Angelina works as an exotic dancer in a holiday resort. She writes a diary for

My new guy… and his girl
So you probably remember me mentioning one of my regulars – Tom – as we’re calling him. We’ve been on several dates since the first one, all ending with a wonderful night cap, and a brilliant morning after. I’m happy because I don’t feel the same type of infatuation I did with Juan. This is good; this means I won’t get hurt so easily. It also means I’m up for anything when it comes to the relationship, including meeting his girlfriend! Now I know what you’re thinking… or maybe I don’t. Either way, I knew she existed from the first day I met him – and she knows about me. In fact, she’s so interested in me that she’s requested a threesome! Since I passed up on the first opportunity I had for that, I always regretted it. After all the experiences I’ve had with Jenna and her boyfriend, I’m now more than open to the idea. But wait, there’s more…

My adult film audition!
Yup, I’ve decided to go ahead and join the adult film industry! I got in touch with Jenna’s friend – his name is Daryl – and told him I was game. He said that I needed to audition to be considered by the executives (he’s just a talent scout) – so he suggested I make a tape of me in ‘action’. Now I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what to do, but then a light bulb went off in my head…

A homemade sex tape, kinda…
One of my girls has a brother who is an aspiring filmmaker – Frank, that’s his name. I’ve got him to tape some of my performances, and he’s going to be in the room when the action really heats up. To make it a memorable audition, I’ve asked Tom if we could videotape our threesome, and to my immense pleasure, he and his girlfriend both said yes! I’m so excited, I hope it goes well – I’m still wondering why thoughts like “immoral” or “no self respect” have yet to cross my mind. Maybe I’ve just matured enough to know I can make my own decisions about what to do with my body! Being an exotic dancer has probably helped with that a lot more than I originally thought it would have!

Back to business: new faces, more regulars
Nina has decided to ‘promote’ me – this means I only dance on certain nights, I don’t have to work the floor, and private dances with me are only for club regulars. My own personal regulars get special treatment too of course! I’m excited because this promotion has brought a lot of new faces to me – mostly older richer men than I’m used to – they enjoy the exclusivity of the time spent with me – whether it’s a dance or just conversation.

Plus, there’s anonymity for ‘special’ patrons!
Because of the new VIP rooms we had put in – nobody in the club will see you go into the rooms as their entrances are all on the outside of the club. So let’s say some famous actor who’s on holiday here decides to drop by to pay me a visit? His limousine will park outside the VIP room’s entrance, and then he’ll just pop in for a dance. I’m not saying any names, but I will tell you that famous actors are not where my fans end! I’m off to yoga classes now, I’ve decided to rejoin the gym and start a new diet to keep me fit. Let’s hope the tape goes over well with Daryl’s bosses!