Argentina is obsessed with plastic surgery according to this article;

"To be the best at something you have to be obsessed. The French eat better than anybody else because they are obsessed with food. The Americans are the richest people in the world because they are obsessed with money. The English are the most drunken because they are obsessed with booze. Argentine women are the most beautiful because they are obsessed with their looks.

There is more to it, but that is the driving force. That is what gives them the edge. That is the core reason why every man I know who has been to Buenos Aires rhapsodises on the charms of the female natives. My evidence is anecdotal, I'll admit. And, sure, such

judgments are bound to be subjective; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there has to be something approaching scientific rigour on conclusions based on more than 20 years of study. I lived in Buenos Aires in the early Eighties. Since then I have had a number of conversations in various parts of the world with men of various nationalities who have spent time in Argentina. Maybe it's been no more than 30 such conversations but every single time the talk has turned - immediately - to women and to the view each man has held, unfailingly, that nowhere have they come across better-looking specimens of femininity."

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