Rebekah is a former street girl from Toronto who sells sexy smoke fetish movies online.

Remember old movie classics where the stars always looked sexy while having a cigarette? Some people still find smoking sensual, beautiful and erotic.

In her flickr account there are 1000s of photos of the Rebekah smoking cigarettes along with links to the web pages where she sell her smoking movies to men.

A man approached me about being in a smoke fetish video
Rebekah got started with her smoking fetish work by accident:

- In 1998 I was living on the streets in Toronto Canada, and chain smoking like a fiend. One day while I was panhandling on Queen Street a man approached me about being in a smoke fetish video. At first I thought he meant some sort of porno and politely told him I wasn't "a porn kinda gal". He explained to me all I would have to do is sit and chain smoke, exactly the way I had been when he first saw me. I ended up chain smoking white 120's for and hour in a downtown park while reading a book.

- Two years ago I took my smoke fetish work online when a fan had got me to start posting pictures on myspace. I began getting a lot of custom video and photo requests from friends and smoke fetishists,
so finaly began selling them at about 1 year ago now.

Surprisingly many customers do not smoke themselves

Who is the typical customer?

- The smoking fetish video clips I make get sold to a variety of people all over the world. Most are males although I do have numerous female customers too. All I've spoken with have been polite. Typicaly they are average people, looking for a safe and unique experience they can keep. Many are shy and embarassed, likely die to the stigmatism attatched to smoking nowadays.

- Surprisingly many customers I've spoken to do not smoke themselves. Almost every customer has something particular they like to see. Their prefered details have a wide range, such as a brand, style of smoking, article of clothing, and much more. Each client's fetish is so unique, and I try to keep that in mind constantly when working on videos.

Shove it down other peoples throats

What do anti-smokers think about what you do?

-Everyone has the right to there own opinion, but not the right to shove it down other peoples throats. Just like health fanatics don't like smoke in their faces , I don't like having there lifestyle choices forced into mine. I know smoking is bad for me, even children know that it's a fact. Yet I get lectures from total strangers as if I'm totally unaware of it. These are the same strangers that could care less if someone has a roof over there head, or enough money to eat. The same strangers who kill there livers, brains, and families with alcohol.

- Whenever an anti-smoking fanatic starts into me, I politely move on. The majority of people who point the finger at others and tell them how they should live, need to look at their own lives and habits but often use this behaivior as away to avoid doing so.

French inhaling

Have you always loved smoking?

- I always loved the way smoke moved through the air even as a child. The way it drifts so slowly and milky... only to completely dissolve leaving nothing behind. When I started smoking I'd always play around with my inhales and exhales, and loved french inhaling.

Thank You for Smoking

What do you think about the movie "Thank You for Smoking"?

- I haven't had a Chance to watch "Thank You For Not Smoking"yet but have been wanting to for a while now. I can't wait to see this take on the smoking industry. Most industies can be careless and ignorant to the consumers health and well being. (As we've recently seen in the cat and dog food mass death and recall which should never have happend.)

- The smoking industry's negatives sides are more easily idenitified by the average person, but NO LESS deadly, cold, careless, and cruel , then the practices of industies well hidden from the publics eyes.

Favourite cigars

Which are your favorite cigars?

- Well it's very hard for me to choose only one favorite cigar. The best I've smoked in years was the "Moods Tubos" a friend sent me from Germany. The were in steel tubes and very fresh. So tasty I smoked them all in a few days! I do love smoking a large gauge Cuban at least once a month. I always miss Cuban cigars when I'm visiting the U.S.