instead of expose you should look to Anne Cole.

Can you wear a Wicked Weasel style micro bikini?

Some questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and order that micro bikini outfit.

One size only micro bikinis -if the client is too big to fit this size, she really needs to consider something else!

Halcyonblue is a company who concentrate on selling micro bikinis for the UK market.

Why are We No Longer Wearing Thongs on American Beaches?

In the 1990′s you could go to a beach and be pretty sure that 1 out of 4 were wearing thongs. This is no longer the case. Sun & Sin takes a trip down memory lane with beach photographer “usathongking.”

Micro swimwear for men: – Why should the girls have all the fun?

Koala Swimwear is a company from Los Angeles who produces minimal thong style swimwear for men.

How to get your girlfriend to wear a micro bikini?

You think she got the body to wear it, but she is hesitating. Here’s some tips on how to convince her.

Look! A famous person on our beach: Nicole Scherzinger bikini photos

If you are famous you can not take a trip to the beach without having a paparazzi up your ass. Here’s the latest bikini and beach photos of the Pussycat Doll lead singer, Pam Anderson and other famous ones.

Do you have to be gay to wear this to the beach?

Australian micro bikini company may be most known for their female range of bikinis, but they also sell some extremely risque swimwear for men.

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