Spring Break Videos

Video clips from spring breaks.

Is this really a bikini contest in Cancun, Mexico?

Training for exotic dancers.

Panama City Beach: Your tour guide…Loser

One guy who didn’t go to spring break while he was in school.

Upside down beverages in Cancun, Mexico

Don’t stop at ‘sideways’, get completely upside-down.

Bungee jumping in Acapulco

Extreme spring break activity.

Brilliant contestant falls off stage in Panama City Beach

Bikini contests can be dangerous to your health.

You never know what you’ll find in your room during spring break

Brilliance at it’s best. Make sure to check the fridge.

Bikini top disappears at Corpus Christi, Texas

Spring break seems to make clothing disappear.

Idiots in Vizcaya, Florida tape their crime

Unbelievable happenings from spring break ‘05

Dont fight in San Felipe, Mexico

The cops in Mexico don’t mess around.

Rhythm lessons needed in Panama City Beach, Florida

If you have no rhythm, don’t try to dance.

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