Bondi Beach in Australia is a great place to hang around. Don’t ask what fun-load is waiting to be thrilled about– just get there to be the ‘active participant’! From all parts of the world people gather here at the Bondi Beach.  

If you care to look at any Event Calendar of Bondi Beach, you will find that every year is a new episode for fun lovers. This article is focused more on your ‘basic’ interests of Bondi Beach lovers.

Sand, surf and sun- Bondi Beach has it all. With the tons of fun, there is something for everyone with every interests- even for children of all ages. Here is something for impressing and getting impressed at Bondi Beach: 

This is the ‘Fun Menu’, what would you like to have?

Surfing and Coastal Walks are fun and exiting ways to pass your time. Did you forget shopping? Bondi Beach market, which is close to a public school near Bondi Beach is full of fun shopping experiences for everyone. Shoppers should check out the Bondi Junction Market too. 

Care to go shopping at Night?

There is a lot for the night shoppers as well. At Campbell Parade there are dream come true paradise of clothes, jewellery and leather to shop around. This shopping avenue is open Thursday through Sunday starting from 5pm.  

And how is shopping without a good snack to talk over?

While food-courts are available in the supermarkets of Bondi Beach area, there are a large variety of food choices and restaurant types to pick from. There are small shops where people can enjoy ‘counter sit-down’ services with coffee & light foods.  

So you are the health conscious guy next block?

There are fruit & vegetable shops around for health savvy people. If that is not enough, go for the organic fruit & vegetables near Gloud Streets. For the ‘give me a break’ junk food eaters, there are health foods shops as well. 

Came to the sea and left without having sea food?- Come on!!

Deliciously cooked fresh seafood is there if you take the trouble of hitting the Seafood shops near Campbell Parade. With much more food entertainment at Bondi Beach, the guys looking for something special won’t be disappointed as some restaurants offer ‘exceptional’ treats like the 'Boring ham’. 

So much for the eating stuff- how the hell do I look cool?

Hang in there pal. Bondi Beach has it all loaded with the outfit experience! Starting from Bikinis for babes to stocks of swimwear and sportswear, its all there in stores at Campbell Parade. If you are out for the fashion looks there are shops with hand knitted designs, featured in all the best magazines.

And hold on- nobody forgot moms and dads!

At 5 Hall Street or at 180 Campbell Parade and other stores as well, there are tons of children's shoes. Parents can visit Bondi Children's Shoe Store & Ballet Shop at 44 Hall Street. 


The stores at Hall Street has it all- from aromatic oils, incense, candles and other gifts to home wares. There are also stocks of hand made goods from around the world.

Finally, to give you the great ‘beach look’ to impress, you will get Laundry services like the Hang Out Laundry. Finally, to be at the best of your looks you can find Natural Therapies in areas near Bondi beach:


Herbal solutions,


Offering acupuncture,


Aromatherapy massage,


Ayurvedic massage,




Homeopathy, iridology,


Swedish/remedial massage,


Reflexology, reiki, shiatsu and tarot.

As you are done with your hang-out and impressing, there are photographic processing for developing, printing, or enlarging in both black and white, or sepia or color, or even passport photos and portraits.