Bambi Lashell is a model and a Myspace Celebrity. At the moment she has 9647 friends and fans on Myspace. Sun and Sin asked her about her summer plans.

- What are your plans for this summer?
- This summer I will be working a LOT! Most of my work feels like a vacation. =o) You may find me in Hawaii, Jamaica, Atlanta, Hollywood, Las Vegas, San Diego, and other tropical destinations. Keep an eye out for all the photos!!

- What is your favourite party vacation destination?
- Hmmm, party vacation? Well, there are many. Usually every destination I go, I make sure its a party. ;o) Deep in Mexico is always fun, Jamaica of course, and the parties never end in Hollywood and Vegas.

-If you had to give some useful advice to a 18 year old woman who is going on a beach and clubbing holiday along with her friends for the first time. What would it be?
- I guess go to Mexico, legal drinking age isnt 21. (not suggesting Tiauana) ha ha. I dont always think its where u are but who your with and how fun you want it to be