Platanias is a small village located along the western coast of Crete and just 10 kilometres from Chania. A small and attractive vacation paradise, Platanias has many quality hotels, excellent services and some stunning vistas besides, soft sandy beaches. Enjoy soaking and sunning yourself under the Cretan sun while taking full advantage of local hospitality. You also get to see some of the most beautiful views of the St. Theodori Island, which looks like its floating in front of the Platanias village! And Platanias happens to be the largest tourist resort in West Crete.

Who visits?
The resort village of Platanias is built along a sandy beach. It is infested with tourists, mostly from Scandinavian countries, and others all of who come to Crete on package tours.

When is the season?
Enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate, where days are sunny and dry during summers and winters are mild rainy. April to October is generally considered the peak season. The maximum temperature is never above 38 C. Remember that during the summer, Platanias is the busiest area in Chania.

The Chania International Airport on the Akrotiri Peninsula is the nearest airport for Platanias. And since, there are many direct charter flights to Chania from other parts of the world including UK, Germany, Scandinavia and other European countries its easy to reach Platanias from Chania more so as it is located on the main coastal road, just 14 km from Chania. There are frequent buses plying between the two places.

Where is the nightlife?
A busy and exciting nightlife in Platanias makes sures that the excitement never ends. There are many bars but only a few discotheques. The nightlife is in all probability the liveliest in all of West Crete! Enjoy dancing to old rock n’ roll classics at The Rock House, or enjoy a pleasant ‘ruins’ ambience at the The Ruins, where old ruins are covered with green plants and made to look more beautiful. But a visit to the Utopia is a must, this is an open air bar that’s open day and night!

Local beer
Platanias taverns and pubs serve mainly three types of beer - Heineken, Amstel and a locally made beer called Mythos. Mythos is refreshingly better and cheaper than other beers.

Boy vs. Girl
A safe place for women. But care must be taken as in any unknown place.

What to eat?
Greek cuisine is world famous. And in Platanias you get some amazing and original Greek cuisine. Must haves include Moussakas (eggplant casserole), Yemista (baked stuffed vegetables), Gyros (vertically roasted meat), Soutzoukakia Smyrneika (large meatballs in tomato sauce with seasonings), Pastitsio (a baked pasta dish) etc. The desserts include  Baklava, Loukoumades (like donuts), Karidopita (a walnut cake) and Yoghurt with honey. Some of the popular restaurants are – Mylos, Tartufo, Panorama, Kantari, and Cosmos Restaurant.

How is the beach?
Platanias beach is a beautiful, soft sandy beach. The beach is long wide but sometimes a little exposed to the wind and can, on occasions, have treacherous currents. It’s advisable to swim between the flags and be careful at all times.