Bloggers dilemma week 1

You are the manager of a successful nightclub in a beach resort. On a Sunday morning an extremely concerned mother calls you and starts screaming and shouting. Apparently, a VIP who regularly frequents your club brought a 17 year old girl to the club last night and gave her all the Cristal champagne she could drink. This 17 year old girl is the daughter of this concerned mother. The concerned mother now threatens to call both the press and the Police. What do you do?

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Many prominent travel bloggers have been e-mailed the dilemma personally. But if you got a travel blog that has not yet been picked up on the Sun and Sin radar you are very welcome to e-mail your suggested solution to sunandsin(at) Or alternatively, post about it in your blog and e-mail me the link to your blog post so that I can include your contribution and link back to your blog when the answers of this

week´s dilemma is published on Saturday 5th of May.

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