Yes, we all know that we should eat vegetables and exercise a lot to get fit. But it is booooring and it does not work for 9 out of 10 of us. So, here are some new radical ways to help you lose weight.

Things that work #1: The 1/10 only gets a 1/10 method

What is it: Put a photo of yourself and an ugly person of the opposite sex on your fridge.

This is an improved version of the old "Put a photo of yourself on your fridge" idea. By doing so you are reminded of the way you look and you are therefore motivated to not eat all the junk. By posting a photo of an ugly person of the opposite sex you are reminded that you are never going to get anyone better than that fat and ugly person as a partner. After all, the Paris Hiltons of this world would not want to spend time with a fatty.

Please note: This method will not work if you are rich.

Things that work #2: The tub of junk food
What is it: You eat all that crap, now take a bath in it.

This trick is being used in various TV shows about dieting. You simply load your tub with all the Coke, burgers, milk, chocolate, fries you eat during a day. Then step into it and roll around a little like a pig. Next time you are buying groceries you will make a more healthy choice.
Things that work #3: Post a video clip to YouTube - Moan about being fat
What is it: Get feedback from the YouTube community. They are very honest.

Getting feedback from an online community is better than getting feedback from friends and family. Friends and family love you and can therefore be very diplomatic. Post a video clip of yourself online where you talk a little and then ask "Am I fat? Am I really fat? Should I lose some weight?" The answers will be brutally honest and you will get motivated to do something about it.

Reference: The "OMG I'm Fat video" on YouTube

Things that work #4:Cardio time is my pleasure time
What is it: You are not allowed to listen to music if you are not doing cardio.

Many people are addicted to music. They need some tunes in their ears all day. By taking away this privilege and only restoring it if you are doing cardio you get a situation where the often extremely boring cardio training feels like a reward. It is perfect for music junkies: You can only listen to your favourite artist as long as you are burning some calories.