You can often see someone lying on the beach all glazed up in their baby oil. They seem to be extremely well tanned as well, maybe you should try the same?

Shiny and soft danger
Baby oil makes your skin look shiny and soft, but remember it is oil! By lying on the beach with baby oil applied to your body you are frying your skin. When the sun meets your shiny and soft skin surface it is magnified and the damage is done.

Turbo tan
This damage to the skin is what makes you so tan by using baby oil. Is a good tan now worth a skin cancer in a few
years time? No. Use some proper sun protection on the beach, and top up your tan with some fake self-tanner to get that Christina Aguilera look.

Why is baby oil tanning dangerous?
Using baby oil causes the skin to tan and brown faster.  However, the cause of this browning makes a baby oil tan terribly dangerous.  Oil, which does not contain any sunscreens or sun blocks, heats up under the sun and essentially “cooks” the outer surface of the body, in much the same way as meat is browned in a skillet.  For fair-skinned individuals it can lead to severe burns that require hospitalization.  It is an especially dangerous method to use in hot, dry climates, as the oil burns onto the skin much faster without the hindrance of a damp environment.