The price of the party

What does the beer cost you in your holiday destination? Here are lists of all the prices you care about.

    It is expensive to party on the French Riviera.

    Want to know the prices before you visit? Read here.

    Here's a price list for those considering a trip to Kefalonia.

    The price level on Santorini is slightly more expensive than other Greek islands.

    Alcohol is more expensive than food in this luxurious resort town located next to the Red Sea.

    The price level is pretty pretty good for a tourist...

    The Canary isles got a decent price level. Slightly cheaper than mainland Spain.

    Thinking of travelling to Croatia and the Adriatic coast? Here's info about the price level on Croatia's Riviera.

    Ayia Napa is a slightly expensive resort compared to Turkey and other low cost party destinations.

    Alanya in Turkey is a very cheap place to visit.

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