Have you ever been in a club and not got the attention you deserve? There's help at hand. Here are two video clips that can inspire you to improve your appearance on the dance floor. 

The first  clip show you how to impress on the dance floor by dancing alone. This is great for getting the attention of others. The second one show you how to get physical with a woman through some dancing moves.

Clip 1: I want to dance to impress
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Martin & Brandon impresses with innovative dance moves like "I really have to poop", "The shopping cart", "The new light bulb" and "The hot potato." Watch, learn, practice and perform.

According to these two auteurs, these dance moves were first displayed in public on their senior prom in 2005.

Clip 2: Dance with a woman

Urbantea  hired a girl from Craigislist to film this club/dance instructional video. The techniques include the fatality, back it up, low back pain, severe low back pain, ground beef and the missionary.