Leggings are popular these days, and often it is very sexy as well. Especially the shiny latexesque variants.

Sexy time
I know that many were concerned about this trend once it surfaced, but now that it has matured and been adopted by many girls it is hard to resist. Men like female legs, and a pair of carefully selected leggings show off your legs in a good way. Simple as that!

I've found some sexy examples on Flickr:

She looks like she goes to art school. It's a crazy sexy outfit this one.

alt="" src="http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1415/537313311_56a34231c7.jpg?v=0" width="436" onload="show_notes_initially();"/>
The first one went to Art School. This one advertises for her art show. And I guess I would show up, not to drink a free glass of cheap wine, but to enjoy and appreciate art made by stylish and sexy woman.

Gold leggings, the shiny lamé style from American Apparel. It can make a sexy rebel out of every boring college girl!

Easy to notice leggings, it makes you the center of the party.

When getting drunk, you can bring your shiny leggings.